Little Prince…

DSCN1689 (2).JPG             I got a visit, from a fuzzy little friend…

This is my banter for Wednesday August 28th…

Hello everyone out there:: Well, the rain fell last night, all day, and is expected to rain again on this Tuesday night.. You can tell when it’s too wet outside.. The dogs don’t ask to go out every five minutes.. That’s a true way to know you don’t want to go outside.. I did kick their behinds, and got them to go out anyways.. It was like trying to move a heavy bolder from a field.. So much for me, and the dogs.. I hope you all made it through Tuesday without pulling out your hair.. I really am hoping your time with the family was playful and loving.. I don’t know if you had rain or not, and if you did, I hope you didn’t get too wet.. I sure wish I could send the clouds we have here to Amazon to help put out the Rainforest fires… It’s a shame how Mr. Trump will not give money to help save the Rainforest.. And the two idiots fighting over comments made are just little babies, and should grow up.. The Rainforest is more important them a stupid comment.. French and Brazil presidents need to think of the carnage that is taking the Rainforest away from our planet.. If you got to be so darn petty then have it out in a boxing ring.. You are not children,, grow up.. Trump should do the same damn thing.. And that’s how I see this crap..

DSCN1707 (2).JPG             Hiding behind the peppers…

This segment is dedicated to my Little Prince, Parker.. He came into my life not too many months back.. His Mommy and Daddy take very good care of him, and guide him through his early learning.. I love Parker with all my heart, and will protect him with my own life, if need be.. His smile and his bright eyes, can lure you in, and make you fall in love.. Parker has his poopy times, but doesn’t every body.. He loves his food, and his little Lambie.. He hugs it and tries to eat it, and he wipes his face on his Lambie.. Parker has a thing for cuddly blankets.. He tries to hide behind them, then pops out with a smile or a frown, or a goober gabby (baby talk).. He loves to kick his feet and wiggles like crazy.. He likes watching movies with daddy and mommy.. And when he watches movies he likes to lay down… Parker is a treasure to behold, and has stolen my heart away.. And he’s working on papa’s heart too.. Parker loves to put his hands in his mouth, and will suck on his thumb until mom catches him.. He’s going to be a mover and a shaker.. And his voice will be heard by many in the future.. God help us all when he starts to crawl, and walk.. We got to be on top of our game for sure.. I have picked out a few photo’s I have taken of him.. I hope Parker melts your heart too..

DSCN1147 (2).JPG         My Auntie’s puppy watches over me…

DSCN0735 (2).JPG        I can sleep anywhere even on my cousin’s knees…

DSCN1365.JPG      I love to chew on my toys, and my thumb..

DSCN1347 (2).JPG      Sometime I think of things or I point things out to my Nana…

DSCN1348 (2).JPG        Sometimes I holler at my mom for food…

DSCN1101.jpg         Sometimes I just look too cute….

ONLF0046       Sometimes I just don’t like the way things are…

DSCN1276 (2).JPG       Sometimes I give people the evil eye…

DSCN1390 (2).JPGSometimes I like to watch a movie on the tablet and put my feet on it..

DSCN1379.JPG        Sometimes I like to hang out with papa…

Now you have met my Little Prince, Parker… You take good care of those you love and be safe.. Till later.. Watch out for Pigeons…

Thanks to all my readers for stopping by to read my banter.. 🙂 🙂  As usual the photos in my banter have been taken by Me… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..    Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂







Peanut’s Story (10)

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My mom had stayed close to dad, for the two months she had figured it would take for his mind, not miss her while she was gone. Mom then got the surgery booked. On the day she had to leave, she let dad know that she would be home in a few days. It was the very first time mom and dad had ever been apart.

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Ruth and Brent had and beautiful young daughter, and were very close to having their second child as we left them yesterday. Felisha was so excited about being a big sister, and her mom was excited about meeting her second child. Grandma was blown away knowing soon she would meet her second grand-child. Brent was proud that he would be a father to a brand new baby in a matter of no time. 

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The fog can hold many things that we could never imagine. Fog is used as an effect in a really scary movie to create an eerie feeling of something ominous. Something that will cause fear in all those who watch. Fog can add an extra element to a photograph making a calm valley beautiful.

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Robert and Natalie married. After a bit of time they find out a new baby is on the way. Grandpa Weitherington was excited when he heard the news.

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There are some people born with names, that make them stand out more than others. What really is in a name?

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