DSCN2116.JPG         Down by the water on a beautiful day…


This is my banter for Tuesday September 24th…

Howdy:: How has everyone been doing?? I hope Monday passed by like a lightening strike… I also hope your family members are all well, and safe.. My day started off not too badly.. When I let the pups out in the morning there was puddles of water everywhere.. I tip toe through the puddle to the gate that keeps critters off the porch.. It was not hot and muggy which made a pleasant day for having all the windows open to air out the house.. The breeze was some what on the shiver kind of cool.. But that didn’t bother me, as it was a pleasant surprise.. We did have one good down pour later in the afternoon, and a bought of drizzle that hung around for a measure of time.. I did notice that the plants were perkier than the last while.. The rain had worked it’s magic on the plants over night, and later in the day.. I don’t have to water them for at least two days.. I like that, as I tend to get muddy and wet during the watering process.. I did some chores around the house, and vacuumed the rugs.. Looks a bit more tidier now in the living room.. It won’t take long for the fuzzy dogs to mess things up again.. These dogs are my children and can make messes.. The youngest one likes all her toys put out of her basket all over the rug, so she can choose what she wants.. She’s my little deva.. All Doo has to do is walk and the hair falls from her coat.. She’s a shedder… And the middle one just likes to be comfortable in her blankets.. 

DSCN2120.JPG     This fella came to visit and stayed, while I took his picture…

During the past couple days I have been working on all my Halloween props getting them ready to sell on line.. I have a few pieces that I created from scratch, and others that I have picked up along the way.. At mine and the hubbies age our warranties have expired, and a lot of our parts are starting to break down.. Don’t you just hate when that happens.. We don’t spend a lot of time in the cold, as we seize up.. I used to love being outside waiting for the little ones… I would even dress up and be a kid again for the night.. Now, I will just keep warm inside.. 🙁 As I said I am working on getting them all ready for sale.. I don’t really know what to charge, but I will figure it out.. I got a little time left yet.. I have never stored my props outside… They have always been in the garage or the basement.. Most people that see the room I kept them in, call it the room with the dead people.. I just chuckle when they say that.. Once in an inspection I failed to warn the people of the room.. They weren’t too happy.. I think it scared them.. 🙂 🙂

DSCN2148.JPG      This beautiful flower caught my eye and here it is…

This flower was at the water front and I believe it’s strange design and color had me fascinated… I love the water front as it calms the soul, and sooths the stress away.. Who could not enjoy a place so peaceful.. Today, the Blue Jay returned to the bird feeder, and started to squawk… God he is a very noisy bird when he wants to be.. I could see him standing on the bird feeder looking straight at the door.. He wanted to be fed.. What is it with some of these birds?? Like I’m supposed to jump to my feet and fill the bird feed.. And now!! After I wasn’t there right away, he noticed the food that was left in the feeder.. I haven’t seen much of the Cardinal lately.. I wonder where they are these days.. The rabbit hasn’t been around much since the skunk got here.. The stinky thing has driven away quite a few critters.. The skunks had been trapped and where waiting for a pick up by the city.. The city was going to relocate them in the wild.. Some woman felt sorry for them and let them loose the day the city showed up.. Now we have them visiting our yards again.. What is the matter with some people???

DSCN2147.JPG   This silver goose watches over the water front.. :O

This beautiful silver bird is stunning… The artist who created this thought of every twist and turn of the metal.. When standing under the bird, you can gaze up at the twisted flowing lines.. My breathe was taken away by it’s beauty.. Well, I’m on the move.. Take care of your loved ones, and be safe out there… Till later.. Smile and see how many people return a smile back… 🙂 🙂

Thank you to all my wonderful readers… Happy to know you all.. 🙂 🙂   Photos are my game.. Enjoy them… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…. Have a fantastic Tuesday… 🙂 🙂




Amazing day…

DSCN0987.JPG                    A comfortable place to sit, and enjoy the day…


This is my banter for Tuesday August 20th..

Hello all you beautiful people:: Monday has come and gone and we are starting our walk through the week. I hope your Monday was prosperous, and fun for all you came in touch with.. Last night it rained a lot, and for along time.. I went out in the morning with the puppies and stepped into a puddle of water.. I didn’t expect there would be any water on the porch rug.. As I looked towards the stairs, the rug was dry and so were the deck boards.. I think the coolness of the water startled me, as I turned to see what the wet was from.. It was the kind of surprise you get when you are walking around, looking out for doggie bombs.. You watch so carefully, missing everyone you see.. As you turn one doggie bomb gets ya, as it squishes between your toes.. ‘That kind of surprise’.. And, yes.. I have found a few of those, doggie bombs over the years.. The feeling makes your whole body shiver. The water did surprise me.. The air had a coolness to it, yet it was hot. That could be because of the direct sun light we get on our patio doors. I have thermal, black out curtains, and they seem to do a pretty good job. The sun does shine full out on the windows for the better part of the day.. But, any hoo the day was starting out pretty darn nice.. I even found time later in the afternoon to sit on the porch, and play my game.. 

DSCN1507.JPG         Beautiful peach colored Begonias..

This game drives me insane.. All I want to do is master the cards, so I can win.. The saddest part of the game is that half the time, there are cards that come up and you can’t use them anywhere.. It’s crazy when you are doing good, and you run into a deck that hinders your winning.. It’s very frustrating.. I have had a couple games that if you purchase points you will win.. But, is that all worth it.. I like to keep going on and trying to out smart the game.. Somedays all you can do is win, then there are those days when the game messes with your mind.. I am not a gamer, just a solitaire, yatzy, and cribbage player.. Helps me pass the time when there is nothing to do.. It calms me down, then heats me up again.. My hubby will laugh at me sometimes, as I talk to the game. ‘Yup, that proves it.’ ‘I am going loony.’ It’s a space filler in between loads of laundry. ‘Yes today was the day for doing the laundry.’ ‘I didn’t have much, which was nice.’ That was done and over with long before dinner time.. The couple next door had their grand-daughter through out the day.. They were in their yard, and my two little dogs barked at the little girl.. They would never hurt her, they just act tough.. I have this house that emits a sound they don’t like. I turned it on high and two little dogs stopped barking went inside the house.. It’s nice when things work like that.. DSCN1549.JPG                   Tiny flowers…

As I have said before, picking out something to make for dinner is stressful.. If it was just me I would have a grilled cheese, or egg salad sandwich. That would be good for me.. Unfortunately, that won’t feed two hungry fellas.. There has to be something else to fill the hunger.. Tonight, it was pork tender loin on the barbeque, potatoes, and some kind of veggie.. Right now, I can hear my mind thinking about tomorrows dinner.. ‘Hey, how about Kraft dinner??’ Not in this house.. I’m the only one who would eat it.. I have a meat and potatoes kind of hubby, and grandson.. Once in while a sandwich with fries will hit the spot.. I like to cook, but just sometimes I want a break away from the stove.. I had no idea that Princesses had to work so hard.. Ha! Ha! Only in fairy tales and the movies.. I guess we are all facing the same dilemma each day.. And we carry our burden with pride.. So, cook on, and be proud of what you create.. 🙂 Till later.. Take care and be safe.. 🙂 🙂

At this time I would like to thank those who take the time out of their busy lives to read my banter.. Thanks.. 🙂 🙂  The photos in my banter are taken by myself.. Maggie Enjoy!! 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..  Thanks for your visit… 🙂 🙂



DSCN1470.JPG          I love the textures, and colors….


This is my banter for Wednesday August 14th..

Hello everyone:: Today has pretty much been a day of relaxing.. Doing the little things I enjoy, and catching up on whatever I have let lag behind.. I have plenty of art pieces that someday I am going to finish off. I have one piece of art that I started on in 2002.. I found the sketch I had done, and figured it was time to bring it to life with pastels. This is my first time for oil pastels. I actually enjoyed doing the color transformation. Once that was done my hubby cut pieces of base board wood and I created a picture frame. Because the sketch has the red mountains in it, I took crushed pieces of colored stone, and attached them around on the frame.. I wanted to bring the earthy feel into the frame.. I think it turned out not too bad.. I like it.. 

IMG_E5197              And so… This is what I came up with.. Finished…

I never seem to do the ordinary.. I always come up with what my mind sees. As you can tell by my photographs, I see what others do not see.. I have a painting I did around the same time as I did the sketch you see here.. I did it in acrylic paints, which are easier to use.. At least that is what I think.. 

IMG_E5199.JPG          This is the acrylic I had done back in 2002…

This is my hubbies favorite painting… I do other forms of creating.. When I’m relaxing I create my best… All are one of a kinds, and none two are the same.. I enjoy taking photos, creating sculptures, painting, I even created a few Halloween creatures.. There are no limits to what I can achieve.. Today was very hot again. The sun was a little too much for a few plants. First thing I needed to give the droopy plants a drink of water.. It amazes me how plants can bounce back once water has been added… We have a lot of water plants that need constant water to live.. There is no neglecting them, as they will be dead in to time.. I also took a few plants and pruned them and took out all the dead flowers, and old branches.  They look one hundred percent better now.. It’s hard to keep them healthy at least during this time of the year..

DSCN1458.JPG                  Now, this looks like a pretty nice place to relax….

I did not stress over dinner today. Fries, and sausage on a bun was easy and tasted good too.. Simple eats can fill the tummy just like a full course meal.. Sometimes cooking becomes a chore that I would prefer not do some days.. I get all stressed out thinking about what to make.. Don’t miss understand me, I love cooking, but day after day is so hum drum. I feel like a robot that just repeats what has  been done a million times.. This Saturday I will be cooking for our family barbeque.. Now that I am looking forward to, and my menu has been set in stone.. I love to see people enjoy the food I create.. It will be fun to have most of the family together at the table..

DSCN1451.JPG            A nice bike ride through the camp ground…

As the day drifted away, the air became cool and bearable. So cool that sitting out on the deck was quite relaxing.. Once the sun has slipped behind the trees. The sun casts long shadow across the yard. I like that time of the day. It’s so calming. Sitting on the deck watching all kinds of people walking by. Dogs on leashes, and children complaining while asking. ‘How much further?’ You would almost they are going to die, by the performance they give their parents.. I see a lot of ladies walking and talking loudly on their cell phones. I would think, loud talking would be somewhat of a security blanket.. Away to deter those who prey on ladies who are alone in the dark.. You can hear them approach, then disappear into the darkness. I love the little children who play with no re-guard for others.. They run like lightening, and say hi to everyone.. Oh to be a child again.. I often wonder how many people would change the life, as they have it right now. And want to get a chance for a new course and direction.. This way your future would not be as it is.. Oh to be young again.. My body would not hurt anymore..  

I must be on my way.. I hope to see all of you on Wednesday, as it is a new start for all of us.. Till later.. Stand tall and don’t take any unnecessary crap.. 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all the readers who take the time out of their busy day to read my banter.. 🙂 🙂 As usual all the photos, and works of art are done by ME:: Maggie.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..  Thank you for your company… 🙂 🙂




Visiting the garden (1)



    In the garden grows….     All pictures taken by myself.. Mags… 🙂

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We all have gardens of some sort around our homes. Gardens are thought out by those that design beauty around business and buildings. Gardens adorn the parks we stroll threw. 

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Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a time to tell dad how much you love him.


Father’s day is one of the greatest days of the year. It’s a time when all dads, step-dads, fathers, and papas are celebrated. Every second Sunday of each year we celebrate Dads all over the world…

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