Bruce Blackwell (10)

Cabins in the Alaskan Mountians. 

The challenge party, was a smash. All the  inhabitants of the cabin, could be heard laughing, and talking about the show, put on by the owners, and freinds.

Breakfast, or should I say brunch, was a bit on the noisy side, with everyone, talking at the same time. The utensiles clinked together, and added another level to the noise. Bob and Annie both, had wide smiles on their faces. They whispered, about the challenge, and spontanious show, to be put,as a normal part of the cabin visits.  Adding the pool challenge, was a good idea, especially with all the chatter, this one had created. We could ask Bruce, and Jessica if they would be interested in getting involved in the pool challenge, on a regular basis. Bob said. “Just remember Annie, that the two of them had just met and maybe this was all a bit too early to ask.” “Okay, we can wait till Friday of this week to ask.” Annie said, with a very devilish look on her face. Bob said. “You are a devil, my dear lady, and that’s why I love ya.” Bob was laughing, and Annie was leaning her head on Bob shoulder, and she was giggling too. From the other side of the table, Bruce was watching Bob, and Annie. “Hey, what are the two of you up to?” “I can see the smoke coming out of your ears Bob, and you too Annie.” Bruce said. The both of them drew, halos over their heads, and Annie just, blinked like a cute little school girl. “I know you are both up to something?” Bruce said. 

Brunch, was over in a half, and hour, and some of the guests went down stairs to play games. And, the other guests, went to the great room. The snow outside of the cabin looked warm and inviting.  Bruce was wondering if any of the guests would be interested in a snow ball fight or a snowman making challenge?  Bruce approached Annie and Bob about the possibility of a  bit of outdoor fun. Bob thought it maybe a good idea, and reminded Bruce that it was minus 30 degrees outside, and a slight wind was blowing. Bob said he would rather have indoor fun, and he didn’t want to see any of his guests freezing to death. Bruce really wanted to see the outdoors fun to happen before he had to leave and go home. Bruce suggested that Bruce take another week off, and then Bob would think about the possibility of an outdoor event.  “You know, Bob you could have each guest sign a waver, and make the event legal.” Bruce suggested. “You know Bruce, you are one heck of a smart fella.” Bob said, and patted Bruce on the back. “If you want we can run this by Annie, and see what she thinks of it.” Bob said. “Okay, that would be a good thing to do.” Bruce nodded.  Annie was busy in the kitchen with Jessica, laying out the dinner menu. “Hey, sugar pie,” Bob said, as he kissed Annie on the cheek.  Bruce shyly said, “Hello jessica, how are you doing since I seen you last night.”  “Just fine Bruce, and how are you doing?”  Jessica said. Bruce was shy, and Jessica knew he was, and she was going to have to be the one on the chase or they would never get together before he went home to the city. Jessica had been talking with Annie about how much she liked Bruce. But the fellas stopped that talk dead in its tracks. Annie suggested that Jessica and her should carry on this talk later. 

Annie, Bob and Bruce sat at the kitchen table and spoke about the outdoors fun Bruce had suggested. Annie got up from her seat at the table, and went to the kitchen cook area and returned with Jessica. Bruce smiled at Jessica as Annie sat her beside him.  Jessica shot Bruce back a very sexy smile. Jessica was on the hunt, and Bruce was the prey. Little did he know that but he was going to find out soon.  The topic of the outdoor event was run over and over, and in the end it was a unanimous vote.  The event was to be added to the guest brouchure.  “If either of you have any ideas on events that just might give the guest a little more choice when they visit, put your heads together, and let us know.” Bob said, as he pointed at Bruce and Jessica. 

 Annie and Bob stood and walked to the cook area and talked over the menu . What kind of meal would be best for the formal event that night ? Annie wanted, quail and fish and Bob , being a beef man, wanted roast beef and quail. Annie gave into Bob’s beef and quail. The veggies and baby red roasted potatoes would go well with the beef. The first course of soup, would be Annie’s specialty, a wild cream of mushroom soup. A salad choice was also included.  The dessert was the greatest one of Annie’s creatations.  A ten layer double, double chocolate cake, served with a home made vanilla bean ice cream and  drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces. A formal dinner was only put on  once during a two week stay.  Annie had started the event more than ten years ago and she had nothing but good reviews.  It wasn’t just the food, but the ability to get dressed up, and rub shoulders with each other,  a chance to get to know the owners better.  

The afternoon was pretty quiet at the cabin, as the guests were preparing for the evening event.  Bruce and Jessica were still talking over the events for the guests in the future. Jessica was asking Bruce all about his family and where he got his education.  Bruce was asking the very same questions to Jessica in the hopes of the two of them becoming better freinds. Bruce was looking forward to the dinner this evening and the thought of getting dressed up to the nines was something he had never done before. And, if you were to ask him, he may tell you that he was dying to see Jessica all dressed up too. Bruce had already bought a tux in the city and brought it with him. He had never in his wildest dreams thought he would meet the girl of his dreams. A girl who could follow his lead, as she did last night at the party. As Bruce got to know more about Jessica, he felt even more attracted to her. Bruce was intent on knowing everything he could about her and what she liked. If I could assume, I would  guess that Bruce was definately thinking  along the same lines as Jessica.

Time for dinner was drawing very close. The kitchen was ready and Jessica was now out, and it was in the hands of her kitchen staff. Annie had just come to check in on the preparations and was off to dress for the dinner. Annie and many of the ladies, had their hair done by a staff of hair stylists that had been asked to come to the cabin. There were hair stylists for the men as well. Annie had not left any detail out. Jessica had her hair done in an upsweep style, and it made her looked stunning. Annie chose a sexy braided look that flowed down over her soon to be bare shoulder.  The girls were determined to blow the socks off the fellas this evening. Jessica had a red , full length dress that snuggly fit her body, then swept out into a swirling trail of flowing chiffon material. The top of the dress was a sweet heart design with a sequence covered bodice and spaghetti straps. Over her delicate hands were draped long red gloves. A variety of wild flowers filled her hair with the sweet smells of nature’s perfume. Annie wore an off the shoulder blue velvet full length dress with sequins of  gold around the bodice. The dress gathered at the waist, then  flowed behind her like a gown the Queen would wear. At the end of her one braid there was a gold ribbon flowing down over her body. She wore white flowers in her hair as well. Her shoes were gold and sparkly. White gold flecked gloves covered her hands and ran up past her elbows.  The ladies were ready for their entrance to dinner.

Meanwhile, the men were decked out in tuxes, with their hair slicked back  . Their cologne was intoxicating. Their shoes were shined so well that you could see your face in them. Bruce was in a blue tux, while Bob was in a black one with a satin sash. The fellas were ready to enter the dining room. Standing at the bottom of the grand staircase both Bruce and Bob waited for their ladies to enter. The doors opened at the top of the stairs and a man dressed in tux  announced the ladies as they came through the door. Annie was the very first lady. “Introducing, Miss Annie.”  Next was Jessica. “Introducing Miss Jessica.”  Each lady was treated with the same introduction.  At the bottom of the stairs Bob and Bruce stood wide eyed, and wide mouthed. As the ladies slowly stepped down each step, the fellas looked at each other in disbelief. The men held out their hands to each lady, and escorted her to the great room, where cocktails were served before dinner. The music was perky, yet festive.

The dinner bell chimed and the dining room doors opened.  The special china shone in the reflections cast by the chandeliers above the table. Dinner was about to be served and everyone was seated. The meal was served with each course lasting about three quarters of an hour . After several hours ,  the final course of dessert , coffee and tea was servbed. soon everyone entered the  Ballroom, and the music played on till  early in the morning. 

Bruce danced close to Jessica and in a moment of desire,  kissed Jessica on the lips. 

Join me tomorrow, as we follow Jessica, Bruce, Annie, and Bob, as they join forces. “Or will they?”

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