Amateur Sleuths (1)

detective 4.jpg                                                Amateur Sleuths…

As a younger child our main character in this story had read many kinds of books. The books that were read where ones of the detective who solved the mystery of who did it. The detective who solved the mystery of the missing person, or object. 

To start off  this week our story will start at the home of a young lady and her parents. Her dad is Dodger Millhead and her mother is Veronica Millhead. Her parents worked hard to make a bright future for their daughter Emilie. Emilie was a reader and loved books. Her favorite type of books at a very young age were about mystery and solving crimes and finding the truth about what happened. As Emilie grew her taste in books never wavered she became an amateur sleuth, and joined a club with other young people who were followers of Sherlock Homes. If there was anything that seemed a miss in the neighbour hood the group of crime solvers would jump into action and solve the mystery. The group was well-known in the neighbour hood and if, Mrs. Picket lost her pocket-book she would call the amateur sleuths to come and help her to find it. The group was not a large one, only six strong but that was enough to get the job done. The children had a club house in the back yard of Jack Weber, and his little sister Dot. Their father had built the club house for them and the amateur sleuth group. There were some chairs and a table in the club house so they could have their meetings there. Each member had a badge to wear with their detective name and a small picture on it. Raham’s father had made up business cards for the group to pass out to the neighbours. The group had walkie talkies to keep in touch with each other thanks to Melanie and her family. Melcom’s parents supplied stacks of lined booklets with pens which were used to write facts of the case in. Emilie’s parents paid for a special phone number to be put on the business cards so people could call for assistance. Veronica (Emilie’s mom) was the phone operator who would call them on the walkie-talkie and let them know if anyone called. Dodger (Emilie’s dad) bought bright red whistles for them to carry with them on any case for safety.  The group was well set up and patiently waited for their next case.

It was Saturday and the group of sleuths were just hanging out looking over a couple old cases they had done over the past month and had gathered to read a loud a Sherlock Homes newly released book. It was Dot’s turn to read and they were on page fifty-seven of the two hundred plus pages of the book. One of the walkie talkies came alive with motion, as it buzzed loudly. Raham picked up the walkie-talkie and spoke. “Amateur Sleuth Club, Raham speaking…. is there a problem?” On the other end of the walkie-talkie was Veronica and she seemed emotional. Her voice echoed through the club house as she began to speak. “There is a terrible problem at Mr. Potter’s place.” She said. “He is very upset and he can’t find his wallet and he needs your help right away!” She said loudly. “We are on our way, tell him we will be there in five minutes.” Raham said. Each group member grabbed their badges, whistles, pad and pens and rode their bikes as fast as they could to Mr. Potter’s house.

Mr. Potter was walking back and forth on his porch talking to himself. “Where did I leave my wallet?” He asked himself. As soon as the amateur detectives entered his yard he stopped pacing. He was really frazzled as he spoke. “I don’t know where it is… I just can’t remember.” Melanie spoke up and assured Mr. Potter that the amateur detectives would do whatever they could to help him find his wallet. “Mr. Potter would you have a seat sir.” “We have a few questions to ask you?” Emilie said softly.  Dot got a chair for Mr. Potter to sit in. “Now Mr. Potter what did you do today?” Emilie asked. Mr. Potter looked at Emilie and scratched his head and looked a bit puzzled. “Would you like a drink of water?” Dot asked. “Yes… I think I would.” he said. Dot asked if she could go in the house and get him water from the tap. With his approval she entered the door and returned with a large glass of cold water. After Mr. Potter had taken a very large gulp of water Emilie asked him again what he had done today? “Well, (followed by a big sigh) I got up and brushed my teeth dressed and had breakfast…. after that I got my shoes on, got my jacket and hat and my shopping bag.” Mr. Potter said as he seemed a little calmer now. Emilie waited a moment then asked. “Where were you going once you got your shopping bag?” Mr. Potter spoke. “I had to go to the grocery store to pick up eggs, milk, bread and butter.”  “And where did shop for these things Mr. Potter?” Emilie asked. “I went to Piggly Wiggly to buy the things I needed.. I always shop there.” He said. “Now, Mr. Potter how did you pay for the things you purchased?” Emilie asked. He paused for a moment to think and then said. “I took some money from my wallet to pay the nice lady at the cash.”  The group had been watching Mr. Potter and writing down each word he said, and his actions. “Mr. Potter did you put your wallet back in you coat after you paid?” Emilie said quietly.  “I don’t remember if I did.” He said confused.

Jack and Melcom where standing by their bikes ready for a signal from Dot. Emily asked if she could look in Mr. Potter’s pockets of his jacket to see if his wallet was there. “Yes.” Mr. Potter said. Melanie located his jacket and gave it to Emilie. Emilie slipped her hand carefully into each pocket of the jacket. There was no wallet to be found. Emily asked. ” where did you put your shopping bag and may we look inside it. Melanie went inside again and brought out his shopping bag. ‘It was empty.’  Dot gave the signal to Jack and Melcom and they were off to the Piggly Wiggly to see if the wallet was there. While waiting for the return of Jack and Melcom, Raham asked Mr. Potter about his yard and what did he do to make it so beautiful. That took his mind off of the wallet as they waited. Mr. Potter loved to talk about his garden as he was so proud of the flowers he grew.  The lady detectives sat talking about the missing wallet, and looked at each others notes for clues in the case of  ‘The missing wallet.’

Join me tomorrow as we follow our amateur sleuths on their hunt for Mr. Potter’s missing wallet.

The children are back in school and parents can now give a sigh of relief as life returns back to normal. Be safe out there and take care of those you love. Kiss them often and always say I love you when you leave. 

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