DSCN2721.JPG           Still blooming…

This is Tuesday in a nut shell for Wednesday October 30th…

I sit here writing about my day as it is.. I am feeling less sick to my stomach, but still am challenged with the energy problem.. Got no giddy up and go yet.. I now have a sore throat, and a bit of a cough and, with that comes the run away drip of the sinuses.. Is this the sign of getting better, or is this just the beginning of something worse? I ate today and that’s a positive sign of recovery.. I like the sounds of that.. The drippy nose is such a bother.. I’m almost ready to pack my nose with Kleenex to keep it from dripping.. Oh, what a glamorous gal I would be sporting nose plugs.. Can you imagine?? I know I will get better.. But time is the problem.. I did not have a nap today, and my eyes are feeling heavy.. Guess early bedtime will be my norm for this evening, as it was the last night.. I want to send out healing vibes to anyone who needs them.. I wish you a speedy recovery.. 🙂 Get better soon Wendy.. 🙂

DSCN2713.JPG        All my plants are still blooming…

I chance to say that the plants in the garden are not ready to give up yet.. I just hope the snowy rain we are to have this weekend, does not kill them off on me.. ;(  If I remember correctly the snow and cold came early last November.. I’m wishing the cold weather away till Christmas day.. I wonder if I will get my wish.. I believe in thinking hard enough and it will happen.. Doesn’t always work, but it gives me a reason to hope.. Miracles do happen if you believe..

DSCN2725.JPG     The beauty in the color red…

Halloween is only a day away as of Wednesday.. The children will be out there crossing streets, and darting out between parked cars.. Watch out for them, and keep your eyes open and your speed down.. Let’s all work together to keep them safe.. We went to a Haunted House last weekend, and the turn out was not too bad.. The people who have the Haunted House have been adding on different things, so I can’t wait to see it now.. I just hope I am up to the visit.. In this part of my world there are quite a few Haunted Houses, and Haunted Hotels.. It’s fun for the kids and adults too.. I know I sure like them.. I don’t take much to someone grabbing me from behind… I don’t know if I would react kindly.. No matter what happens I will gage myself accordingly.. I want to say to all those going out there.. Be careful, carry a light of some kind to light your path, and don’t eat your candy till mom or dad has a chance to pick out the ones they like.. 🙂 OOPS!! Mom and dad check to see if it is safe to eat.. BOOOO! 

DSCN2719.JPG         One flower against all the fallen leaves..

Well, I am about tuckered out here.. I will see everyone when I post again for Thursday October 31st.. Halloween Night.. Till then… I wish you all good fortune, and happiness.. 🙂 :0 :O

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thank for your smiling faces.. 🙂 🙂

Visiting the garden (10)


P5020264.JPG  Mother nature has so many beautiful things for us to see..

Ellie the bus driver had taken up on Jody’s offer to come for coffee. Jody’s parents found Ellie’s company to be a refreshing breath of air. Mom had invited Ellie for dinner on Sunday night, and she excepted. Good friends had been made that evening…

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Visiting the garden (8)

DSCN1215.JPG         Beautiful flower.. Yet danger lurks for the beetle….

Jody and Sally had a very busy late night, finishing off the front garden. The bright sun in the morning woke Sally. Sally nudged Jody, and Jody tried to hide under the cozy blankets. Sally was not having anything to with that kind behavior…

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Visiting the garden (1)



    In the garden grows….     All pictures taken by myself.. Mags… 🙂 -garden-1

We all have gardens of some sort around our homes. Gardens are thought out by those that design beauty around business and buildings. Gardens adorn the parks we stroll threw. 

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Garden Pics

This is my addition to my story for July 30th.

Being it is Canada Day, and I am busy with our celebrations. I have compiled a few of pictures from my garden for everyone to enjoy. I will be back Tuesday with a new story. Everyone have a great holiday in Canada. For those in the United States I hope that your July fourth is very enjoyable for you all. Take care of those you love, and drive safely… Till later… Keep smiling…. 🙂 🙂


DSCN0712 (3).JPG




DSCN0910 (3).JPG

DSCN0902 (4).JPGDSCN0613 (2).JPG





Thank You  to everyone that had come to read my story. I hope you have enjoyed my photographs.  These photos are all taken by.. Myself… MAGS.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   See you Tuesday…. 🙂 🙂