A Little Tear

I sit by my window as I see all the signs of fall.  Tear rolls down my cheek as I bid so long to this year’s wonderful summer.

The flowers in the garden are wilting away with leaves brown and green. Trees are changing from green to bright yellows, reds, oranges, golds, and coppers. Fall plants bloom their last bursts of color for the season.
Little animals scurry by quickly. On the hunt for seeds, nuts, and other tasty treats to store away for the cold weather. The bird’s are taking flight. The sounds of geese training their little ones to fly. Their journey will be a long one, that will take them and many other birds to warmer areas of the world. Many winter birds are returning. They come to share colors and voices add a little spark of light into our lives.
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As people dawn their warm-weather jackets and head out to take long walks amongst the trees, down by the water, and along many parkways. Long drives north where the leaves are well on their way t changing colors.  Oh, the splendor of fall with many pictures taken by clicking cameras. I will do the same on this weekend.  I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Get out there and enjoy the wonders Mother Nature has given us.
As I sit here, a tear rolls down my cheek.
God Bless.

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