Darkness 3…

death.jpg                          There are other alternatives…..


This is my post for Thursday November 28th…

This will be my last part of my post on the darkness, Depression and Suicide.. This is a very important topic as the topic comes to the fore front of the news, and other media agencies.. I, like many are hoping that the awareness of depression will draw out the people suffering, so they can get some help… These agencies are like an olive branch in a time of need.. The word is getting out to everyone, and Doctors are making attempts to help all they can.. But, like all things in this world, no one can be forced into finding the help and continuing with the help they have asked for… Sometimes, being safe behind that locked door is where most of us would rather hide… Not every body understands the security of silence, but I sure do…. I am safe inside out of sight to those who stare and whisper to others.. There are too many judgmental people that sneer and run you down when you’re not there… These people are cowards and will not belittle you to your face… It’s the bully in the school yard syndrome that we all carry in us.. 

pills.jpg                 Drugs are the choice of many who kill themselves…

Drugs, guns, cutting, jumping out in front of vehicle on the road ways, jumping off bridges, structures, hanging, poison, and many others I have not listed.. These are the choices when it comes to ending all the pain and hurt.. “Yes.” This ends the pain the person suffers relentlessly for heaven knows how long… Little children have the advantage, for someone else will be getting them help… This continued help will drag their minds away from the darkness… Adults are their own helper they need to decide for their future… I know of many who try to over analyze their feelings to the point that they think their situation is hopeless… Negative thinking is a poison that deepens depression… Those that carry baggage also become depressed… The fact that it happened before is their handful of pills that returns them to the darkness.. Uncertainty will heighten their depression, and they will always fear a hurt that may not even be there… Fear is the enemy… Depression is not a friend… 


Sadness is an emotion that loved ones feel when they find what has happen to someone they love… The feeling of “If I only noticed”  “If only I could have seen the signs”  “If I only knew what was happening.” The guilt they feel and the tears they cry for the one who has hidden away in the darkness… But, it is too late, for now they will find depression… A depression that is fueled by guilt, anger and emptiness for not seeing a love ones pain.. The nightmares that play over and over in front of their eyes…. The sight of your lifeless body, that just a few hours before was alive.. The blood, the pills, the note you left behind, the place you were found and the ending of your life will be in their memories forever… Friends will innocently ask how you are, without knowing you have chosen to take your own life.. The pain will once again remind your loved ones that you are gone… Never to be seen or talked to again.. Your family will bring flowers to your grave, never knowing the reason “Why.” I ask that, those who may read this and deal with depression… I want you to get help… “Now.”    🙁 🙁

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… I wish you all a great weekend and the rest of the week… I will see you again, on Tuesday December 3rd… 🙂 🙂

Quiet Day…

DSCN1781 (2).JPG      This bee is harvesting as much nectar as he can carry..


This is my banter for Thursday August 29th…

Hello out there:: Has everyone had a good day this Wednesday? I hope you are all well, and in great spirits..  Today (Wednesday) for me has been very quiet, and relaxing.. I can’t believe that I am yawning.. Anyone would think that I didn’t sleep at all last night.. I know I did, because when I looked in the bathroom mirror a strange looking creature looked back at me.. The same one that is there every morning.. I swear she waits for me.. I don’t pay much mind to this creature for she is my inner beast.. That which I keep hidden away in darkness.. Once in a while, this beast appears.. Her growl is fierce.. Her eyes shine in blazing green… Her nostrils are flared, and her teeth are clenched.. The red on her lips is like red fire.. I draw her back inside, and turn the key to keep you safe.. We all have the beast in different degrees.. Some can control their beast, and others live in the shadows of their beast.. There are many factors that cause the beast to stay outside.. Drugs, drinking alcohol, or just plain anger brought on by jealousy, envy, or greed.. I prefer to live in calm comfort, away from the beast with in me.. Only trouble can be found by the beast we all try to hide.. It is true that my eyes turn green when I an angry.. Normally they are blue.. 

DSCN1800 (2).JPG         The coming of fall has changed the plants..

Even though the plants become raggedy the bees find their nectar sweet as honey.. Fall is coming our way, and the gardens will whither and die.. When spring comes the gardens will be alive with color, and insects visiting each bloom.. I’m not looking forward to the winter, and the freezing cold.. The snow maybe cold but the puffy white mounds are pleasure for adults and children.. The fall is a beautiful time.. The leaves show off their colors, and coat the ground hiding blades of grass.. The little animals can be seen rushing around, stocking up for the winter.. Birds fly south, and winter birds arrive.. Various wild animals are on the hunt for a place to sleep.. A cave, a hole in the ground, a hole in a tree… Any place will do, as long as it’s warm and dry.. The breeze blows cool and strong.. Leaves fly through the air, and can land in your hair.. The once warm rain is cold, and miserable.. There are many beautiful parts of the fall.. Sitting around a camp fire.. Wrapped in a blanket from head to toes.. Sitting in your chair the cold is freezing your behind.. While the fire toasts your toes, and fingers.. When inside the fire place warms your behind, and warm hot chocolate fills your tummy.. There are good sides to every kind of weather.. Last night we did not get rain over night.. As far as right now is concerned the rain only sprinkled for five to ten minutes.. Not enough to fill a shot glass.. Maybe tonight more will fall…

DSCN1788 (2).JPG        Just starting to bloom…

I must say we are not far from the long weekend.. The roads will be teaming with loaded cars, trailers, campers, and motor homes.. Just remember with the long weekend the police will be out in full force on the look out for different offences.. Talking on your cell phone, drinking and driving, not paying attention to the road, and the biggest one of all speeding.. They will even be out on the waters ticketing the same offences.. So, be aware… If you have had a drink or two, let someone else drive that has not been drinking.. And if you are tired find a place to pull off the road and catch a twenty minute nap.. Then get coffee.. If we all follow the rules, we can all be safe.. I know there are many out there that think they are invisible.. That ain’t true.. So, buck up and follow the rules of the road.. Don’t become the next person on the road under a tarp.. Be safe…

DSCN1780 (2).JPG   Another busy bee..

It’s time for me to scoot along.. Take care of those you love, and be safe on the roads.. Till later.. Don’t pee in the wind… 🙂 🙂

Thanks to all my readers for coming out to read my banter… 🙂 🙂    The photo’s in this banter are taken by Me.. 🙂 🙂  Hope you enjoy   




Angels Within

angel 5.jpg                Angels…….


It’s been said that angels live on earth. Is this a true fact, or is it just the belief of one person passed around the world.  Really…. What do Angels look like?  Do they talk to us in our sleep?  Do they wear clothes like ours?  Is the person standing next to you an Angel?

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Sonya Roche’s world (6)


                  Day before the date.


Sonya wanted nothing more than to save her friend’s life. She had done all the things that the doctors had asked, and she was waiting for that one call that would change her world and her friends world forever. 

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Unwanted Company (5)

Margo and Annie had opened a hidden door in Annie’s room. Both ladies, followed by the dogs had started up the stairs. All of a sudden Margo could hear Annie scream. The darkness on the stairs, made it so hard for Margo to see Annie.

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