Amateur Sleuths (3)

detective 3.jpg                               Amateur Sleuths on duty….

Our amateur detectives had done a wonderful job retrieving Evan Potter’s wallet. Not only did they do their job very well, they also united two lonely seniors. The amateur detectives went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a person in need. 

Today was like any other for the amateur detective group. School was over for the summer and the team started to plan what they would do all summer. Everyone knew there would be family vacations going on and at times the team would be a person or two short. This was officially the first day of a long summer. The day was hot and the team was lazing around in Jack’s family backyard pool. Jack’s mom was in the house baking some fresh chocolate chip cookies and making some peanut butter and jam sandwiches for the team to eat at lunch. everything was quiet except for the sound of splashing water in the pool. Jack’s mom brought out sandwiches, and fresh-baked cookies for everyone to eat. She had made lemonade for the team to drink.  Just as the team was about finished eating the walkie-talkie on the table started to buzz. Dot picked it up and said hello. It was Veronica on the other end of the walkie-talkie. “You guys have a call from Miss Monica Whigins who lives at 332 Dogtail Lane….She seemed quite disturbed about her shoe….Could you please help her right away.” Veronica said. “Yes… We will be there in fifteen minutes.. Could you let her know we are on our way.” Emilie said.

Everyone toweled off put on their clothes and team badges, went to their bikes and they were off. On Dogtail Lane the team seen a very small dog dragging a shoe down the street and into the park. The team started to laugh, and found it funny that the little dog could hardly carry the shoe. Once they arrived at Miss Whigins house she was sitting on the front porch. It almost seemed as though she had been crying. “Hello Miss Whigins we are the detective team you called for.. can we help you with anything?” Melcom asked. Miss Whigins just kept mumbling and pointing down the street, but no one could understand what she was saying. Emilie stepped up and sat beside Miss Whigins, and gave her kleenex to wipe her eyes. “Miss Whigins we need you to tell us what happened and how we can help you out.” Emilie asked in a soft soothing voice. Miss Whigins looked up at her, and patted her on the hand. “Thank you dear for coming so fast…. I just was so afraid.” She said with the look of relief on her face. “It was so warm today that I thought I would come out on the cool porch, relax and read my book… And oh it is such a good book too… Have you ever read this book, you should.” Miss Whigins rambled on.

The team glanced at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Jack, Dot, and Melanie  were busy taking notes as Miss Whigins spoke.  “I will have to see about getting that book and reading it sometime.” Emilie replied. “The breeze was so nice that I pulled up my stool and decided to put my feet up.” Miss Whigins said with a smile. “I took my shoes off and set them here (as she pointed out the spot) and then I stretched out ready to read.” Miss Whigins’ face started to changed and she looked rather afraid. “Are you okay Miss Whigins?” Emilie asked as she stroked Miss Whigins hand. “Oh hello sweetheart, you can call me Monica if you wish.” She told Emilie. Emilie asked. “What made you so afraid Miss Whigins?”  “I was just relaxing, and all of a sudden this huge dog with fangs came up on my porch and stole my shoe.. The only shoes I have that a comfortable.” Miss Whigins said as her voice got louder. “It was so big and it frightened me so much.. I thought it was going to bite me…But it ran off with my shoe.” She said as a tear rolled down her cheek. Miss Whigins was really afraid of this beast of a dog, and no wonder she was, it sounded vicious.

Emilie spoke softly and held Miss Whigins hand. ” Could you tell us the colour of this dog and did it have a collar on it.” “It was.. I think a brown, a light brown, and yes it did have a collar… It ran fast that way(she pointed in the direction the team had come from) It was so fast.” She said. “I thought for sure I was going to die.” She said with raised eye brows. The other team members were in a huddle, as Emilie kept Miss Whigins calmed down. Melcom waved Emilie over to the group.  Emilie told Miss Whigins that she would be back in a couple of minutes, and Dot took Emilie’s place. “Hello Miss Whigins my name is Dot it’s very nice to meet you.” Dot said in her everyday up beat voice. “Nice to meet you young lady.” Miss Whigins said as she shook Dot’s hand. Emilie spoke with the other members who were sure it was the little dog they seen on the street. To Miss Whigins the dog seemed huge, and viscous, maybe Miss Whigins had a fear of dogs. Emilie thought it was best she and Dot stay with Miss Whigins, and the rest of the group go search for this dog. “Please keep in touch and if it looks or acts viscous don’t try to take the shoe away from it…. Just contact me and I will my mom call the dog catcher.” Emilie said, and off the team rode down the street in search of  the dog and the shoe.

Dot was chatting up a storm with Miss Whigins when Emilie came to sit down on the porch. Emilie asked Miss Whigins if she wanted a cool drink of water? Miss Whigins got up from her chair and invited the girls into the house where she had a large pitcher of lemonade in the refrigerator. She poured three glasses and returned to the porch to wait. The team was no longer in sight and Emilie figured they must be in the park by now. Emilie and Dot spoke with Miss Whigins about summer holidays and asked her what she did in the summer for fun. Miss Whigins began to talk about when she was a little girl and how her family would go to the lake for two weeks at a time. She spoke of how her dad and mom would take them for walks by the water and how they would walk in the waves on the shore. Once back to the cottage the family with some friends would play a few games of horse shoes. Miss Whigins said she could barely lift the horse shoes as she was only six years old. Miss Whigins had the most pleasant smile on her face as she spoke about her child hood. Dot was right into the stories Miss Whigins told as Dot sat with her chin on her knees watching Miss Whigins every move.

The walkie-talkie danced across the porch as it began to buzz. Emilie picked it up and Melanie told her they could not find the dog but they did get the shoe. Emilie told to bring it back to the house no matter what it looked like. The team was pretty tuckered out when they arrived back at Miss Whigins house. Miss Whigins asked Dot to get the lemonade and four glasses so the team could have a cold drink to help them cool down. The whole team sat on the cool pavement of the porch and sipped their lemonade. The shoe did not quite look like the other shoe any more. There was a hole about the size of Miss Whigins thumb in the toe end of the shoe. Miss Whigins laughed as she put her figure through the hole.  Miss Whigins stood up and went into the house to get a pair of scissors and returned to the porch. “I will make these shoes my summer shoes and cut a hole in the toe of the other shoe.” She said as she chuckled. “See a matching pair of shoes.” She said as she held them up for everyone to see.

The team of ‘Amateur Detectives’ had done it again and could add another pleased client to their list of  completed cases.

Join me tomorrow as our team jump back into action to solve another case of a lost item.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this fine day and were able to get outside for a bit of sun. Take care of those you love, and keep your loved ones close.  🙂

I would like to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors who stop by each day to enjoy my additions to my stories.  🙂  🙂

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