I have seen…

IMG_0570.JPG          Spider’s web, so delicate..


This is my thoughts for Wednesday November 6th…

I have seen, the dew on the spider’s web on a cold crisp morning in October… I have seen the fields covered with fog, and the fog hanging on the trees.. This beauty of paradise right before my eyes.. I have walked those fields behind the plow.. I have seen boulders of all sizes, as my horse trudges along dragging the plow behind.. I have seen the wheat grow tall and fall in the winds that blow.. I have seen the trees with fruit for all to eat… I have seen the corn so tall that you can not see above it.. I have seen the bounty in the fall, as the leave turn colors from green to gold… I have seen the call of the wolf in the cold of a December night… I have heard the wind howl out my name in the darkness.. I have been here before…

DSCN2652 (3).JPG           Sister and brother…

I have seen the smile of a child and the love he has for his sister.. I have seen the interaction between a sister and brother… I have seen their joy.. I have seen a mother’s love, as she holds her child close.. I have witnessed the strong hands of a father gently leading his child through life.. I have seen the child tumble and fall, as it’s tiny feet take their first tiny steps.. I have seen the child grow tall and strong, as they grow older… I have seen a family hold their lives together as one.. I have witnessed the end of a life, as age takes them away… I have seen a son hold his father’s hand for the last time.. I have know the memories left behind… I have seen a new life being born, as an elder leaves this earth… I have seen….

DSCN1489.JPG             The moon behind the trees…

I have seen the darkness fall, as the moon peaks from behind the trees.. I have witnessed the rivers flowing to the seas, and the bubbling water from the ground… I have been in crowds of people who pass me by.. I have seen friends come and go in the blink of an eye.. I have seen the horses run free, and the whales travel the oceans blue.. I have held the sun in the palm of my hand.. I have howled loudly at the moon, as I see the sunrise come.. I have walked this planet from end to end, and still I wonder far and wide.. I have seen the unknow, I have faced the devil and held God’s hand.. I have given my heart to one man to protect forever… I have seen the world begin and I will seen the world end.. For I will see…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…  Take care, and be safe till we meet again..:) 🙂



I Had A Dream

I had a dream, that you came to me.

I watched as you approached. My mind filled with thoughts of another time.
I looked closely in your eyes, I felt your breath upon my face.
Was this really happening?
I assumed that it was.  Could I be going crazy??  My Mother had me checked as a child.  I know not what the answer was.  So, just maybe I was crazy…
I felt the warmth of your body as we touched. I snuggled into the warmth of you.
Into a sleep, I fell, the sleep that takes you away from all the worries and cares you have in this crazy world. ” I  was in heaven.”  Such a peaceful place.
Time went by so slowly. I could feel my body releasing all the troubles of the day, “I did not want to leave.”
I felt a movement next to me. It was you!  I held my breath. Waiting to see if you were leaving…
A wave of sadness swept over me, like the waves on the ocean.
What would I do without you here?     I had No answers.
I started to raise my head, to see if you were still there.
When all of a sudden!  I felt something on my face.  Wet and sloppy.
“Oh my, what could that be?”
I opened my eyes. There standing front of me was Ginger with all the pack behind her. “This is life, not a dream.”  I was then covered in sloppy wet dog kisses.  Time to get up.
We all dream, be they good or bad ones. I must say that reality is a wonderful place to be…
Just dreaming about wonderful places, beautiful people, and hug your pets…

Time Together

This will be the first of many writings I will post.  There will be no one certain topic that I will follow.  After all there are so many things to chat about.
I hope that anyone reading my posts will experience emotional reactions.
The warm weather is upon us, and so is summer fun.  Lots of trips to your local beach, adventurous camping trips, or even a water park!!!! 🙂
Our weather with all the rain may put a damper on your choice of activity.  Don’t give up just yet because there is rain.  There are plenty of great indoor activities to have fun doing.
Put on a play for mom and dad, write a story about someone you look up to, find a stack of photos and take a walk down memory lane.
Find a movie to watch together.
“Oh! don’t forget the popcorn.”
No matter which way you spend your summer, just be safe and enjoy!!
God Bless..