Bruce Blackwell (8)

Cabin covered in freshly fallen snow.

As Bruce arrived at the cabin, he noticed the way the snow had curled it’s way over the edges of the roof. The cabin couldn’t have looked any more picture perfect. It looked, so close to some of the postcards, Bruce had seen.

The cabin had not changed much, from the last time, Bruce had been there to visit. Bob, and Annie were as crazy as they had been before. Annie had hired a young lady, who had just graduated from college. She was studying to be a chef. Annie had also hired, a couple people, to help out in the kitchen. There had been a few new cleaning staff added. Annie knew the business, and how many people she needed to run it.  There were a few guests at the cabin this time, and Bruce found, the freindlyness of the people, refreshing. There was a couple, that came from Canada, and another couple from the states. Mary and John, had been to the cabin many times, and were good freinds, of Bob and Annie.  The other couple, Angela and Darlene were first timers to the cabin. A freind of theirs had told them to come and visit the cabin. Heck, the girls had already booked, and paid for a week in the summer.

Bruce woke early the next morning, and made his way to the kitchen, in the hopes of having some alone time with Bob, and Annie. There in the kitchen, sitting at the long wooden table was Annie, and Bob. “Hey you two, how the heck are you?” Bruce said, as he entered the room. “Hey there you young whipper snapper, how have you been doing?” Bob said. Annie stood up and grabbed Bruce, and planted a big kiss on his cheek. Bob stood on his feet, gave Bruce a huge bear hug and planted a big wet kiss on Bruce’s lips. Bruce could see, a young lady out the corner, of his eye, watching them. Bob noticed the girl watching, and spoke up.  “Bruce, this is Jessica, and Jessica, this is Bruce. Bruce held out his hand to shake Jessica’s hand, and when they touched, Bruce’s face turned bright red. Bob started to laugh, and started to sing.  “Bruce, and Jessica, sittin’ in the tree, K I S S I N G.” Annie gave Bob a quick jab, to the ribs, and Bob stopped singing. 

Annie said, “You leave Bruce alone Bob, he’s a shy fella.” Annie said with a chuckle, while Bob laughed. Bruce was standing, with pale pink cheeks, and he really looked like an embarraced young boy, who had just had his first kiss. Jessica had disappeared around the corner into the cooking area. Bruce, made his way, down to the coffee machine. He grabbed a clean mug, filled it with coffee. Bruce turned to the fridge to get the cream for his coffee, and caught Jessica smiling at him, and he winked at her, then smiled. Bruce, sat down at the table across from Annie, and Bob. Bob leaned, over the table, and  whispered. “She’s pretty, isn’t she Bruce?”  “Yes, she sure is Bob.” Bruce said, as his face went red again. Bob started to laugh, as Annie was chuckling. 

Bruce stood in the Great Room, watching out the window, at the sun shining off the snow. Bruce, asked Bob if he would like to have some fresh air. Bob thought it was good idea, and both fellas dressed to go out into the cold. Bruce took his camera with him to take pictures of the cabin.  Bruce had taken several photographs, when all of a sudden, a snowball hit him right on the arm. Bruce turned,and Bob was crouched down rolling another snowball. Bruce rolled himself a snowball and hit Bob in the side of the head. Bruce took off running, and the snowball Bob threw hit Bruce right on the butt. “Ouch Bruce said.  “What did you put in that snowball?” Bruce asked Bob. “It was just a hard snowball, must have been a wet one.” Bob said, as he laughed.

Once in the cabin, Annie met The fellas at the door. Jessica was standing beside Annie, and when she seen Bruce, she said. “How is your butt?” “We were watching you boys playing in the snow.”  Bruce just went red in the face, and Annie started laughing.  Bruce, and Bob headed to the Man Cave, and talked about how they could get the girls back for spying on them. While sipping on whiskey, Bob came up with the perfect idea. “We could challenge the ladies, to a game of cannon ball, in the pool. Bruce was all in for the challenge. At the dinner table, Bob told everyone of the guests, about the challenge, and how it was going to be at seven o’clock this evening, at the pool. After dinner was finished, all the guests went their own ways. At seven o’clock the pool area was rocking. Everyone had already, signed up for the challenge, and the party was on. 

Join me tomorrow, as we join along in the challenge.



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