Darkness 3…

death.jpg                          There are other alternatives…..


This is my post for Thursday November 28th…

This will be my last part of my post on the darkness, Depression and Suicide.. This is a very important topic as the topic comes to the fore front of the news, and other media agencies.. I, like many are hoping that the awareness of depression will draw out the people suffering, so they can get some help… These agencies are like an olive branch in a time of need.. The word is getting out to everyone, and Doctors are making attempts to help all they can.. But, like all things in this world, no one can be forced into finding the help and continuing with the help they have asked for… Sometimes, being safe behind that locked door is where most of us would rather hide… Not every body understands the security of silence, but I sure do…. I am safe inside out of sight to those who stare and whisper to others.. There are too many judgmental people that sneer and run you down when you’re not there… These people are cowards and will not belittle you to your face… It’s the bully in the school yard syndrome that we all carry in us.. 

pills.jpg                 Drugs are the choice of many who kill themselves…

Drugs, guns, cutting, jumping out in front of vehicle on the road ways, jumping off bridges, structures, hanging, poison, and many others I have not listed.. These are the choices when it comes to ending all the pain and hurt.. “Yes.” This ends the pain the person suffers relentlessly for heaven knows how long… Little children have the advantage, for someone else will be getting them help… This continued help will drag their minds away from the darkness… Adults are their own helper they need to decide for their future… I know of many who try to over analyze their feelings to the point that they think their situation is hopeless… Negative thinking is a poison that deepens depression… Those that carry baggage also become depressed… The fact that it happened before is their handful of pills that returns them to the darkness.. Uncertainty will heighten their depression, and they will always fear a hurt that may not even be there… Fear is the enemy… Depression is not a friend… 


Sadness is an emotion that loved ones feel when they find what has happen to someone they love… The feeling of “If I only noticed”  “If only I could have seen the signs”  “If I only knew what was happening.” The guilt they feel and the tears they cry for the one who has hidden away in the darkness… But, it is too late, for now they will find depression… A depression that is fueled by guilt, anger and emptiness for not seeing a love ones pain.. The nightmares that play over and over in front of their eyes…. The sight of your lifeless body, that just a few hours before was alive.. The blood, the pills, the note you left behind, the place you were found and the ending of your life will be in their memories forever… Friends will innocently ask how you are, without knowing you have chosen to take your own life.. The pain will once again remind your loved ones that you are gone… Never to be seen or talked to again.. Your family will bring flowers to your grave, never knowing the reason “Why.” I ask that, those who may read this and deal with depression… I want you to get help… “Now.”    🙁 🙁

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… I wish you all a great weekend and the rest of the week… I will see you again, on Tuesday December 3rd… 🙂 🙂

Rain (5)

pouring.jpg     The rain pouring down…


Life was good for Percy and Mercy. A home on wheels was perfect, as they could travel anywhere they wanted to go. Choosing to eating their dinners by the roaring camp fire. Or just starring at the embers from the camp fire, as they danced their way up into the dark sky…

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Lazy Daisy (4)

DSCN0781.JPG       Friendly Blue Jay….Who hates his picture taken..


A nice walk on a hiking trail could go wrong if you don’t pay attention. A garter snake had zig zagged his way in the path of Daisy’s mom, who had let out a scream that would wake the dead. Daisy heard a noise which she thought was a bear..

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Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….


Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

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Detective Files (14)


Detective Files….


Sidney was married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Anette had the man of her dreams, and the best dad in the world. They were now married. The Captain of the cruise ship they vacationed on, married them at the chapel on board. The happy couple was now on their way home with the best news ever.

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Detective Files (12)

dec.jpg         Sherlock Holmes…..


Moly Dorset had been found huddled behind a freezer. A freezer that contained the frozen bodies of three young girls and one young boy. There had also been found one young girl tethered down to a steel table. She was barely clinging to life. She had been drugged and tortured..

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Detective Files (11)

detect.png      It all depends on the clues…..


Things were getting hot for Sidney and Winslow as they waited for the swat team to arrive. Everyone was on edge, and waiting to see if the missing officer was still alive. Yavin Igmet’s location had been found, and all that had to be done it take the serial killer down.

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Detective Files (10)


Detectives with badges…. And on the case…


Life seemed to have changed once Winslow and Sidney became detectives. Their first day back at work as detectives they were put right on the case of the missing officer. Sidney had noticed a van around where the officer went missing.

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Detective Files (9)

dick.jpg        Detective looking for clues…..


Winslow’s wife Alberta was know for her straight forward, no nonsense, beating are the bush kind of talking. She out rightly told Sidney it was about time him and Anette got together. Sidney found being asked over to Anette’s place for dinner, a total surprise.

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Detective Files (8)

detectivess.png      Finding clues that no one else can see….


Being a detective is important to a murder scene. Along with the coroner, forensics, officers, witnesses, and signs left by the killer. The detective can begin to solve the crime committed against another human being. That’s what Winslow and maybe Sidney were going to do as their new careers. 

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