Weather change…


DSCN1742 (2).JPG             Bright colors to compliment a beautiful day…

This is my banter for Tuesday August 27th…

Hi everyone:: How’s everything going? It’s been reasonable here. Today the weather has been the best, and very comfortable if you want to spend time outside.. How has the weather been where you live?? I hope it has been pleasant like it was here.. Our weather man has thrown a curve into the whole weather forecast… He had predicted good weather for this whole week.. Well, this evening (Monday) the forecast has all changed.. It does not look good either.. It looks like we are looking at rain falls at 80% and 90%.. So, I guess Tuesday will be wet and very soggy day.. It’s a day for rubber boots and rain coats.. I just had a vision of a child with a yellow rain coat  a hat and big yellow rubber boots.. It’s actually very cute.. The boy is with his puppy. They are staring down at the puddle they are standing in.. The little boy starts to jump up and down in the puddle, as the puppy rolls in the water.. The kind of sight that can make you smile and chuckle.. It gives us a glimpse at our childhood times of the past.. It also dragged me away from the sadness of a day of rain.. Well, I enjoyed that little walk away from the negative.. I know, the rain is good for the plants, and the water table.. But, come on it’s nearing the end of summer.. All I want is nice going outside weather.. ‘Please’..

DSCN1701.JPG           Beautiful yellow flowers.. Can you tell I like yellow flowers..

I know it’s going to be the pits Tuesday, so I will have to figure out some interesting project I can do during the day.. I have plenty of those little cleaning chores to do, but Monday was cleaning day.. I can’t do cleaning chores both days.. That will be out of  character for me, and anyways I just don’t want to do it.. ‘So there’.. I could do a craft that has likely been lingering around here somewhere.. I could have a home foot spa treatment, that will leave my feet feeling rejuvenated and silky smooth.. ‘Hm’.. That seem like the number one contender for Tuesday.. ‘A little pampering never hurt anyone, even if you are doing it yourself.. I am presently doing the laundry.. So that is out of the equation.. I could eat junk food till I durst.. ‘Na, then I would just have to clean that all up’.. I could chase the dogs around the house with the vacuum.. ‘That sounds like lots of fun for me, but not so much for the dogs.. ‘Hey, I should be able to bug them as they always bug me’.. ‘What should I do?’  I’m very sure, that no matter what it is I choose it will be fun.. I hope you all can find something to do on rainy days, besides watching television.. Reading a book sounds like a good way to pass the time. I would likely fall asleep, and get a nap… Naps are made for lazy do nothing days.. I don’t usually nap unless I am not feeling all that well.. Then the nap is warranted in that case without feeling guilty.. My hubby usually has several naps while sitting up.. He always says he is looking through his eye lids.. ‘Sure.’  ‘I ain’t going to fall for that one anytime soon.. 

yellow and black.jpg            This beauty, was a big surprise that I found in my box garden..

Don’t you just love it when you find a treasure like this plant.. I was blown away by the way it looks so much like a Black Eyed Susan.. The leaves a different, and the fine hairs are so prominent.. It’s a master piece of nature.. I will have to save seeds from this one flower and plant them next spring.. I am a flower nut, and find much joy in having such beautiful gardens that my hubby and I work so hard on.. When it comes to this time of the season the flowers loose some of their beauty.. It is nearing the time to prune them back and prepare them for the colder months.. I maybe getting a head of myself, but I can see the weather change showing on a few of the plants.. I have one other picture that I took while visiting with my son and his wife at camp.. The photo is truly breath taking.. I was drawn to this flower, and the way it was situated if front of a tree.. The setting was perfect.. I hope you all enjoy this last photo for Tuesday’s banter… 

lilly red.jpg




         This is a true sign of natures wonder…

I leave you tonight with this photo to gaze upon.. I love the colors, and the place where the plant is growing.. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there in this beautiful world.. Till later.. Enjoy life to it’s fullest..

I would like to thank all my readers for the time you take from your busy day to read my banter.. 🙂 🙂    The photos you see in my banter are taken by myself.. Hope you enjoy them.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..  Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂

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