Angels Within

angel 5.jpg                Angels…….

It’s been said that angels live on earth. Is this a true fact, or is it just the belief of one person passed around the world.  Really…. What do Angels look like?  Do they talk to us in our sleep?  Do they wear clothes like ours?  Is the person standing next to you an Angel?

Raylyn Pickett has always been a believer in angels. Her parents would always tell Raylyn that she never walked alone. Raylyn would always ask why they said that and how did they know angels were real. Raylyn’s mom would always put her on her knee and explain that there are angels everywhere.  Raylyn tried her best to understand what her parents had been telling her. She could not understand why angels were so important and gave her parents such comfort. She imagined what angels looked like. Do they look like me or are they just like drawings in books she would read from as a young girl. As Raylyn grew into a lady she took on nursing as her career. She liked helping people who were sick, or those that needed a shoulder to cry on after the death of a loved one. Raylyn always had the time to be there no matter what she was doing. She was the lady everyone called their angel….

angel 2.jpgWilhelmina Roberts was a lady with a heart of gold. She helped all kinds of teens who had no where else to go when they were down and out. Wilhelmina would often take these teens into her own home so they would not be sleeping on the mean streets. Wilhelmina was an angel who spent her life watching over the young miss guided homeless young adults. She had contacts and would often help to get jobs, apartments, rooms to rent, anything that would help. She would hold fund-raisers to get the money to continue her work. Wilhelmina was an angel for street kids who had no place to go. There are many people who give their time and money to help those who live their lives on the streets. They are known as angels as well. Angels watch over us in many forms…..

angel 4.jpgJessica Donovan was a mother and wife of a man who worked hard to provide for his family. Together they taught to help those down and out. Jessica worked at a soup kitchen and served people who were less fortunate than her and her family. She would often bring her children with her and let them serve others, and lend a hand by helping out. Together they would raise their children to be compassionate towards others.  Jessica knew from experience that it was difficult to stay positive when a homeless person would endanger your well-being. These people would be strung out on drugs, have mental issues and many other difficulties. She would often set up counselling and give them opportunities to get help. Jessica and her family where angels like many of us….

angel 1.jpgBrian Ross was an owner of an old factory he had converted into apartments and he helped those who had no place to live. He would place those people in a rental room, small apartment, or a larger apartment for families. He would not charge a lot of money for rents as he was not a greedy man who was lining his own pockets at the expense of the poor. Brian had a compassion for helping those less fortunate than himself. He became a true angel to a lot of people who had no hope for the future. He would make sure the people needing medical care would get it. To him these people needed someone who cared. He would help place some of these people into jobs that would change their lives. Education was another plus he would help these friends to help them better themselves. Brian was another true angel…

angel 3.jpgMartha Wilton would often volunteer to take sick adults who could not have anyway to their appointments. Martha would use her own vehicle and pay for the fuel. But that did not matter to her as she had the funds that gave her the opportunity to help. Martha would deliver meals to seniors that were shut in with no families a live. She would take her time and often return to some of the places she delivered to, and have a tea or coffee, and be a friend to the lonely. Martha had planted a small flower garden outside Miss Martins window so she could see the flowers that made her happy. She did whatever she could to help make a lonely day brighter for a senior. Martha was an angel too many who had no one else….

andel 6Susan Webster would help in the hospital with those who needed to go for an ex-ray, MRI’s, or anything the nurses could no longer could do because of their over burdened work loads. Thanks to the governments greed for their own use. Susan loved what she did everyday, and sometimes the work would be hard for her to be positive all the time. One day Susan was feeling grumpy and unable to cope with something personal that was bragging her down. She picked up an older lady who had to get ex-rays on her arm. Susan would have to force her smiles that day. But when she picked up Miss Martin her world was turn right around by this lady with a broken arm. Miss Martin was happy and could sense the hurt that Susan was going through. Miss Martin talked with her, and helped Susan see the light on the other side of the dark. Miss Martin was the angel in another angels life that day. Angels come in many shapes and forms…..

angel 7I myself have been called an angel for the help I have given to others. One day while driving home I seen a car over turned in a ditch. As I brought my car to a halt I could hear the sounds of someone calling for help. There were a couple of cars stopped but they were not out of the cars giving help. I tapped on a window and asked if anyone had called the rescue services to come help. A man said he had called.  Beside the car was a man crouched down talking to the lady who was trapped. The wind that day was very cold, and the wind was whistling through the broken glass around her. I asked if anyone had away to break the back seat window so I could get some blankets into her to keep her warm. With the help of the man I was able to climb in the back seat and talk to this beautiful older lady who was cold and scared. I drapped her with the help of the man in blanket so she would be warmer. I spent the rest of my time in the back seat of that car talking to her and holding her hand. While I did my best to reassure her that all would be fine. I did not leave her till rescue showed up and took over. This lady found me and her daughter brought my blankets back to me. That day I became an angel to the lady I helped in that car…

We are all angels in one way or another. When you least expect it an angel will appear to help anyone of us through a difficult time.  I would say yes, Angels do exist….

Well the Birthday celebration was fun and there was a good time had by everyone. I had that hat put on my head and the waiters sang a birthday song. I really didn’t mind at all.  We knew the waitress we had and she made our nights celebrations excellent. We got snow here in my little corner of Canada it was pretty but all the warmer sun shine just went south and got outta here. I hope the sun comes back again and very soon. I’ve had a great weekend as I hope all of you have had too. I wish everyone a great Monday, smile when ever you can and be safe out there. And try not to get fooled by anyone. “Happy April Fools Day”..  🙂  🙂

This is my story for April 1st:

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I would like to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors who pop by to read my stories. 🙂  🙂

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