Bruce Blackwell (11)

Wine, candles, flowers, and private dinner.

Bruce got very brave while dancing with Jessica . He held her close and passionately kissed her. The kiss caught Jessica off guard, but she was very happy he was finally opening up. Bob, Annie, and all their guests were enjoying every moment fo the formal night. 

In the late morning brunch was served around eleven a.m.  Bruce and Bob had been up quite early that morning and were huddled around the kitchen table. They were going over the plans and drawings for the new lodge. Bob was very impressed with the drawings Bruce had made . The rooms had exactly what Bob and Annie had planned to put in each place.  Bruce knew the both of them very well and always treated them like he himself would  like to be treated. That could be the reason why they all got along so well.  Bruce looked up at one point and there stood Jessica with a coffee and a smile on her face. Bruce waved her over. “Come sit yourself right here beside me.” Bruce then bent over to her and kissed her on the cheek.  “These are plans and drawings for the new lodge being built this spring.” Bob explained. Jessica slowly looked at the pages strewn all over the table. “These are fantastic and the drawings are out of this world.” “Who drew these?” She asked. “Bruce did, and that is why we asked Bruce to design the lodge for us.” Bob said with pride in his voice.  Bruce works far away from here, and the day we hired him to design the cabin was the start of a great freindship, and the creation of our dream cabin. We have never once regreted our choice.  Jessica was impressed with Bob ‘s account of Bruce’s attention to his clients.  “Is he really that good?” Jessica asked, as she winked at Annie who was quietly standing at the entrance to the kitchen. No one had noticed Annie but Jessica. 

Annie quietly walked up behind Bruce and kissed his neck. “Hey there beautiful!” Bruce said, as he sat Annie on his lap. “What do you think of these plans, and drawings Annie?” Bruce asked.  “You did all this yourself, Bruce?” Annie asked. “Every line Annie, and just for the best couple I have ever had the chance to meet.” Bruce said, as he blushed a little. “Are you trying to butter me up or something?” Annie asked as she grabbed Bruce’s forearm. Bruce just smiled, and said. “Are you two trying to make my head blow up with all the praise I have been hearing.” “Bob has been laying it on thick for Jessica.”  “What do you mean, me do something like that , no way, not me!” Bob said. Bob was laughing now, and so was Annie. Jessica had placed her hand in Bruce’s hand and Bruce felt very special.  Bob and Annie noticed the couple getting closer and closer. They wanted to ask them to become partners with them in the business, but it was too early for them to ask. It was killing Annie more than Bruce and you could see it on her face. Bob gave Bruce the go – a – head with the plans and the drawings. All that was left to do was take Bruce and Jessica to see the sight for the build. The land had been purchased and all permits were taken care of. All that had to be done was to break land.  Soon another dream would be coming true for Annie and Bob.  Bruce was delighted to be a part of their journey. 

There was a lot planned for the guests on this day. Bruce, Annie , Jessica and Bob were gearing up to get started. There was a trip into the wild planned, and camera’s were welcomed. Bob was hoping they would come across some bears at the falls or a wolf on the back woods drive. The snowy white owl may be seen, and there were deer, and caribou trails to see. But the best part of the trip would be the scenery and that was always the photo everyone wanted to get. As raw as Alaska was there were places that had a few hundred people in one place. The biggest thing to see was the homesteaders, the builders of Alaska. 

The logging industry was popular here , yet clear cutting was against the law.  The forests were there to give life to all the animals that lived here. The land was vast and beautiful. The air was fresh, the water clean, and the waters were teaming with fish, especially during salmon running time.  Alaska was like a cool breathe of pure living. 

The all terrain bus was being loaded with the guests. Bob drove while Annie did her travel tour ‘blurb’.  Bruce and Jessica hung out at the back of the bus. The tour was going along when all of a sudden a black bear came tearing out from the forest and started to chase the bus. The guests gasped, but they clicked their cameras, as the bear finally stopped and disappeared into the forest again.  The next stop was a scenic view of the salmon jumping high in the air, as they tried to swim up stream. There were a couple bears standing in the water, catching the salmon as they seemed to fly into the air. “Now that’s what I call easy fishing!” John said, as he chuckled. “I wish I could fish like that.” Bob said.  Annie explained that we will be judging each person’s photos to see who will win a free drink package for your next trip. And there is no time stamp on the time you need to return to the cabin. “Yes!” “That’s a deal for sure.” John yelled out. The bus trip took three hours with a stop at a truck stop for food, and a bathroom break. The time Bruce was waiting for was the stop at the site of the new lodge he was designing. The land was perched on a hill that had a view of the forest, and a mountian range.  The site was meant for the lodge. There were a few challenges, but they were only minor.  The trip back to the cabin did not take long, and the guests where happy to be back. There was still time for a swim, or nap, or whatever the guest wanted to do. 

Bruce had talked to the kitchen staff in the morning and asked if they could possibly arrange to a quiet table for himself, and Jessica. He wanted to wine, and dine her this evening. He instructed them that Jessica was to know nothing about the dinner. Bruce had also talked to Annie, she said she would take care of everything and he was not to worry. Bruce sent Jessica a dozen red roses and an invitation to dine with him that evening. Jessica was thrilled and sent Bruce a message saying she would meet him in the grand room at seven. Jessica sat nervously waiting for Bruce to appear. She had been waiting for ten minutes and was getting worried that something had happened to him. As Jessica stood staring out the window , a warm pair of hands held her by the waist and warm lips kissed her neck. Jessica turned, Bruce placed his lips on hers and the fireworks began to explode. Bruce led Jessica down the stairs to the games room and up a short staircase that led to a round room the had windows all around.  Sheer curtains swept together at the ceiling, then flaired out to the floor. A small nook with a bear rug and satin pillows , was filled with tiny strings of lights falling from the ceiling, which made the area look like something from a fairy tale. A table with white linen and golden settings sat off to one side. Rose petals had been scattered on the floors and pillows. Jessica could not speak as she gazed at the room. She felt like she was in a dream. Bruce pulled a chair out for her to sit on, and sat across from her. He held her hand as slow , sweet music played in the back ground. Dinner was served by a man in a black suit. He spoke so low that it was almost like a whisper. Bruce waved him away. The dinner was simple but tasty. The evening was what the couple had been wanting since first sight. Bruce knew he loved Jessica, even though they had just met a few weeks ago. Jessica felt the same as he did. They spent the night wrapped in each others arms. 

 The weeks turned into months, and finally Bruce asked Jessica if she would marry him. Well, she said yes. The wedding was held at the lodge where they lived . The business grew into a dream destination in Alaska. Children were added to this love story in time, and Papa Bob and Nana Annie loved the children like they were their own. 

This partnership had always been a dream come true for Bob, Annie, Jessica and Bruce.

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