Our Future

earth.jpg                Our Planet….. Our Life……


‘This our earth’. ‘Our future.’  It’s our responsiblity to change our earth for the better. We are taught at an early age to pick up the garbage we put on the ground. “Do you pick up after yourself when it comes to waste?’

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Renovation (2)


#6.jpgRenovations are an extension of the person who is doing the work.

Renovation; meaning restore to new condition. Many different items can be made to look like new. When you renovate a camper, a trailer, or motor home those items are torn to the bottom and built back up. Similar to a home, cottage, garage or any item in that category.

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Sonya Roche’s world (9) years of

be there.jpgI will always be there. To hold your hand, to wipe your tears, to scare away your fears. I will always be here. 🙂


Sonya had found out that she was a match to Liz if and when she needed a kidney. George was very happy for Sonya, but in his heart he was afraid of the operation Sonya would have to endure. 

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Sonya Roche’s world (6)


                  Day before the date.


Sonya wanted nothing more than to save her friend’s life. She had done all the things that the doctors had asked, and she was waiting for that one call that would change her world and her friends world forever. 

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Sonya Roche’s world (4)

dinner.jpg                                            Valentines Day Dinner.


Holding hands with George was something Sonya had thought would never have happened. An invitation to a Valentines Dinner was a first as well. 

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Ella Louise Parker (3)

hans2.pngGramee (Tanya)


Ella wanted to know if her Gramee would be travelling with them. Mom and dad need to find the best way to talk to Ella about gramee, and what needed to be done.

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Jack and Nick ( part 8 )

Jack and Nancy had left the hospital, and they had stopped at a fine dinning establishment to eat dinner. Nick’s parents would be arriving at eleven A.M. at the hospital to meet Jack and to see their son Nick. Nancy had suggested that she tag along to give support when it was needed, and give a medical account of Nick’s injuries.

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Jack and Nick ( part 7 )

Jack had found out through comparisons of recorded blood tests the man is intensive care was Nick. Jack was more than excited, and was dancing with Nancy in the hallway beside the nurses station. It’s funny, how positive news can make all the negative energies go away.

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