Who are you (5)

Sonya & Franchesca 


“Who are you?” Is a question we should always ask ourselves,  when we encounter someone we think is too good to be true. 

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Unwanted Company (6)

A sweet little girl, named Jolene had been found in the attic. Her parents had gone to heaven. While, on a walk with Jolene, she pointed out the place where her parents had crashed. Margo made her way down the hill and found Jolene’s parents.

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Unwanted Company (5)

Margo and Annie had opened a hidden door in Annie’s room. Both ladies, followed by the dogs had started up the stairs. All of a sudden Margo could hear Annie scream. The darkness on the stairs, made it so hard for Margo to see Annie.

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Jack and Nick ( part 10 )

Nick had moved his fingers as his father touched him. Nick’s mom had been singing Nick’s favorite lullaby each time she entered the glass room. Jack, Nancy, Burt, and Rene sat quiet on a bench the overlooked Nick’s bed .

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