Margo… 2

margo 3.jpg                                      Margo smiles most of the time….

This my fictional story for Thursday December 12th…

Margo, had been adopted by a very loving couple… She had stolen their hearts at first meeting… William and Margaret had spent quite a bit of time with Margo on their first day with her… At the end of their visit they promised Margo that they would be back the next day to take her home… Margo was so very excited, and could hardly sleep that night… She talked and sang to her dollies till she finally fell fast asleep… In the morning Margo was talking and talking to the staff… Margo told all of her friends that she had a mommy and daddy, and they were coming today to take her home… The staff was so happy for Margo… They never let her see how much she would be missed… Margo had her breakfast, got bathed and put on her prettiest dress… She took her dolly and went and sat by the window on a small stool… Everyone that passed by Margo would ask her if mommy and daddy were there yet… Margo would smile, and return to looking out the window… 

Margo was dedicated to waiting and only left her stool for juice or a bathroom break… Not long after Margo finished her glass of juice, she could see a tall man and a very pretty lady coming up the walk way.. Margaret seen Margo looking through the window and waved to her… Margo jumped to her little feet and made the loudest voice she could find…. Mommy and daddy here for me… She was so excited… The front door was opened slowly and Margo was right there waiting… Margo ran to William and he scooped her up in his arms.. Margo kissed her daddy on the cheek and called him daddy… The grin on William’s face was un-mistakeable to all that seen it… Margaret had a tear running down her cheek as she witnessed a father and daughter’s love…

Margaret held out her arms to hold Margo… Margo almost jumped into her mommies open arms..  Margaret was so proud of her daughter…. All Margaret wanted to do is get out of this place and get Margo home… Margaret and William had a few last papers to sign and they would be leaving with their little daughter Margo… Margo’s life was about to change in big ways… She now had a mommy and a daddy…. With all the last papers signed Margo was ready to leave… Margo said good bye to all the friends she had made as she grew up… Many of the staff had tears in their eyes as they waved good  bye… Margo waved back to them all the way to the car… William placed Margo in her car seat then buckled her in tight… Margaret asked Margo if she was ready to go, and Margo gave a big ‘Yes’ from the back seat…

The family stopped to have ice-cream on the way home.. Margo loved ice-cream… After the ice-cream they drove home to their house… Join me next Tuesday when we follow Margo in her new life..; 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…  Thanks for joining me as we get to know Margo and her family better…. 🙂 🙂 


thinker.jpg                                               Thinking…

This is my post for Thursday November 21st…

Thinking is something we all do from time to time.. Thinking seems to attack our brains right at the most inconvenient times.. Like the  sleeper who get the chance to lay awake  thinking when they really don’t want thinking to be there… I am, one of those night thinkers, and believe me that is not a good time to be thinking about everything.. Granted, I have found several solutions to problems and ways to fix things… It’s no way to sleep for sure… Thinking enlightens, and opens us up to possibilities we would have not know before.. Thinking stimulates our brains and sometimes leads use in a new direction… We think from the time we are born till the time we cease to live.. Thinking helps us everyday of our lives… We are thinkers and solvers of this world… 

think.jpg                                 Babies think…

Their thinking helps them solve the wonder of learning…. From the time they can see, they think.. “Who is that weird looking person over there looking at me?”  They recognize their parents, and family members that inter-act with them all the time.. “What is this thing that keeps going in my mouth?” The sensation of feeding time, and knowing when they are hungry or messy… As they grow they sit and think… “How can I get over to that toy?” They use their thinking to solve how to move their body parts in order to get the toy.. They think about pulling themselves up on things and stand.. Babies are smarter than we think they are… Just watch them sometimes, and you may see them thinking… 


We solve , we invent, we create all through using our thought process.. There are many complicated issues that need a lot of thought to solve, and some that are fixed through minimal thinking… There are teams of thinkers put together to come up with a solution on impending problem… ie  How to fix the dam without flooding the farmers lands.. How to build a monster mall… How to create an environment that is pleasing to others, and will draw people to this place… All these events are all possible through the power of thinking.. When we commit ourselves to thought, we can accomplish astronomical achievements…

light bulb.jpgidea.jpg

Solving the problem when the light bulb comes on in our head… It’s an amazing feeling inside… Your self-esteem is boosted, and you  seem to walk with a lighter brisk step.. We think better of our accomplishments as a part of ourselves.. We gage ourselves using the power of thinking… This is a good feeling that turns about your self worth.. Thinking, solves so many issues whether they be large or small.. Never stop thinking about the things that you have accomplished in your life… We are all part of the solution.. 


It’s not easy dealing with thoughts that mow us down, and leave us wavering, and not sure of others thoughts.. Thinking we will not be the right style, right body shape, right person we should be to others… Negative thinking can draw you down into depression, and self doubt… “Put that silly way of thinking away”… “Lock it up some place where, you will never find it again..” Thinking about the perception others have of you is a waist of time and energy… Be who you are, and you will feel better in your heart and in the way you are in your skin… I use the, ” I am who I am and if you don’t like it! Poo on you..” I am me and you can’t be liked by everyone.. As far as the people who talk behind your back… They are just school yard bullies all grown up… I say, those that talk behind your back, belong behind you… Walk away from that type of person, they are toxic waste… True people don’t do that to the ones they like or love… We were all made different and we don’t need to stack up against those around us and their thinking… Be who you are and enjoy your life..  🙂 🙂 BE PROUD OF YOURSELF !!!

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Till Tuesday next week.. Enjoy each day… 🙂

The words written here are my opinion and only mine…

Is it time?

DSCN2035.JPG           I came upon this little fella on my walk…

This is my banter for Friday September 20th…

Hello, to everyone:: I am wishing all of you happiness, and good fortune.. ‘I know I usually ask how you are doing’.. This is just one of those out of the ordinary thoughts.. I have to mix it up or it gets very boring, as you read the same thing day in and day out… I know I have lost my touch with reality, and I care not to give a darn.. One way or the other.. The title, ‘Is it time’ refers to going to sleep.. Turning in, hitting the sack, or just plain going to bed.. ZZZZ… I had the worst night’s sleep on Wednesday night.. I tossed and turned.. Finding myself in my usual sleeping poses, but none of them seemed to work.. I lay there with thoughts of what I should have done or said.. Story lines would run through my mind, and vanish a few minutes later.. Sometimes I get stunning lines, that I dwell on for longer than I should.. Nothing seemed to be working.. I could hit myself on the head with my cast iron pan… But with my luck I would likely drop it on my foot and break my toes, and foot.. Then I would not be able to sleep due to the pain.. I seen the clock tell me it was four forty five a.m.. Holly crap.. The greater part of the night has gone by.. My mind told me it was time to sleep, but the body was not listening.. 

DSCN2073.JPGThis photo is plain and simple.. I like it..

My legs felt heavy, and my dancing feet were making the seventeenth lap around the dance floor.. I get really upset when my legs try to keep going.. I’m not partial to restless leg syndrome.. “Is it time to sleep” I kept asking myself.. I stood on the floor beside the bed, and made my way to the bathroom, again.. As I walked it felt like I was tap dancing across the floor.. :0 There was no music,  just the sound of my breathing.. I slathered my legs and feet with extra moisturizing lotion.. I had to be careful on the way back to bed.. I went carefully, placing each foot flat on the floor.. One wrong move and I would be sailing across the floor.. I was a greasy as pig at a pig chase.. Once at the bedroom door, I turned to look behind me and someone was following me.. :O Now, how could I sleep knowing someone was outside the bedroom door.. I hurried my pace and jumped into bed.. I pulled the blankets up over my nose.. My eyes darted back and forth and my heart rate quickened.. I was not alone.. I had my dogs with me.. They would save me should anything happen.. I was as wrong as could be, as deep under the covers they huddled… I guess I was on my own.. I turned on my side and watched in the direction of the door..

DSCN2087.JPGHow the heck does anything get out of this part of the forest??

It was dark in the room, and the only hint of light was a tiny night light.. I could see the door as the dim light reflected towards the door.. I waited and waited.. I had enough.. I needed to see what or  if anything was out there.. With a can of hair spray in my right hand, I opened the door.. I flicked the light switch.. No one was there, just me.. I looked at the foot prints again and placed my foot right on top of one of them.. Perfect fit.. This person wore the same size as me.. Is there anyone here? I asked.. But no answer.. I crept quietly back to the bedroom and closed the door behind me.. I jumped into bed.. The dogs started to bark.. How could I ever sleep with all this noise going on?? I reassured the dogs that it was me, and slithered under the blankets.. The bed was so warm and inviting.. I sighed, and turned on my side to keep an eye on the door.. It must have been another hour or more, and I was really wanting sleep to find me.. I welcomed sleep.. The clock reflected on the ceiling, what time it was.. Five fifteen.. I couldn’t believe it.. Was I going to sleep tonight or stay up..

DSCN2094.JPG    This crazy looking rotten stump looked like large dog..

I could feel my puppy licking my hand.. The feeling was so soothing.. I pulled her up beside me, and she put her head on my arm.. There must have been some magic in that little lick.. I don’t recall anymore story lines, fear, or anything till I saw the light of morning around ten thirty a.m. .. Isn’t it great how the body can drift off with a friend close by… 🙂 🙂 Take care, and be kind.. This exhausted lady needs to get a nap.. Till later.. Get some sleep.. :0 :0

I want to thank my readers for coming to read my banter.. Thank you.. 🙂 🙂  Ya already know the photos are mine.. Enjoy… 🙂 🙂 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..  ” Is it time??”  🙂 🙂




Visiting the garden (10)


P5020264.JPG  Mother nature has so many beautiful things for us to see..

Ellie the bus driver had taken up on Jody’s offer to come for coffee. Jody’s parents found Ellie’s company to be a refreshing breath of air. Mom had invited Ellie for dinner on Sunday night, and she excepted. Good friends had been made that evening…

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Visiting the garden (9)

DSC_0594_edited.jpg       Eating dinner upside down….

With the back garden unfinished, and the real estate agents showing up. It was time for everyone to leave. Sally had called her agent explaining about the back garden. Sally did not want the agents to see her in the condition she was in. Jody and Sally gathered their tools and made a run for it…

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Visiting the garden (6)

20100523_31.JPG             White on white…….

Mom had come across Jody and Sally kissing in the kitchen. Upon mom asking Jody if she was gay, the secret was now out in the open. After a talk with mom and some good advice to Jody and Sally from mom. It was time for the gals to talk with dad.

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Visiting the garden (5)

DSCN1154.JPG          Pretty yellow flowers….

With cake all over her face, Sally ate the icing and bits of cake from her hands. The children looked on with big wide eyes, and mouths wide open. The rest of the adults were laughing so hard that they did not notice the children…

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Visiting the garden (4)

DSCN1044 (2).JPG        You can’t see me….

Sally and Jody had bought a surprise for the children after they had eaten their supper. Everyone walked down the lane to wait for the bus to drop Tory off. Sally politely asked the bus driver to allow Amber to get off at Tory’s house, just this one time.

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Visiting the garden (2)

DSCN0949.JPGLook who was taking a bath in the bird bath…

Tory was a lucky young man. Papa had made him a secret place under the big stairs where he could read. Papa called Tory his ‘Mini Me.’ Tory was not happy when he found out what was going to happen today.

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Visiting the garden (1)



    In the garden grows….     All pictures taken by myself.. Mags… 🙂 -garden-1

We all have gardens of some sort around our homes. Gardens are thought out by those that design beauty around business and buildings. Gardens adorn the parks we stroll threw. 

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