I have seen…

IMG_0570.JPG          Spider’s web, so delicate..


This is my thoughts for Wednesday November 6th…

I have seen, the dew on the spider’s web on a cold crisp morning in October… I have seen the fields covered with fog, and the fog hanging on the trees.. This beauty of paradise right before my eyes.. I have walked those fields behind the plow.. I have seen boulders of all sizes, as my horse trudges along dragging the plow behind.. I have seen the wheat grow tall and fall in the winds that blow.. I have seen the trees with fruit for all to eat… I have seen the corn so tall that you can not see above it.. I have seen the bounty in the fall, as the leave turn colors from green to gold… I have seen the call of the wolf in the cold of a December night… I have heard the wind howl out my name in the darkness.. I have been here before…

DSCN2652 (3).JPG           Sister and brother…

I have seen the smile of a child and the love he has for his sister.. I have seen the interaction between a sister and brother… I have seen their joy.. I have seen a mother’s love, as she holds her child close.. I have witnessed the strong hands of a father gently leading his child through life.. I have seen the child tumble and fall, as it’s tiny feet take their first tiny steps.. I have seen the child grow tall and strong, as they grow older… I have seen a family hold their lives together as one.. I have witnessed the end of a life, as age takes them away… I have seen a son hold his father’s hand for the last time.. I have know the memories left behind… I have seen a new life being born, as an elder leaves this earth… I have seen….

DSCN1489.JPG             The moon behind the trees…

I have seen the darkness fall, as the moon peaks from behind the trees.. I have witnessed the rivers flowing to the seas, and the bubbling water from the ground… I have been in crowds of people who pass me by.. I have seen friends come and go in the blink of an eye.. I have seen the horses run free, and the whales travel the oceans blue.. I have held the sun in the palm of my hand.. I have howled loudly at the moon, as I see the sunrise come.. I have walked this planet from end to end, and still I wonder far and wide.. I have seen the unknow, I have faced the devil and held God’s hand.. I have given my heart to one man to protect forever… I have seen the world begin and I will seen the world end.. For I will see…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…  Take care, and be safe till we meet again..:) 🙂



Spooky day…

IMG_0570.JPG   Spider webs… A staple of this scary time of the year..


This is my story for Thursday October 31st.. Halloween..

This is an exciting day, filled with anxious energy… The night of spooky things, goblens, and creatures that go bump in the night.. This school day is none like no other.. Children parade down the halls and around the school showing off their costumes.. Everyone is anticipating the announcement from the office on the best costume of the day.. Their smiles, and giggles echo in the hall ways, as they make their way back to their classes.. The verdict will be in soon, and someone will be crowned the winner.. Meanwhile in their classrooms a party is going on.. Masks have been removed and the students have returned.. Their smiling faces and their endless energy is only a sample of what awaits the parents in the evening hours.. There is endless chatter coming from each classroom in schools all over the world.. Teachers dressed in costume of old and new… Teachers do their best attemept to gain silence.. 

IMG_4535 (3).JPG       Waiting and wondering what comes next…

The snacks have been put out on a large table, and the punch is waiting to be served.. A large bowl of candy has the attention of several students.. The scence has been set for the party to begin.. Instructions on the party rules have been said, and now the party begins.. Snacks are devoured by what seems to be hungry children.. The games begin, will the apple bobbing fun be topped by a winner.. Clean towels await the dripping faces of the contestance.. I wonder who will be the one to bite that apple and claim the prize?? 

DSC_0488.JPG   Houses get ready for the children who soon will be there..

DSC_0508.JPGHomes are dressed with spiders, webs, scary creatures, and not so scary ones..

DSC_0511.JPGThe reaper waits for the souls that he will steal this night.. The souls of frightened children..

There is no time to wait.. Soon the streets will be crawling with creatures of all kinds.. The classrooms are filled with echoed  voices.. There comes a bell, and everyone holds their breath.. The words come from a vanpire that has taken over the office, to the children’s delight.. The winner is announced, while long sighs are all that can be heard.. The staff is well trained, and awaiting their cues on what comes next.. The classrooms are cleaned up by all, and the last bell is soon to ring.. The day will be done and the parents will take over.. The excitement is high as the children head home.. The teachers have done their job well, and pitty the parents as their time is about to begin.. Ghost’s hang from trees, as darkness creaps in..

puzzled.jpgThe children sit in nervous tension, as they wait for the right time..

Scary faces are all ready to answer their doors, to the echo of ‘Trick or Treaters’ .. The time will come, and the fun will begin..

DSC_0221.JPG        Waiting and watching..

DSC_0179.JPG    Scary faces everywhere…

DSC_0019.JPG         The old crooked trees waits in silence…

DSC_0001.JPG     The mummy in his coffin waits for the fun to begin…


      A monster is seen trying to get in a house…

DSC_0401.JPG         This scary person just sits and watches…

DSC_0463.JPGA covenent of witches wait in the fog of the night, as ghosts dance over their heads…

The time is near and the witching hour is moments away.. The children are ready, and the gate is officianlly open.. Halloween Night has begun.. The streets are busy with parents and children hurrying from house to house.. The bounty of candy is waiting for  all of them this night.. The ability to keep candy away from their mouths is sometimes uncontrolable.. The sacks get heavy and the legs get tired.. The time to go home must be near..

20180313_232601873_iOS.jpg     I wait by my gate for ‘Trick or Treaters’ to arrive….

Yes, that is me as a witch.. Halloween is my time of the year.. I hear whispers as children walk away.. A witch lives in that house.. Did you not see??  She looked straight at me…

To all those parents out in the cold, I wish you a ‘Happy Halloween Night’…  🙂 🙂 

20180313_232601873_iOS.jpg  MAGS.. Thanks for stopping by.. See you all on Tuesday next week… 🙂 🙂  Be safe


An adventure…

camp - Copy.png                 On an island somewhere in this world….


This is my banter for Friday September 6th…

Hello everyone:: Thursday went way to fast.. I hope your Thursday was an acceptable one.. We have come even closer to the weekend and a break from the money making hustle.. Driving down busy streets or highways is an endless journey many people take each day.. The countless hours lost with family.. The all mighty dollar calls all of us.. It shapes what we are and how we live.. Our habits, and our needs.. Sometimes it makes us who we are.. Our future evolves around money making.. We are slaves of the corporations that pay us that all mighty dollar.. We march to the beat of their drum.. It’s an endless march that is broken when the weekend comes.. Then we are independent operators of our lives.. We do what we want and when we want to.. For two or three days we are in charge.. Then after that brief escape we are poisoners again.. I thank god for the time we get to breath and relax.. So take in that deep breath and enjoy your weekends.. 

van - Copy.jpg                           On an adventure…

I will be on such an adventure for the next ten days.. I will not be posting any banter, from Saturday September 7th until the day of  Tuesday September 17th.. There will be no internet where we are going.. Hence, the lack of banter being posted.. There will be peace and quiet.. Away from the rate race, and city life.. We will be able to gaze at the stars in the sky in pitch darkness.. The only light we will have is the fire or lantern light.. We will be able to hike to the top of the mountains.. Look down upon the beauty below us.. We will hear the call of the wild.. The screech of the hawks, and the coo of the owls.. Birds will be singing.. The cicada will buzz as I lays it’s eggs in the trees.. We will hear the crickets sing, and tree frogs calling to each other.. We will hear the buzzing of the bees.. I will smell the fish in the waters before me.. We will hear the crunching of the branches as a deer walks past.. We will swim in the cool waters of a lake.. We can walk down abandoned railway tracks that lead us into the fog.. We shall walk through the forest haze.. We will see the shadows that follow us there.. 

P9230997.jpg        Railway tracks that lead me into the fog…   photo by Mags

We will feast on food that has been cooked over an open fire.. We will dance around the fire as many have before us.. I will feel the cool breezes caressing my face as my mind wonders into the light of the fire.. I will watch as the fire flies dance in the night.. I will feel freedom from that which is left behind.. I will visit places I have never seen, and talk to people I do not know.. I will be here where I have wanted to be for so long.. I will carry my camera by my side and capture the beauty I see with my eyes.. I can share that which I see with everyone I know.. I will gather memories to keep for all time.. To look back on the past, and feel calm inside.. For I will be there once again..

shadow person.jpg                           The shadows follow me..

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a good week coming up.. I am looking forward to the adventure that we are embarking on.. The time away is going feel like a renewal of my former self.. Go find your adventure, and rejuvenate yourself.. You’ll love the journey.. Till I return in ten days.. I wish everyone hope, love and peace.. This gal has got to get moving… Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.. Be safe when you travel and enjoy each day.. Till later.. Keep the shiny side up… 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0

I would like to thank all my readers for being here each day.. Thanks.. 🙂 🙂   I would like to thank all the fantastic artists for their creations in this banter.. Enjoy  🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS… See you in ten days.. 🙂 🙂 🙂



Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….


Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

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Detective Files (14)


Detective Files….


Sidney was married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Anette had the man of her dreams, and the best dad in the world. They were now married. The Captain of the cruise ship they vacationed on, married them at the chapel on board. The happy couple was now on their way home with the best news ever.

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Detective Files (8)

detectivess.png      Finding clues that no one else can see….


Being a detective is important to a murder scene. Along with the coroner, forensics, officers, witnesses, and signs left by the killer. The detective can begin to solve the crime committed against another human being. That’s what Winslow and maybe Sidney were going to do as their new careers. 

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Detective Files (5)

tective.jpg      Looking for clues…..


Sidney, the Chief, and Winslow left Anette and the children’s home with warm hearts, and big smiles. With the help of their fellow officers, they had made a big change in the life of a family that had recently lost their father to cancer. The burden, had been lifted, even for a little while. The officers would keep a watchful eye on Anette and her children.

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Peanut’s Story (6)

lady.jpg    Loosing someone…….


The memories that surrounded Arthur would never be forgotten. Mom and Dad had been broken by the lose of their son. Peanut, with Jasper by his side, made their way to he funeral home and arranged a burial for her brother. 

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Peanut’s Story (2)

girl.jpg           Peanut tells her story……


Peanut started to tell the story of how she had gotten the nickname ‘Peanut’. She spoke about her great grand pappy who was know as Peanut too. She told of his life before he met his life long partner Julie. Peanut also spoke of an old church that was her favorite place to visit.

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Peanut’s Story (1)

peanut.png        A little girl named Peanut….


As we begin our lives, and eventually grow old. We have many wonderful things that happen that make memories that last forever. Passed down from family to family.  A window of what was in the past…

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