Why me…

sick.jpg                Under the weather…


This is my day in a nut shell for Tuesday October 29th…

Today happens to be the kind of that makes you want to close the curtains and forget the world.. I find that I can barely muster enough energy to get up and go.. I don’t know what has attacked me on a this day, as my to do list was full of things to accomplish.. Well, guess what?? The accomplish did not happen..  I’ve been dragging my butt around feeling like a Mac truck hit me, head on.. The nose is running, the eyes watering, and the head is hurting.. If it wasn’t for my stomach being iron clad, I would have been throwing up all day.. The tummy just doesn’t feel right at all.. You know, I wish at times like this I could throw up and empty my stomach.. Get whatever it is out..

I have been wrapped in blankets, sweater, and warm socks attached to my pajamas.. I feel like I’m sitting in the freezer.. I really hope no one else catches this from anyone else.. I know I can’t pass it around, because I’m not around anyone.. That’s a good thing.. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on here tonight… I pray that tomorrow brings me a better day, and more energy.. I did manage to eat two pieces of toast with raw honey on them.. Raw honey is good for what ales you, plus a lot of other uses.. I have tried to drink water, and even tried a ginger ale on the upset stomach.. Needless to say it did not seem to do the trick..

I will continue doctoring myself back to health.. Like I said I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow.. Till tomorrow I wish you all good health, and happiness… 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thanks for showing up… 🙂 🙂

Rain (9)


     The feeling of rain…


Percy had met his new daughter for the very first time. He was smitten with her cute cubby cheeks. Mercy was doing very well, after the birth. She had been told that she and the baby would be spending the night in the hospital.

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Rain (5)

pouring.jpg     The rain pouring down…


Life was good for Percy and Mercy. A home on wheels was perfect, as they could travel anywhere they wanted to go. Choosing to eating their dinners by the roaring camp fire. Or just starring at the embers from the camp fire, as they danced their way up into the dark sky…

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Rain (1)

rain.jpg           Rain……


The rain falling from the sky. Playing in the puddles as your hair becomes wet and stringy. Your clothes feel like the rain has made them shrink. Your clothing contours to each bulge, and shape of your bodies form. 

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Detective Files (5)

tective.jpg      Looking for clues…..


Sidney, the Chief, and Winslow left Anette and the children’s home with warm hearts, and big smiles. With the help of their fellow officers, they had made a big change in the life of a family that had recently lost their father to cancer. The burden, had been lifted, even for a little while. The officers would keep a watchful eye on Anette and her children.

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Peanut’s Story (10)

grow.jpg      Peanut as she grew older… 


My mom had stayed close to dad, for the two months she had figured it would take for his mind, not miss her while she was gone. Mom then got the surgery booked. On the day she had to leave, she let dad know that she would be home in a few days. It was the very first time mom and dad had ever been apart.

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Peanut’s Story (7)

lady P.jpg      Peanut as life moves on……


Peanut had made her mark in her job as scientific researcher. She loved her job and how much she could work towards a cure of viruses., and disease. Her parents had started to loose their independence. Jasper and her moved in with her parents.

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Peanut’s Story (5)

girl.jpg         Peanut in her twenties……


Life had changed in a matter of minutes for Peanut and her family. Arthur had fought the battle of his life. He won the first part of the battle, but lost his last battle. His kidneys gave up the fight. Jasper had proclaimed his love for Peanut, and she was surprised.

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Peanut’s Story (4)


girl.jpg          Peanut on the phone……


Arthur is in the hospital and has not yet been holding his own. Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning Arthur had nearly died. He fought his way back. Could he hold his own very long? That was the question. Jasper had become the man in Peanut’s life, and she needed him more than she could have imagined.

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Peanut’s Story (3)

girl.jpg      Peanut growing up……..


Peanut had taken Arthur for a full day in High School. Peanut’s friends helped her make Arthur’s visit a fantastic one. Jasper, her friend for a few years stuck around because he had a fancy for Peanut.  Arthur at the age of sixteen fell ill, and for the next two weeks he stayed in the hospital.

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