Beach Babies

beach 1.jpg                 The Beach…

Beaches are such a wonderful place to spend your summer days. The water crashing on the sand shore. Who could not handle a fun day at the beach? The sun bathes your body in a soft glow as your body relaxes.

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Schools out and the children are as happy, as they jump up and down. Summer has arrived with warm relaxing temperatures. The water at the beach has warmed like the warm bath at the end of the day. With the children out of school now Brenda started to plan all the trips they would be taking to the cottage and the beach. Mike was quite excited because school had ended and the summer holidays were there. This made him think of his vacation time. Mike was due to start his holidays in a week and a half. Each day he went to work with his vacation hanging in front of him. Like a carrot on a string that was so close he could almost grasp it with his hand. The thought of three weeks off  kept him moving and putting up with all the crap that was happening at work. Mike liked the work he did but a person in management was being pretty tough on everyone. He just wanted to be away from that place and have peace and quiet for a change.  Brenda knew that work was getting harder for everyone to handle. Mike would tell her how the new management lady (Wendy) was driving everyone crazy. She was determined to have the plant run the way she wanted and not one employee agreed to her bullying tactics. Mike would be getting his three weeks vacation real soon and the break would do him well.

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Aunt Agnes and Uncle Nick were up at their cottage already and were  enjoying the warm sun shine everyday. Brenda talked to Agnes almost everyday and would get all the low down on what was going on at the beach. I guess you would know it better as gossip or trash talking and Brenda loved to listen. Uncle Nick would keep an eye on their cottage all year round. Agnes and Nick were permanent residents at the beach community. They were retired and loved being close to the water. Winter was a bit hard on them sometimes, but that made the place a lot more appealing. Nick liked ice fishing and would be out on the lake with his buddies almost every week. The fishing was another plus that kept Nick happy. Brenda had told Agnes that they would be heading up to the cottage on the next weekend. Agnes was excited to see them and the children again. The children just loved their Uncle Nick as he was really a kid at heart. He would take they all out in his boat for a ride around the cove. They would look at all the big homes being built near the water, and each year the houses were even bigger than the year before. The children had started a scrap-book and would post their photos of the homes so they could compare them.

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Everyone was up early on the first day of dad’s vacation. Parker and Lillie were sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal they had gotten on their own. Mom made her way to the counter to put on the coffee for herself and dad.  Parker asked. “When are we leaving for the cottage mom?” Brenda turned to her young son and told him and Lillie that they would be leaving in a couple of hours. Mom told them to get whatever toys they needed to bring to the cottage and put them behind the van in the driveway. Dad will be packing things up after he has breakfast. Mom suggested when they had finished their breakfast they should go up and brush their teeth, and get dressed. Parker don’t forget your movie player and some movies to take in the van. Dad came into the kitchen with a big smile on his face. “I’m on holidays.” he said as he grabbed Brenda and danced around the kitchen with her in his arms. He gave her a big kiss on the lips then turned to the children and asked if they were excited about going away on vacation. Parker and Lillie gave dad a high-five then off they went to get dressed.

beach 7.jpgDad and mom finished breakfast and headed upstairs to get dressed. Mom had already packed all their clothing with a few food items she could not get up at the store near the beach. Brenda and Agnes would often go into the little town to shop and would stop at the local coffee shop to have a break before heading back to the cottage. Dad came down the stair and with Parker and Lillie who helped get the van all packed up for the drive. While they were away the next doors neighbours daughter Laura would stay in the house and take care of the dog till they came back home. Mom was busy making the beds when she could hear Mike downstairs yelling. “Brenda come down here right away.” He yelled. Brenda flew down the stairs to find Lillie crying. “What happened?” Brenda said. Mike made it look like Lillie had torn all the skin off her arm when she fell. “You’ll be fine Lillie.” Mom said. I will get a couple of bandages and we will get that scratch taken care of real quick.  With Lillie all bandaged up and calmed down the family was ready to start the trip to the cottage.  The children had a movie in the player and were quiet as mice. Mike had some rock and roll on the radio but he always played it low so the children could hear their movie.

beach 8.jpgMom thought she knew the perfect spot she wanted to set up her chair at the beach. After they got the car unpacked and everyone settled. She wanted to be right in front of the water facing the sun so she could relax and get a much-needed tan. Dad on the other hand had his plans laid out for quite sometime. He vowed to himself that he was going to be lazy for the next three weeks. He planned to have a beer in his left hand and the remote control in the right hand. Being lazy was a big part of going to the cottage. There would be time to build sand castles, and drag mom into the water and get her wet.  Brenda always acted like she did not like it, but Mike knew she like it. Brenda would fill a pail with water then throw the water on Mike once he got comfortable in his beach chair. It was all fun and it happened every year. Sometimes twice! After an hour and a half they reached the cottage and who was waiting for them but Nick and Agnes. Nick helped Mike unload the van then they sat on the porch and had an ice-cold beer. “This is to holidays and cottage life.” Mike said as Nick clinked his beer bottle against Mike’s beer. The fellas talked about the summer, the winter fishing, and about going fishing. Lillie and Parker were in the cottage watching one of their favorite movies.

beach.jpgAgnes and Brenda had found their deck chairs and were sitting in the sun near the water. The sun felt so good on Brenda’s tired body. Every bone felt like it was aching and the sun was helping the ache go away. Agnes had mentioned that on Saturday there would be a beach baby contest at the beach. Brenda said that they should go to see how cute the babies would be this year. Brenda always found the baby contest lots of fun. She often wished Parker and Lillie were babies still then she could enter them into the contest. But she liked the way they were now and the crying was a lot less than back when they were little. Agnes was Brenda’s older sister and the two of them were like best friends. The summer always gave them the time to get together and bond. Brenda closed her eyes and could hear the waves rushing up on the shore. She was in paradise and she loved it there. For now all the ladies wanted to do was relaxed in the sun.

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The baby contest was fun to watch as the parents tried very hard to keep their babies under control. There were babies crying, babies dressed on animal costumes, babies that did not want anything to do with  the contest. Babies that put on a show for the crowd with their cute smiles, and babies the just didn’t get what was happening around them. The family enjoyed all the cute babies and entered their vote for the baby they liked the best. A cute little pair of twins won the hearts of the crowd and won the contest. Once back at the cottage everyone was getting hungry, so Uncle Nick started the barbeque, and Agnes had a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs for him to cook. Lillie and Parker were starving and were first in line to get a couple hot dogs and some potato chips. They made their way inside the cottage to eat and watch a movie. During the three weeks the family spent at the cottage they had built sand castles with mom and dad. Gone boating with Uncle Nick and dad. They took pictures of the new homes in the cove to add to their collection. Brenda and Agnes spent a lot of time remembering when they were young and the things they did that their mom never knew about. They would laugh loudly and hugged tightly. When the time came to leave tears fell as the sisters had to part till they could meet again and spend time together. It was going to be hard for Mike to go back to work after all that time off. He had a call from one of his co-workers who said Wendy had been fired for pushing a lady who wouldn’t do what she wanted her to do. Mike was happy to know that the place would be pretty well back to normal. Each day he started to hold the vacation time in his mind as the carrot he had to catch. I love the summer especially when you get to go some place other than home.

It’s always nice to get away for the stresses of work and home life. A vacation is always a good way to do that. I wish everyone a wonderful Friday and a great weekend when you get to it. This evening I heard the weather man say we would be having freezing rain tomorrow morning. Oh my gosh, what a way to start the day. I’m not looking forward to that. Today was a pretty quiet day and we did okay at the tax mans. So we can feel a lot more relaxed now. Well, take care your loved ones kiss them often, and always say ‘I love you’ when you leave….  πŸ™‚

To all my followers, readers, and visitors out there . I would like to say thank you for being here to read my stories….   πŸ™‚  πŸ™‚

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