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glam bath.jpgGlam Camping has everything you could possibly want.

Donald and Roxanne had planned their last day at camp. The day had started out with the walk around the park to look at other styles of camping. As it would be, the family met a wonderful couple who right away became their new friends. Foster and Mabel became an instant part of their family. 

It’s really a weird thing how you meet that someone who you have an instant connection with.  It is like someone out there has placed them and you in the right place at the right time. Now this connection has to genuinely legit with both sides. Not every meeting can cause this kind of bond that Roxanne, and Donald have for Foster and Mabel. They treated the children like they were their grand-children. Perhaps it was something they did because they could not see their own grand-children. No matter what the reason was a connection had been made and a bond to connect them forever had been developed. This family was about to have something they had never had before, Grand-parents.

Roxanne’s parents had parished in a house fire, when she was quite young. Her older sister (NANYA) took good care of her and her brother, and gave they whatever they needed. Good food to eat, education, clothing, comfortable place to live, guidance and the teachings of  their parents. Nannya had done her best to help them grow healthy and strong, in whatever they would do in their lives later in life. Sadly enough Nannya found a lump in her breast and lost her battle with breast cancer. Roxanne was already married to Donald, and was expecting their first child. It was a very sad time for Roxanne as Nannya was like her mother as well as her big sister.  As for Donald his parents had to battle with cancer. His father had leukemia for a number of years, and with proper medications and testing he was able to live a fairly comfortable life well into his sixties. Donald’s mom fought hard with her husband for may years. She was madly in love with his dad, and when cancer took him she could no longer bear life with out him. She died in her sleep of a broken heart. Donald was sure his dad was there with her when she passed. Donald knew she would be happy beside him for the rest of their existence. Donald had Roxanne and they had a special bond with each other as well.

The family spent most of the day with Foster and Mabel and had promised to stop by on weekends to visit with them.  On their way home the children asked if they could call Foster, papa and Mabel, nanna? Donald said that they would have to ask Foster and Mabel if that was okay with them. Roxanne and Donald had no problem with that arrangement, and were quite happy with the request. The families week went by faster than they had expected, and Friday had arrived. Donald had packed the car of the Friday after work and was not planning on leaving till Saturday morning.  At dinner the children asked if they could go see nanna and papa after dinner was over. Donald looked at Roxanne, and they stood up from the table and the both of them talked about leaving after dinner. They could see the children whispering, and showing each other their crossed fingers. It was obvious that the children wanted to see them pretty badly. Roxanne came back to the table with a sad look on her face, and the children became sad too. They figured dad had said no, and they would have to wait till Saturday to go. Donald came back to the table and never said a word, he ate his meal in silence. But, when he was finished he said. “All of you must tidy up your rooms, pack some clothes, and bring your homework with you.”  The children looked dumb founded. They didn’t quite understand what dad was saying. “Well I thought you guys wanted to leave tonight?” Donald said. “You had best get going.” With that the children were gone.” Donald was snickering and so was Roxanne. She was on the computer connecting with Mabel to let her know they would be arriving in about two hours. Mabel was very happy and waiting for them to arrive. Once the children had gathered their things, the family was off to Foster and Mabel’s camp site.

Roxanne had found enough time in the week to call a few places that did glamping or glam camping as it really was called. She had talked with different people with different packages they offered. Roxanne had booked with a company called, “” She was very impressed with the kindness and courtesy in which the company dealt with their customers. There were places in Canada and the US. Which impressed Roxanne. She wanted to get a place with the all the things she listed over the phone, and this place had them all and more. Roxanne picked a date and book a luxury safari tent package. It was going to be amazing. The place was next to the Zion park in the US, and the wild was there right outside. The only thing they had to bring was suitcase each for the week. The tent had all the furnishings of a hotel room, including a bathroom. A large claw tub was the main feature of the bathroom, a shower, and a toilet that flushed. There was running hot water too. The bed would be a king size with lots of room to move around. A hot tube was just outside the tent to enjoy under the stars in the evening. There were other tents on the property but each was placed privacy as the number one importance. There were all kinds of guided tours through the park/canyon, and many different events if you wanted to partake of. Food was not allowed in the tents as a  safety first note, and house keeping cleaned the rooms every day. Roxanne was so excited to go, but she had to find a special way to tell Donald about the trip.

Once at the camp site Foster was waiting for their arrival. He could see the car coming closer to their site and he called Mabel to come out. Once the car came to a stop the back doors flew open and the children went running up to hug Foster and Mabel. It gave Donald a lump in his throat, and a tear in Roxanne’s eyes to see their children so happy. Hugs were done and everyone went into the trailer/motor home. Louise came up to Roxanne and asked if they could ask now. Roxanne said in a little bit and she would tell them you guys had a question to ask them. Okay Louise said, and went to tell the children.  Mabel had put out snacks for the children on the table, and she had a pot of hot chocolate simmering on the stove. Mabel told the children to grab a snack and a hot chocolate and sit at the table with them. Roxanne raised her hand and told Mabel and Foster that children had something to ask them both. The children gathered together, and little Louise asked the question.

Louise started to ask.” Since we don’t have any nanna and papa, would you both be our nanna and papa?” Mabel wiped a tear from here eye as she told them yes we will. Foster was holding his hand on his face to hide the tears he was shedding. He removed his hand and yelled out. “YES WE WILL!”  A lot of hugging went on for the rest of the evening, and the smiles on the children’s  lit up their faces.

Join me tomorrow as we receive some sad news concerning the grand-parents, and the Glam Camping that Donald and Roxanne went on.

As you dive into this story I wish to inform you that is a Glam Camping site that are in the US and Canada. Their phone number is: 1-888-496-1148 if anyone would like to research it more or book yourself a chance to enjoy Glam Camping.  

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