Bruce Blackwell (returns)

Bruce Blackwell

Bruce Blackwell, is a story I wrote, between November 19th and November 23rd, 2018. Bruce is a designer, and blue print expert, for a large firm.

winter.jpgBruce did a lot of work, for clients around the world, he traveled to a lot of remote destinations. Bruce would not only design the plans for his clients, but he would over-see the work being completed. Bruce loved his job, and the many places he would travel to. Bruce had visited a place in Alaska, where he had met the owners, of fabulous cabin he had designed for them, many years before. Bruce was called upon, to design plans for a lodge the owner, wanted built. Bruce was more than happy, to make a trek to Alaska, to meet with the owners.

Bob and Annie Gould, are the owners, of this fine establishment. They are the most gracious of hosts, that Bruce had ever met. Annie was a beautiful lady, and a great cook, and Bob, well, Bob was a client, and a good friend. The cabin they had built, was a dream destination for hunters, and nature enthusiast a like. The Great Hall was a place, where guests could sip drinks, and watch the warm fireplace. Where, the wind, trapped snow, against the windows. There where secret passages, and staircases that led, guests to specially decorated rooms. The lower level, was a man’s dream cave. Equipped with a, full bar, games room, theater projection room, a full-sized bowling ale. An Olympic style swimming pool, and hot tubs. The cabin was amazing. 

Bruce had taken, a ski-doo ride, to Bob, and Annie’s cabin. The old fella, that drove Bruce, on the back of the ski-doo, was Mr. Barton, or “Rusty,” as the area folks, called him. Rusty was a whiskey drinking, wiry old fella. Everyone knew Rusty, and he would help anyone, who needed the help. The ride to the cabin was cold for Bruce, and his fingers felt like they would fall off, if he did not get them warm soon. Once the cabin, came into sight, Bruce was relieved. As Bruce, entered the cabin, he was consumed with visions, of his fingers falling off, from frost bite. While Bruce, removed his gloves, he felt relieved to see, all his fingers. After a hot cup, of Annie’s famous coffee, Bruce began to thaw out. The warmth, from the Great Hall, fire-place, helped, to bring Bruce’s body back to normal.

Bruce had spent a week at the cabin, and in that time, Bruce had played several rounds of cards, ate some fabulous meals. Participated in a roaring round of belly flop, that Bob, had challenged him to. Bruce found himself bowling, and the course of that game, he had almost, killed his clients. 🙂 🙂 When, a ball had gotten away from him. Bruce watched a football game, on the big screen with Bob, and drank fine whiskey, and smoked a Cuban Cigar. The room Bruce was sleeping in, was like having his own apartment. It was equipped with anything a person could want. 

Bob had planned a trip, with Bruce to head out to see the land, where Bob wanted to build his Lodge. The snow, had been falling since Bruce had arrived, and the trip to the land had never happen. A trip that would have given Bruce, his first attempt at snow shoeing.  Bruce had eventually, returned to the city, and worked on the designs for the lodge, and the plans for the structure. Bruce had spoken with Bob on several occasions, and it was time, for Bruce to return to Alaska.

Join me tomorrow, as we follow Bruce back to Alaska. 

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