Amateur Sleuths (4)

detective 5.jpg                                       Amateur Sleuths on the job…

Emilie is the one member in this amateur detective team that can handle the clients with a calm reassuring voice. Dot with her playful childish way could bring sunshine into any situation and make the clients forget the problem they have. Jack, Raham and Melcom are the power, and strength behind this team. Melanie is the level-headed tom boy who lends a hand in any way she can, but often chooses to tag a long with the boys. 

Summer is a great time of the year and our team have been helping many of the neighbour hood seniors with problems they had. The team is becoming the talk of the neighbour hood, and many times they are waved at or called by name. Their business of helping people was getting very busy. Some of the calls like the cat up in the tree usually was handled Melanie as she had a way about her that attracted many kinds of animals. When Mr. Jarvis had miss placed his garden gloves he called the team to help him out. Together the team helped him retrace his steps only to find out that his garden gloves were in his back pocket. The team never laughed or treated anyone badly they just took it as the forgetful time of life. They had adopted a code that all had to abide by, and that was to always treat their clients with total respect. Respect is what they got and in return the team was highly respected by the people in the neighbour hood.

Today was one of those days that found all the team members inside in the cool of the air-conditioner. The team sat together and watched a couple of movies and ate popcorn and drank sodas. To tell you the truth they all felt lazy and were too pooped to pucker. It had been a late night the day before as one of the neighbours put on a barbecue with all the fixings. There was even camping in their back yard which the team did.  A movie screen was set up in the back yard with a projector that played a family comedy. Popcorn was in buckets for anyone who wanted it to eat. A camp fire burned till the bright hours of the morning and no one got too much sleep. The party was an event that happened every summer just to celebrate the return of warm weather and to get everyone together. It was a great time for all that came to celebrate the summer. Finally with movies over Emilie’s mom kicked the team out and told them to go for a swim in Jack’s pool. That may help you lazy people get a little more awake. With that said off they trudged down the street with the cement burning the soles of their shoes. It was the hottest recorded temperature for the summer. The pool would feel so refreshing once they got there. The street was unusually quite for this time of the day. It was like everyone had gone away for the day.

A voice could be heard by everyone on the team as they looked around but could not see anyone. There it was the voice again, what was going on? There it was again it sounded like a lady’s voice but no one could figure out what the person was saying. The team started looking over fences into back yards to see if anyone was in trouble. As they travelled up the street the voice got louder and now the team could make out what the lady was saying. She was yelling for help but where was she. The team split up and walked down each side of the road checking back yards as they went. As Jack and Melcom approached a house they could here the cry for help but it was getting fainter by the minute. Someone was in serious trouble and they needed to find them right away. Raham went to get the other team members and came running back to the yard where the cries were coming from. The back yard gate was locked and there was a dog on the other side of the fence. Jack and Melcom boosted Melanie up so she could unlock the gate and see how big the dog was. As Melanie reached the top of the fence she could see the dog and he was sitting beside a lady who was on the ground. The dog was the little one they had seen on Button Street dragging Miss Whigins’ shoe away. Melanie unlatched the gate and the fellas helped her down to the ground.  Melanie opened the gate a crack and looked at the dog. He was laying on the ladies chest licking her face. Melanie stepped into the yard and talked softly to the dog as she stepped closer to the lady. As she looked back there were five faces peaking around the side of the gate. The dog walked over to Melanie and licked her hand then returned to his mom. Melanie waved the team in and Emilie took over.

Emilie asked the fellas to see if the door was open to the house and see if anyone was at home with her. Raham turned the door knob and the door opened. “Hello” all three of the fellas yelled “Is anyone here?” No one answered. Dot came running up to get some water for the lady and a cold cloth for her face to cool her down.  Emilie and Melanie were trying to wake her up but nothing was happening. She was still breathing but her pulse was weak. Emilie instructed Melanie to go in the house and call 511 and get an ambulance to the house right away. Dot and Emilie wiped the ladies forehead  with the cool cloth, and noticed blood on the cloth. The lady was hanging up her laundry and it seemed she had taken a tumble-down the clothes hanging stoop, and hit her head on a stone in her rock garden. Emilie carefully placed the cloth on the bloody wound on her head. Dot was petting the dog and telling him his mom was going to be okay. Melanie came from the house with the phone in her hand. “They need to talk to you.” She said as she handed over the phone to Emilie.

“Hello” Emilie said. “There is an ambulance on the way to you right now… it should be there in a few minutes.” A voice on the other end of the line said. “How in the lady doing?” They asked. “She has fallen and has a bloody cut on her head… She is also unconscious and her pulse is weak.” Emilie said. “Do you know the lady’s name?” They asked. “No.. we  were walking down the street and we heard a cry for help and by the time we found her she was unconscious.” Emilie said as she continued to explain who the team was and how they helped people in trouble in their neighbour hood. “The ambulance is here now.” Emilie said. The person on the other end of the line told them thank you for helping the lady, they also said they would let them know how she was doing later. Emilie gave her name and phone number so they could contact her.

The team watched as the ambulance drove out of sight. The little dog had tears in his eyes as Melanie held him in her arms. Melanie took him in the house and gave him a cool drink of water, and sat with him for quite a longtime. She was not going to leave him until she knew he was going to be taken care of by a family member. Melanie notice pictures on the table around the television. The people in the picture looked like they were her family. On the table was a phone book with numbers in it with names beside them. At the top of the list was the word daughter, Emilie decided it would be best to call the number and let the daughter know what was going on. She called and the daughter (Betty) answered. Emilie told her about the team and how they found her mom in the back yard and had called the ambulance and she was in the hospital. Betty thanked them for getting her to the hospital and taking good care of her. Emilie told her the dog was there and he was very sad, and asked if they could take them with them till she could come and get him. Emilie gave her the address where the team could be reached and said let us know how your mom is and we will see you later.

Betty made her way to the hospital to find out what was going on with her mom.

Join us tomorrow as we find out how Betty’s mom was doing, and how long she would have to spend in the hospital.

Take care of those you love, and tell them you love them often. Be safe out there on the roads and watch out for the other person. 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors who take the time to stop by and read my letters.  🙂  🙂

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