Snow flakes…

DSCN3674.JPG          Snow fell covering everything in sight…

This is my post for Tuesday December 10th…

Over this past weekend the snow flakes fell and covered the ground in a coat of puffy white.. The beauty of the white snow was over whelming… I could have stood at the door for hours and taken a million photos… Everything looks so new and pure… For days the snow fell, and the accumulation was enough to give the children a place to go sliding down hill… On one of those days when the snow blew so hard it looked a blizzard.. I happened to catch three children heading over to the ball field with sleighs in their hands.. There is a pretty good hill at the ball park…  I would imagine it’s big enough to give ya a great ride..

DSCN3679.JPG   Marks left by the squirrels as they dance over the snow…

It is nothing like some of the parks around here… There are ones that are steep, that will send a person speeding out of control … Standing at the top of the hill makes you wonder if you are going to come out of this alive… You stand there and watch the person in front of you as they start desending the hill… All you can hear are their blood curdling screams, as snow flies into their faces… They hang on tight to each other as they fly through the air… Their bodies detatch from the sleigh and they go flying through the air like rag dolls… Their arms and legs flailing through the air, as they land hard on the ground… Puffs of snow billow around them, where they lay still, with no sound… Are they alive?? The panick inside you now raises in your mind and you try to remove yourself from your sleigh… 

DSCN3690.JPG       Snow gathered on everything around… 

It’s way too late to get away now.. Your freinds have already pushed you and your partner over the point of no return… The wind is now blasting your face with icy shards of pelting snow… It’s quite an experience once you have been pelted by icy snow… It’s something you will never forget… The speed starts to pick up and there is alot of loud sounds you can hear around you… Is it someone warning you of impeding danger??  You flip in and out of consiousness as you hear the voices heighten… Down and down you keep going, like a hampster on a tread mill.. Your eyes have been close tight for along time now, and you do not know what is coming next… You tighten your grip and breathe in the cold sharp air… When will this ever end?? 

DSCN3684.JPG     All the lights are covered by mounds of snow flakes…

Your sleigh has hit something hard and you can feel your body being ejected into the freezing air… You feel like you are floating on a pillowy white cloud.. Reality is about to become your awakening point… It’s your voice that is screaming above your partner’s voice.. It was you all the time, as you let your fear out to be seen by all that watch… Then the real moment comes when the surface is no longer soft and inviting.. Flat on your back you bounce off the snow and come to a dead stop.. The pain flows through your body.. You have landed hard.. Hard enough to make reality come to life… You open your eyes as falling snow surrounds you.. A branch sits very close to your head.. Your body is distorted and out of order… 

DSCN3677.JPG            Snow is wonderful….

There is something wrong with the puzzle that once was your body… Your partner approaches you to assess your state… One of your legs was twisted where it was not before… Panic has now flown through your body… The pain is now part of the equation, as you try to move your left leg.. Your leg has been broken by your landing… paramedics are called to tend to your injuries… The trek up the hill is much better than the ride down the hill… At the top of the hill a crowd has drawn around to see what is happening… The police help to keep the crowds out of the way, as you crest the hill… The wind is cold and your body can feel the chill even more now… Once inside the ambulance it’s warmer, and the needle you received keeps you calm… The shock of the uneven roads does not cause you discomfort… The needle has taken care of the pain… Your partner is holding your hand and talking softly to you… 

DSCN3676.JPGThis little fella waited till I cleaned the feeder and put in fresh food..

It seems to be taking a longtime to get to the hospital, and soon you have arrived.. On a stretcher the doctor has you wheeled into a private room… The doctor has determined that you have a broken leg and surgery is needed as soon as possible… The doctor says that youwill no longer be going sleighing… This is a day that will not be forgotten… 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…  Have have yourselves a very great day on Tuesday… 🙂 🙂



gran driving red  lips (2).jpg

What if…3


Multiple babies born….

This is my post for Thursday December 5th…

Things happen all the time, and usually are a pretty big surprise… “What if” Your wife was expecting, triplets… At the last visit to the doctors you were told that all babies where healthy and growing bigger… Okay, you are all prepared for three babies and all your families have been helping with the preparations for the births… As the days go by your wife keeps getting so big that walking is a chore for her…. The doctor says it’s all going well, and puts your wife on bed rest… It’s a week before the date of the births… The doctor books your wife into the hospital, and she is going to be induced the next morning… The nurses are all ready to take each child and take care of them… Kay your wife is brought into the operating room.. Kay will have caesarean births.. You have your armor on and you are sitting talking to your wife… The incision was made, and baby number 1 was a healthy girl… Baby 2 was a boy and baby 3 was a boy… Then the doctor keeps doing birth after birth.. The final baby was another girl.. You are blown away as the operating room becomes a flurry of nurses and doctors milling around.. You now have 7 babies… You give the family the news.. What are you going to do now?? You and Kay live with her parents, and room is what is going to be needed… What if mom and dad what to buy you a house for your new family… Would you want the house close to the relatives?? After all you will need all the help you can get… The births become a big event in your home town and all kinds of things are being given for the babies… The news paper has the big event on the front page.. Many people are ready to help when the babies come home.. Once the babies are at home, the house is filled with many people, and you and Kay can barely have time together… What would you do to have time together alone??? What if:  the family sends you away for a weekend, and Kay doesn’t want to go?? What would you do??? 

meteor.jpg                   A meteor hitting Earth…

What if: A scientist came on the television to tell the worlds population, that a meteor was heading straight for Earth… Also, the meteor impact is due in seven hours.. Would you try to get as far as you could away from the impact point?? Would you gather everyone you knew and take them with you?? The impact would set off a massive explosion that would be felt all around the world… The possibility of life being wiped off the surface of the planet was a definite… Would there be a safe place to go?? All Questions of what if:  There would be nothing that could be eaten, because of the explosion… Would you know where to look for water to drink?? What if: you came across a bomb shelter?? Would you move in there and hope for the best?? That would be a definite conundrum…. ‘What if’s’, can bring on just about anything, or any surprise… 🙂 🙂  Get ready for that which is out of your control…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Everyone have a great weekend and the days leading up to that weekend…See you all on Tuesday next week.. Be safe  🙂 🙂



DSCN2072 (2).JPG           A stream of light quickly reveals a lonely mushroom..

This is my banter for Thursday September 19th…

Hello everyone:: I imagine your day was pretty darn good, and as I say ‘lovely’.. I hope your families are safe, happy and in good health.. My family is great and seem to be in good spirits.. You know.. I like days, like today.. The breeze was cool and moderate.. I got to get out and harvest some more seeds from the gardens.. I do this every year and use them to bring bright colors around the back yard… I also had to un-pot a few plants that had withered away and died.. They had a good run during the spring and summer.. I have several potted plants that are still blooming, and have right from the start.. I have been keeping a close eye on the peppers I planted from seeds.. They have flowered and are growing larger each day.. Soon it will be time to prune back all the taller plants in preparation of the winter.. Some of the plants in the gardens are still blooming and suppling food for the bees.. We can’t clip those yet.. Maybe with some sweet talking I can get Douglas to wait for a couple weeks before pruning.. I like the bright colors and want to enjoy them till the end.. 

DSCN2113.JPG       They are watching us…

It was funny to look out the window and see pair of eyes on the tree trunk.. To tell you the truth, it took me awhile to realize the eyes were there… Douglas never even seen them, until I pointed them out.. It was cool to see them keeping an eye on the campground… The silence in the park was a wonderful treat.. It sure was a change for cars revving their engines, and speeding away to something important.. There was no loud music to hear when you were trying to sleep.. All the sounds of a busy city.. I loved the change… I found it lovely.. There are many surprises out there in the world you just have to look out for them.. They’ll surprise you for sure.. Since returning from camping I have felt a calm that I find wonderful.. I know one thing the dogs were glad to be home and around familiar places.. They bark at the squirrels and the little chipmunks.. I encourage the dogs to use their inside voices.. They know what I mean as they lower their voices to a quiet woof.. But, that doesn’t last too long… And the barking starts all over again.. That’s puppy dogs for ya.. 🙂

DSCN2032.JPG        The fog covers the murky waters with a spooky mist..

This is an interesting photograph.. One that can make a person wonder what is out there in the water.. That’s what I had in mind as I watch the water creep closer to where I was standing.. Was there a creature of unthinkable size lurking in the waters.. Could it be an Anaconda slithering it’s way towards a snack that was going to be me.. I stood there watching as the fog drew closer and closer.. My heart was racing as my mind filled with despair and agony.. A frog jumped into the water behind me… I jumped and turned to see what it was.. I seen nothing.. Was my mind playing tricks on me.. There could not be something that large in this shallow water.. But, I was not taking any chances as I backed up the bank of brush and slippery mud.. I kept a close eye on the fog till I was safely inside the trailer.. I should know better than to let my mind wonder into darker places.. :0

DSCN2110.JPG          Another set of eyes making like they are not watching…

As you can see those eyes on the trees keep a look out for the campers that stay there.. The only thing that bothered me was every time I looked out to the front window of the trailer… There were those eyes.. It was as if  the eyes changed their direction each time I looked at them.. And this set of eyes is sporting a long beard.. Really.. That is actually funny.. I wonder if he gets wood chips in his beard??  Well everyone, I’m on the run… Gotta go.. Till later.. Have a great day..  🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all you wonderful people for stopping by to read my banter.. Thanks…:) 🙂  I’m going to take credit for the photographs in this banter.. As I took all of them.. Hope you enjoy.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.. Be safe, and have fun today.. :0 🙂




Rain (9)


     The feeling of rain…

Percy had met his new daughter for the very first time. He was smitten with her cute cubby cheeks. Mercy was doing very well, after the birth. She had been told that she and the baby would be spending the night in the hospital.

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Rain (8)

rayn.jpg          Let it rain…..

The rain seem to be pouring buckets, as Percy drove his way down the high way to the hospital exit twelve. The splash from the transports whizzing by left Percy almost unable to see the road. Their baby was on it’s way. 

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Detective Files (3)

tective.jpg           Detectives work hard to solve cases….

Miss Holy Picket, was the lady who was beaten and was now in hospital. Her daughter Henna was by her side. Louisa took a desk job, and had twin boy with her husband Deric. Louisa had returned to her desk job and displayed a lot of baby pictures. Sidney had apologized to Louisa for being so rude to her.

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Peanut’s Story (10)

grow.jpg      Peanut as she grew older…

My mom had stayed close to dad, for the two months she had figured it would take for his mind, not miss her while she was gone. Mom then got the surgery booked. On the day she had to leave, she let dad know that she would be home in a few days. It was the very first time mom and dad had ever been apart.

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Peanut’s Story (9)

peanu.jpg         Peanut……..

Peanut and her mom had received bad news about her mom’s health. The doctor had given her mom options as to what could be done. Mom was adamant about the operation option. She said right out that was not going to happen. 

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Peanut’s Story (8)

girl.jpg                Peanut…….

Jasper had given the money from the sale of his parents house to the hospital, soup kitchen, and some went into safe care for their children when they grew up. Peanut’s parent’s house had been renovated. There had been a special flat constructed just for mom and dad. 

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Peanut’s Story (4)


girl.jpg          Peanut on the phone……’s-story-4

Arthur is in the hospital and has not yet been holding his own. Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning Arthur had nearly died. He fought his way back. Could he hold his own very long? That was the question. Jasper had become the man in Peanut’s life, and she needed him more than she could have imagined.

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