Rain (7)

ran      Walking in the rain….


Percy was not going to put up with anymore crap from pimp boy. He was done. It was time to respond to the situation that was about to happen. Pimp boy and his thugs were about to be taught a big lesson. And Percy was ready for a fight.. 

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Rain (6)

rainin.jpg            Cool rain….


Driving into the danger zone was not planned. But, it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mercy and Percy. The pimp wanted his property back. Percy had no intensions on giving Mercy over to that animal..

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Coventry Lake (8)

lake.png       Nothing like a sandy beach and warm sun…….


The teams of searchers had first found a torn and bloody shoe that was a girls. “That wasn’t a good sign”, Police chief John Milton had said to himself. Finding anything in that condition was not a good thing. As they forged on, they came across a leg from the knee down. That had a foot that had been chewed.

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Coventry Lake (6)

lake .jpg

        A Beautiful Lake……


Life at Coventry Lake had become an unsafe place to be. With the disappearance of James Burton and Amanda Pitt, also Donavon Mitchel. The rangers along with the police were on a search for the missing students. The search had started, and soon everyone was moving deeper into the forest.

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Coventry Lake (5)

beach.jpg   No place better than the beach…….


Melissa was found by John and his officers. John had caught a slight glimpse of a large figure in the distance. And when he turned to look again it was gone. John and Devin had combined teams and were planning a trip into the forest.

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Jack and Nick ( part 4 )

Jack had gone on a search for Nick in his house. With all upper rooms in the house vacant, Nick was not there. Jack headed down to the basement, Man Cave to see if Nick was down stairs.

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The bigger plan ( 4 of 5 )

Bridgett was very furious about what Barbara’s uncle had done to her. Barbara went to hospital to be examined, and after the police were summoned to get the facts from Barbara. Bridgett was by her side through the entire process. 

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The bigger plan (3 of 5 )

 Back to college came way too fast but, Bridgett wanted to get back so she could see her new sister Barbara. As Barbara came through the door of their room, Bridgett rushed to hug her sister. Barbara’s face was so sad and when Bridgett hugged her  Barbara began to cry.

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