Amateur Sleuths (5)

detective 6.jpg                         Amateur Sleuths are back to work again…

Yesterday the team of amateur detective had discovered Betty’s mom in her back yard. Her mom was unconscious and unable to speak to the team. Emilie took charge with the help of the rest of the team they got Betty’s mom to the hospital for the care she desperately needed. 

At the hospital Betty finally found her mom (Eve) who was in intensive care and  would be there till she stabilized. The hot temperatures, lack of water, and the bump to her head all combined with her age had left her in not such great health. The doctors said that if it wasn’t for the team coming to her rescue when they did she would have died in the heat. That team of children should be very proud for saving her life. They are truly her guardian angels. Betty sat by her mom’s side for a few hours in the hopes that she would open her eyes and talk to her. The nurse in charge of her mom said that she was pretty worn out and would likely not wake up till the morning. The nurse said she would call Betty when she woke up. “She is a strong lady.. your mom and she is going to be just fine.” The nurse said. “You will call me for sure…right..even if she moves her hand or foot..Please let me know… Here is my number.”  Betty said as she gave the nurse the piece of paper she had put her number on. Betty gave her mom a soft kiss on the forehead, and told her she would be back in the morning.

Betty was visibly upset over her mom’s condition and as she drove to the teams house she prayed for healing prayers for her mom. When she arrived at the house she could hear the children splashing in the pool. Betty walked to the front door and knocked. Jack’s mom and Veronica answered the door. “Come in Betty.” Veronica said. “How is your mom?” Jack’s mom (Ela) asked. “She is in intensive care for now… She is not awake yet.” Betty said as tears ran down her freckled cheeks. Ela gave Betty a box of kleenex and led her to a chair to sit down. “Would you like a tea or a coffee?” Ela asked. Betty shook her head yes and mumbled coffee please with cream and one sugar.  Ela went to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for Betty, Veronica, and herself. “My mom is a very strong lady and I know she will be fine…The nurse said she was pretty worn out and would sleep all night…Her vitals are fine, and I know…..” Betty said as she wiped away her tears. “The doctor told me that if it weren’t for that team of amateur detectives her mom would have died.” Betty said.

Betty and the ladies kept talking for quite a while and invited Betty to stay for dinner and she excepted. Betty would probably have not eaten anything, and it was really nice of these wonderful parents for inviting her. “I am truly  grateful to the children for saving my mom’s life… I need to tell them that she will be okay once she wakes up.”  Betty said. They will be out of the pool soon and then you can let them know how she is. Ela had a roast in the oven with roasted potatoes and roasted onions, and the smell was making Betty hungry. Dinner was going to be delicious and she could hardly wait. The front door opened and Ela’s husband walked in from the outside. Ela introduced Betty and said she would be staying for dinner. Ela explained to her husband what had happened and how the children had saved Betty’s mom. Jacob, Ela’s husband said hello and told Betty how the children helped quite a few seniors in the neighbour hood find things, but they had never saved anyone before. Jacob was proud of the children for giving their time to help others in need, but saving a life was above what he thought they were capable of. These children will never cease to surprise me with their abilities.

The calm in the house was disrupted by six wet drippy children and one wet dog. “When is super mom?” Jack yelled from the stairs. “Soon Jack all of you go down stairs and get dried off and put your dry clothes on and come up-stairs…There is someone here that wants to talk to all of you.” Ela said. “Who is it mom?”  Jack yelled. “Just get changed and you will see.” Ela said. “And make sure that dog is dried off too.” She added. Betty just chuckle while she was listening to the children. “They seem like great kids.” Betty said. “They are.” Veronica said with her pride showing. Jacob could hear the children coming up the stairs. “They are coming.” He said as he walked to the kitchen. Standing in the door way opening of the living room was six smiling faces and one happy dog. Betty called the dog over to her. “Come Martin.” But Martin just stood there with the children and looked at her. “You cheeky little devil.” She said. “He seems to like the children a lot… I was wondering if maybe all of you could take care of him while my mom is out the hospital…. If it’s okay with the parents.” Betty said as she looked at Ela and Veronica. Jack piped up and said.”Melanie is our animal person in our group.. She has a way with animals and Martin really likes her a lot.”  Ela could hear Jacob snickering in the kitchen. Betty said. “I see that.. would you watch over him till my mom comes home?”  “I have to ask my mom…can I call her miss Ela?” Melanie said.

While Melanie spoke with her mom Betty started to tell everyone how her mom was doing. “We have to wait for Melanie and then we can all hear how she is doing.” Emilie said to Betty. Betty smiled as she could see how close the team was and how they were bound by their club code. Melanie entered the room and Betty filled them all in on the static of her mom Eve. She told them what the doctor had said about without their help her mom would have died. The children turned to each other when they heard they saved her life. Betty didn’t realize how the children helped without knowing what they  had really done. They spoke with Betty telling her all about what they did. The phone rang and it was the dispatch person Emilie and Melanie had spoken to while waiting for the ambulance. “May I speak with Emilie?” The voice said. “Just one moment.” Jacob said as he called Emilie to the phone. “Hello.” She said. “Hi young lady.. I’m the fella you talked to when you ordered the ambulance…My name is Robert.” He said. “Yes I remember.. the ladies daughter is here with us at the house and her mom is in the hospital. She is sleeping and she will be fine.” Emilie said. “Good, I told you I would call..I’m happy to hear she will recover.”  Robert said. “You all should be very proud of what you have done… I will talk to you sometime.” He said and hung up the phone.

Emilie returned to the living room where all the parents had come to see what was going on.  Betty filled the other parents in on how the team had saved her mother’s life today. The parents were very proud of the team. The children filled their parents in on all their questions.  The house was a buzz with the sound of chatter, and the odd bark coming from Martin the dog. Everyone was amazed. It was getting real close to dinner when the door bell rang. “Who could that be at dinner time?” Ela said. The other parents wished Betty’s mom a speedy recovery and too their family’s home for dinner. Ela called her family and guest to the table for dinner. Betty could not believe how tasty the dinner was and she praised Ela for her cooking talents. Betty was very happy to have company because being alone worrying about her mom would consume her and turn her into a wreck. Betty stayed for a couple of hours after dinner and talked with Ela then she went home.

The next morning the hospital called Betty and told her mom was awake and talking up a storm. Betty called Ela to let her know that her mom was awake and she was going to be okay. At the hospital Betty told her mother how a team of children had found you in the back yard. You had fallen down and cut your head and by the time the children found you were unconscious.  They took care of you and Martin. The team called for an ambulance and got you to the care that you needed. Eve was happy that the children found her, and took such good care of her. Eve said she wanted to meet all the children and thank them for being there and saving her life. Betty suggested that maybe she could see them when she got home. We could have a party to thank those wonderful children in person. Betty got busy planning a party for when her mom got home from the hospital. Eve was so excited and all she talked about was the party for her new friends.

The amateur detectives had done their job on natural reaction, and for that they saved a life. The party was a total surprise and they got to meet Eve who they watched over and kept her safe. Because of their innocent actions the Amateur Detectives may be back in the future.

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