I stood tall…

DSCN2328.JPGA tree among many others…


This is my blurb for Thursday October 24th….

I once stood tall with many of my friends in the forest.. I was the tallest tree in the part of the forest I lived in.. I could see far and wide.. I would talk with the smaller trees and let them know what I had seen that day.. I was the senior to all those trees that reached to touch the sky.. I was the first to see the storm as it rolled our way.. I would warn all others to hold on tight to the ground.. The smaller trees would wrap their leaves around my trunk.. My roots have been deep in the ground for many years and were strong.. I am the king of this forest.. I protect those that grow here.. The storms that have tugged my branches are many and those that have taken some of my limbs.. Year after year, the weather has been cruel and unkind to some of my forest friends.. The remnants of their once strong branches, lay on the forest floor.. It takes strength to survive the torcher of the winds.. My friend now rests up against the closest tree to where he grew..ย 

DSCN2457 (2).JPGLeaning on each other..

I have shed many gallons of sappy tears for all those that have gone before me.. I move my leaves to give the saplings below the sun they need to grow.. My bark has been picked away by bugs and beetles.. Elmwood disease has claimed many trees.. Now the Asian Beetle is taking a big bite out of our forest and urban area trees.. We are fading away… Do humans know just how important we really are to them?? We clean the air they breath each day.. We make shade for human’s to ling under.. Benches are placed at the bottom of our trunks.. People often come to sit and talk with other human friends.. When the rain falls the humans find shelter under my leaves.. I have been struck by lightening.. The sun has bleached my bare branches white.. The winters, and summers have worn me down.. I am old…

DSCN2571 (2).JPGSitting in the shelter of my branches..

My bark has long since dropped from my trunk, my branches have fallen to the ground… I am no longer the king of this place.. My branches lay on the ground in a pile of decaying wood.. There will be many trees to follow me and take my place.. They will be the kings of this ravished forest, where once I was the king..

DSCN2583 (2).JPGI have returned to where I began…

Our world is a much better place thanks to the trees we plant each year… And the ones that grow in the cover of the kings are our future… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish everyone love and prosperity… Be kind to each other, and strive to be all you can be.. Till Tuesday… Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.. Smile often ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day dreaming…

DSCN2555 (2).JPGThere is nothing like a walk in the woods…


This is my blurb for Wednesday October 23rd…

There is nothing better than taking a quiet walk through the forest on a beautiful day.. It’s almost a calming experience.. You can hear the birds in the trees singing sweetly.. They watch as you pass by.. The sounds of the drying leaves under your feet crunching as your feet touch them.. The crack of a branch being broken.. The fear of what maybe watching you or even stalking you has your eyes scanning the trees and the forest floor.. Are they there? You will never know as they are experts at the skill of hiding.. The sound of a chipmunk as he signals your arrival to his friends.. If you keep your eyes on the forest floor you may even encounter one as he speeds by.. A fluffy bunny must have been startled by your load foot stepping sound.. Run, away Bunny… They don’t even look back till they are in their safe place..


DSCN2552 (2).JPGYour stalker maybe closer than you think…

Little nooks and crannies to hide in.. Look closely to if there is anything there.. The breeze blows lightly down the path you have chosen to walk.. A spark of sun light warms the chill of the shadows… The echo of voices on the wind.. You turn to see, and there is a large brown dog is heading right your way.. There areย  people with smiles wide, that say their ‘hellos’ then walk ahead of you.. I can almost smell the musty odor of the forest floor, and the thriving moss on the fallen trees..ย 

DSCN2554 (2).JPGFallen, decaying trees…

The fallen trees left to rot away on the forest floor, tell tales of the sacrifice they have made to the earth, small insects, and new trees that hide within the forest floor.. The bark which once was their coat, no longer protects from the rathe of mother nature.. This tree is now home to the smallest creatures that need it’s shelter… A life cycle that has taken the trees from birth to death..ย 

DSCN2553 (2).JPGFungus on a fallen tree…

A fungus now uses this tree as it’s growing ground.. A place to display their colors and shapes.. Their beauty is one of splendor to those that stop to take a look.. Everything has a place and a time to grow.. In my mind I walk on towards the smell of water.. The smell of the fish that live in the water and wait for the next fishing trip to be taken.. I can see an opening ahead.. The blue sky and the sun light squint my eyes half way closed.. I feel a gust of warm breeze, as I move away from the darkness of the forest… The breeze flaps my undone jacket, and tousles the hair on your head away from your face..ย 

DSCN2568 (2).JPGThe water at the shore of the lake..

The water along the shore reveals the content that lies beneath.. The sun lights the rippling water as it slowly moves with the waves.. Red and white stones, fallen branches submerged in their watery grave.. Silt and sand lightly cover them.. The water is cold to the touch.. Your mind stops you from merging further into the dangerous water.. As your eyes look further across the lake you see blue water and trees of different colors.. I’m in paradise, as I stand gazing at the beauty of this place..ย 

DSCN2569 (2).JPGA fallen tree…

A tree has fallen into the cold chill of the lake.. The sun will bleach it white, and the wind will whistle through it’s branches.. This tree will decay in time, and become one with the water it lies in now.. Nature has away of returning that which came from the ground, and in the end will return to the ground.. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Be safe and take care of yourselves.. Till later.. I wish you all good fortune, and happiness… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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Visiting the garden (10)


P5020264.JPGย  Mother nature has so many beautiful things for us to see..


Ellie the bus driver had taken up on Jody’s offer to come for coffee. Jody’s parents found Ellie’s company to be a refreshing breath of air. Mom had invited Ellie for dinner on Sunday night, and she excepted. Good friends had been made that evening…

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Rain (9)


ย  ย ย  The feeling of rain…


Percy had met his new daughter for the very first time. He was smitten with her cute cubby cheeks. Mercy was doing very well, after the birth. She had been told that she and the baby would be spending the night in the hospital.

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Peanut’s Story (10)

grow.jpg ย  ย ย  Peanut as she grew older…ย 


My mom had stayed close to dad, for the two months she had figured it would take for his mind, not miss her while she was gone. Mom then got the surgery booked. On the day she had to leave, she let dad know that she would be home in a few days. It was the very first time mom and dad had ever been apart.

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Peanut’s Story (5)

girl.jpg ย  ย  ย  ย  Peanut in her twenties……


Life had changed in a matter of minutes for Peanut and her family. Arthur had fought the battle of his life. He won the first part of the battle, but lost his last battle. His kidneys gave up the fight. Jasper had proclaimed his love for Peanut, and she was surprised.

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Peanut’s Story (4)


girl.jpg ย  ย  ย  ย ย  Peanut on the phone……


Arthur is in the hospital and has not yet been holding his own. Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning Arthur had nearly died. He fought his way back. Could he hold his own very long? That was the question. Jasper had become the man in Peanut’s life, and she needed him more than she could have imagined.

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