Our Future

earth.jpg                Our Planet….. Our Life……


‘This our earth’. ‘Our future.’  It’s our responsiblity to change our earth for the better. We are taught at an early age to pick up the garbage we put on the ground. “Do you pick up after yourself when it comes to waste?’

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Sonya Roche’s world(1)

meet10.jpg                                                 Friends are important.


Each day we venture out into the world, and meet people we know and those we don’t know.  As humans we seem to need the company of others to round out our day. 

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Ella Louise Parker (3)

hans2.pngGramee (Tanya)


Ella wanted to know if her Gramee would be travelling with them. Mom and dad need to find the best way to talk to Ella about gramee, and what needed to be done.

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Who are you (5)

Sonya & Franchesca 


“Who are you?” Is a question we should always ask ourselves,  when we encounter someone we think is too good to be true. 

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Rachel Slatter (#3)

Rachel’s parents had hatched a plan, that would hopefully, find out what happened to Bella. The day she got stuck in the bathroom. The sleep over was a go ahead. Bella’s parents have left, and it’s movie time.

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Choices ( 5 of 5 )

For Heather and Frank, a baby was on the way, and the relationship they had lost seemed to be coming back. Heather’s dad was sick, and needed to be put in a home , and there was the mystery behind the box.

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The bigger plan ( 5 of 5 )

The phone rang and dad got up to answer it. Dad’s face became bright red in color, the grip on the phone receiver was tight, so tight that his knuckles turned white. “What was happening on the other end of the phone line?”

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The bigger plan ( 4 of 5 )

Bridgett was very furious about what Barbara’s uncle had done to her. Barbara went to hospital to be examined, and after the police were summoned to get the facts from Barbara. Bridgett was by her side through the entire process. 

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