Snow flakes…

DSCN3674.JPG          Snow fell covering everything in sight…

This is my post for Tuesday December 10th…

Over this past weekend the snow flakes fell and covered the ground in a coat of puffy white.. The beauty of the white snow was over whelming… I could have stood at the door for hours and taken a million photos… Everything looks so new and pure… For days the snow fell, and the accumulation was enough to give the children a place to go sliding down hill… On one of those days when the snow blew so hard it looked a blizzard.. I happened to catch three children heading over to the ball field with sleighs in their hands.. There is a pretty good hill at the ball park…  I would imagine it’s big enough to give ya a great ride..

DSCN3679.JPG   Marks left by the squirrels as they dance over the snow…

It is nothing like some of the parks around here… There are ones that are steep, that will send a person speeding out of control … Standing at the top of the hill makes you wonder if you are going to come out of this alive… You stand there and watch the person in front of you as they start desending the hill… All you can hear are their blood curdling screams, as snow flies into their faces… They hang on tight to each other as they fly through the air… Their bodies detatch from the sleigh and they go flying through the air like rag dolls… Their arms and legs flailing through the air, as they land hard on the ground… Puffs of snow billow around them, where they lay still, with no sound… Are they alive?? The panick inside you now raises in your mind and you try to remove yourself from your sleigh… 

DSCN3690.JPG       Snow gathered on everything around… 

It’s way too late to get away now.. Your freinds have already pushed you and your partner over the point of no return… The wind is now blasting your face with icy shards of pelting snow… It’s quite an experience once you have been pelted by icy snow… It’s something you will never forget… The speed starts to pick up and there is alot of loud sounds you can hear around you… Is it someone warning you of impeding danger??  You flip in and out of consiousness as you hear the voices heighten… Down and down you keep going, like a hampster on a tread mill.. Your eyes have been close tight for along time now, and you do not know what is coming next… You tighten your grip and breathe in the cold sharp air… When will this ever end?? 

DSCN3684.JPG     All the lights are covered by mounds of snow flakes…

Your sleigh has hit something hard and you can feel your body being ejected into the freezing air… You feel like you are floating on a pillowy white cloud.. Reality is about to become your awakening point… It’s your voice that is screaming above your partner’s voice.. It was you all the time, as you let your fear out to be seen by all that watch… Then the real moment comes when the surface is no longer soft and inviting.. Flat on your back you bounce off the snow and come to a dead stop.. The pain flows through your body.. You have landed hard.. Hard enough to make reality come to life… You open your eyes as falling snow surrounds you.. A branch sits very close to your head.. Your body is distorted and out of order… 

DSCN3677.JPG            Snow is wonderful….

There is something wrong with the puzzle that once was your body… Your partner approaches you to assess your state… One of your legs was twisted where it was not before… Panic has now flown through your body… The pain is now part of the equation, as you try to move your left leg.. Your leg has been broken by your landing… paramedics are called to tend to your injuries… The trek up the hill is much better than the ride down the hill… At the top of the hill a crowd has drawn around to see what is happening… The police help to keep the crowds out of the way, as you crest the hill… The wind is cold and your body can feel the chill even more now… Once inside the ambulance it’s warmer, and the needle you received keeps you calm… The shock of the uneven roads does not cause you discomfort… The needle has taken care of the pain… Your partner is holding your hand and talking softly to you… 

DSCN3676.JPGThis little fella waited till I cleaned the feeder and put in fresh food..

It seems to be taking a longtime to get to the hospital, and soon you have arrived.. On a stretcher the doctor has you wheeled into a private room… The doctor has determined that you have a broken leg and surgery is needed as soon as possible… The doctor says that youwill no longer be going sleighing… This is a day that will not be forgotten… 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS…  Have have yourselves a very great day on Tuesday… 🙂 🙂



gran driving red  lips (2).jpg


reaper.jpg                              The unknown…

This is my post for Tuesday November 26th…

Darkness can be measured in may ways.. A darkness that no one else  can see, or can imagine on any given day.. Depression is one of the many problems that live in this darkness.. There is a sadness that follows them each day of their miserable existence… There are so many people who struggle with depression each day… Their struggle is real and can become deadly if help is not given right away… I know of many people who suffer with depression, and the faces they wear are ones of happiness, humor, and love.. These faces make it hard for us to see their pain… These faces make them invisible in a crowd.. Most times they are not in a crowd, but hidden behind locked doors… A safe place where no one can see their tears, their anger, their pain.. The feelings of giving up haunt them in their hiding place.. They feel so alone, and useless to everyone around them.. In their minds they are failures, trapped in an uncertain future.. They have a sadness deep inside.. 🙁


                       The many signs of depression…

There are many places to turn for help… There are places to call and hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line… Counsellors that are for free to those who finally decide help is what they need… There are groups to sit in on, and talk about the sadness they feel… There are medications that can be given to take the fear away.. There are hospitals that can give care and assistance to anyone that desires their help… There is a common thread that holds their darkness together.. That is the desire and belief that their feelings are private, they are not shareable with anyone… It’s a lonely place to live.. Bullies can taunt their targets only out of cruelty alone… Their purpose is to inflict as much pain in order to feel they are superior and above their targets… Children torment innocent children in ways learnt in their home environments or from other children.. They watch and they learn by others actions… Co-workers, the boss, management, can bully as well… The over bearing miss/mister who live each day to belittle their friends or co-workers… Even parents, and grand-parents can inflict a pain that stings so deeply that depression is the ultimate conclusion..

darkness.jpg                          Darkness…

I will continue with this topic over this week.. Till Wednesday I wish you all a wonderful day.. 


gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thanks for listening to my words… 🙂 🙂

Rain (9)


     The feeling of rain…

Percy had met his new daughter for the very first time. He was smitten with her cute cubby cheeks. Mercy was doing very well, after the birth. She had been told that she and the baby would be spending the night in the hospital.

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Rain (8)

rayn.jpg          Let it rain…..

The rain seem to be pouring buckets, as Percy drove his way down the high way to the hospital exit twelve. The splash from the transports whizzing by left Percy almost unable to see the road. Their baby was on it’s way. 

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Rain (7)

ran      Walking in the rain….

Percy was not going to put up with anymore crap from pimp boy. He was done. It was time to respond to the situation that was about to happen. Pimp boy and his thugs were about to be taught a big lesson. And Percy was ready for a fight.. 

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Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….

Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

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Detective Files (11)

detect.png      It all depends on the clues…..

Things were getting hot for Sidney and Winslow as they waited for the swat team to arrive. Everyone was on edge, and waiting to see if the missing officer was still alive. Yavin Igmet’s location had been found, and all that had to be done it take the serial killer down.

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Detective Files (3)

tective.jpg           Detectives work hard to solve cases….

Miss Holy Picket, was the lady who was beaten and was now in hospital. Her daughter Henna was by her side. Louisa took a desk job, and had twin boy with her husband Deric. Louisa had returned to her desk job and displayed a lot of baby pictures. Sidney had apologized to Louisa for being so rude to her.

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Detective Files (2)

files.jpg          Files, and paper work……

Sidney Rumble had become a police officer after working very hard. He walked the beat with his partner Louisa Noncho. Sidney’s father was old school and condemned  Louisa as a police officer. Louisa saved Sidney when the pub robber had a knife to Sidney’s throat. 

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Peanut’s Story (10)

grow.jpg      Peanut as she grew older…

My mom had stayed close to dad, for the two months she had figured it would take for his mind, not miss her while she was gone. Mom then got the surgery booked. On the day she had to leave, she let dad know that she would be home in a few days. It was the very first time mom and dad had ever been apart.

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