Bruce Blackwell (9)

Cannon Ball splash  

Bruce, was ready for the challenge ahead. The ladies were in for a fight. Bob enetered the pool area, with his chest pushed out, and his muscles showing.

The pool room, was a buzz with, people who were dancing, singing, and splashing in the pool. Annie enetered the pool room dressed in a nineteen-ten style of swimsuit. The suit was blue and white strips, with big puffy sleeves, and bow tided on them. Black stockings covered her legs, and sexy toes. On her head was a little tiny hat held on by pins.  Jessica, was right behind Annie. Her swimsuit, was pink poka dots with a light purple backing, and she wore purple skokings on her legs, and over her tiny feet. She did not have a hat on, but a feather poked, into her up swept dark hair. Everyone, stopped making any kind of noise or motion. The girls, started their fashion show. The catwalk, was the side of the pool. Annie led the way for Jessica. You would have almost thought the whole catwalk scene was practiced. Annie pointed to a lady by the Juke Boxing, and the music, “I’m to sexy for my ??” Came blazing through the air. Annie danced down the catwalk swinging her body to and frow. Jessica was a few steps behind, and she was struting, her stuff like no one had ever seen. Clapping was coming from the crowd, and the ladies in the crowd, were hooting and howling, like animals.

The return walk was one that blew the guests away. Annie and Jessica walked side by side, with a line of ladies following them. Annie walked by Bob and ran her hand under his chin, and sassily blow him a kiss.  Jessica did the same thing to bruce, with the exception she kissed him on the lips. Bruce went every shade of red. The crowd broke out in cheers, and at the end of the walk Annie, and Jessica ripped off the midevil bathing suits, to reveal, two very sexy bathing suits. Bob and Bruce stood with their jaws wide open. The crowd was going crazy, the girls were in the lead, big time. The fellas would really have to put it all on the line, if they were going to win. It was eight o’clock, and it was time for the challenge to begin.  John and Mary took the first places in the line, followed by Angela, and Darlene. Next in line was the cleaning staff, then the kitchen staff. With a line up, like this it was going to take a bit of time, to get through the cannon ballers.

Bob got on the loud speaker, then announced the first person in line. John took a pretty far run at the pool, jumping high into the air. He tucked in his legs in tight to his body, and “Splash.” The waves of water, over lapped the sides of the pool, and quite a few people got wet. Mary was on her way towards the pool, she jumped in the air, and her tiny body hit the water like a falling air craft. “Slam.” The pain was all over her face, when her head, came out of the water. John and a couple of people, jumped into the water, to help her out of the pool. Mary’s body looked like she had been rubbed in red dye. John whispred in her ear. “It’s a cannon ball challenge, and not a belly flop challenge. Mary, cuffed John right across the chest, leaving him with a bright red mark. Mary laughed at him, then hobbled her way, over to the a soft chair, by the hot tubs. Mary was out of the competition. Angela came next, her cannon ball touched the ceiling, and so did Darlenes. Bruce was wondering if him, and Bob would have a chance, at all, to win. This, was going to be, a tough win. It was time to pull out the big guns.  Bob and Bruce, made a mad dash to the attic, where Bob had some clothing of his own, to woo the crowd with. Bruce picked out the caveman panty wrap, a spear, and a pair of fur footware. Bob took a Dracula cape, a fancy suit, and fangs.  Bob looked stunning, and Bruce, looked as sexy as ever. This was definately going to tip the scales, in the fellas favor. 

Bob made a call to one of the kitchen staff, and had the man play, some Dracula kind of music for himself, when he entered the pool room. Then for Bruce, you can play some kind of caveman music, but very sexy caveman music. Bob, eventered the pool room, and the music changed to a Dracula tune. Bob came in dressed like Dracula, with his cape covering his face, and his eyes peering from the darkness of the cape. Bob strolled down the side of the pool, and ended up in front of Annie. He looked her straight in the eye, and held out his hand for her to take. Annie held out her hand, and stood. Bob, grabbed her around the waist, and covered her with his cape.  Bob slowly moved ahead, dropping his cape from his face, showing his fangs, that had droplets of blood falling from them. Annie was drapped over his arm, like she had fainted, blood dripped from her neck, where two holes had been pierced, into the skin. Bob laid Annie on the floor, held her hand, and dragged her down the length of the pool. Once, at the end he, flashed his cape over the both of them.  The crowd went in-sane. Bob stood, tore away his suit, and ran for the pool’s edge, jumping as high as he could, tucked his legs in tight, and. “Splash.” Waves rocked over the side of the pool, and left everyone wet. The water hit the ceiling, spliting into pieces, as it travelled across the ceiling. Bob surfaced, and the crowd was on their feet, and chanting his name. “BOB, BOB.” Bob was in seventh heaven. 

It, was now Bruce’s turn, and he was stoked. The music was sultry, and masculine. Bruce enter with a caveman cry, and a body builder stance, then some hip thrusts. The ladies howled, as he swayed his hips, as he walked. Bruce, swayed his way over to Jessica, as he twitched the corner of his top lip. He said loudly.  “Come, You me woman!” Bruce grunted. Jessica crouched on the ground and gave into his strong arms. Bruce, threw his speer onto his shoulder, then grabbed Jessica’s arm, and dragged her behind him as he grunted, and howled like a dog. He looked back and forth at the crowd as he moved. He stopped, and let go of Jessica’s arm, and ran for the pool, he shot high into the air, and came down with a splash that created a title wave of water. There was, not one person in the room, that was not sitting in water. The water hit the ceiling, bathing all in it’s reach in water. As Bruce emerged from the water, there wasn’t a person who wasn’t yelling and clapping. Jessica stared at Bruce, as he shook the water away from his face, and hair. She was hooked. Bruce had just won her heart. Was, this the start of a relationship? Only the couple knew for sure. The pool fun was near done, and Bruce won the prize, but he gave it to the guests who were first timers to the cabin, and they were very happy. 

The party, by the pool, went on for a few more hours, and everyone turned in around four a.m. the next day. No one woke early the that day, and when they did, they could see a closeness between Bruce, and Jessica, that wasn’t there before. 

I, welcome everyone, back tomorrow, as we see what happens next, at the cabin in Alaska. 


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