What if…2

robbers.jpg                            Lets do this…


This is my post for Wednesday December 4th…

Hey, would you go and rob a bank with someone?? What would your answer be, and would you gladly go and help… Would you consider running the other way, or act like you don’t speak their language…. Would you point and yell, “the police are coming this way”… Would you calmly ask him to have beer with you, then talk over his plans and ask what bank… Would you go to the police station and give a description of the man and where you seen him… Would you sit outside the bank and watch the whole robbery go down.. Would you beat him up and take the money he just stole from the bank… Would you keep the money, and return it to the police.. Would you move far away, and never work again… Really, that is a lot of ‘what if’s’ for one topic…. Personally, I would love to have the money, but the fact of being a wanted criminal would keep me away from that proposition… I would also become someone who speaks a different language… :O

fires.jpg                             Fire and someone trapped…

What if: you came across a house on fire, and there was a child crying from an open window… What would be the first thing you would do?? Would you break down the door and race through the burning house to the room where the child is waiting.. Would you scoop the child up in your arms and carry the child to safety…. Would you return into the burning house to see if anyone else was in the house…. Or, would you just call 911, and wait for the firer fighters to show up… Would you let someone else save the child while you watched… Would you be the hero of the day?? This would likely be a tough one for some people, and not so hard for others… I personally would be the crazy one who goes charging into the building to save the child…. I would give the call to 911 to the closest person I seen… There are many stories of those who save or help other people everyday.. Firer fighters are a classic example of hero’s…. Their job takes them to life threatening events each and every day… There are brave bystanders that put their own on the line too… So, to all those that go above and beyond… “You are definitely, super hero’s… 🙂 🙂

money.jpg                        A big pile of money…

What if: Someone walked up to you and handed you one million dollars… Would you stand there stunned and unable to speak.. Would you be wearing the biggest smile on your face.. Would you just look at them as they were crazy… Looking at them with all your face twisted and distorted… Would you grab the money and run… Would you kiss them and try to shake their hand right off… Would you pinch yourself to make sure you were a wake… That would be a very strange event to have happen to anyone… I would hesitant to believe if it was true, and not a gag played on you by one of your friends… And once I was convinced it was real, I would be humbled by someone else’s kindness and their generosity.. 😮

jump.jpg                                Jumping off a cliff…

What if: Someone wanted you to jump off a cliff wearing a flying suit… Would you politely say “No Thanks”… Would you let them know that you had never done that before, and have no idea how the jump is done… Would you explain that you are afraid of places any higher than ten inches off the ground… Would you be brave and say “Yes” just to make your friends think you were not afraid.. Would you do it to mark the jump off your bucket list… Personally, I would be the person standing 600 yards back from the edge… I would politely decline… 🙂 🙂 I’d be scared out of my wits… :0 :0

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Have a great day Wednesday when ya get to it… 🙂 🙂




Detective Files (4)


police walk.jpg       Walking the beat…..


Sidney had received the worst news from Miss Picket’s daughter Henna. Her mom had died due to the head injury she had sustained in the attack. Snake aka John Benet, was now looking at murder one tacked to his attack charges. One more piece of scum would be off the streets for many years.

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Detective Files (1)

detect.jpg           Detective……..


When people go missing our police look for them endlessly. And when the case goes cold this fine group of men and women take over where others left off. Dedicated to the job, they find their perpatrator. 

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (4)

gran mapa.jpg   Nanna and Papa with Pearl and Parker…….


Going to the trampoline place was the highlight of the day for Parker and Pearl. Nanna had made that surprise one that they would never forget. Papa had his share of fun but the best part of the event was watching the twins on the trampolines and the big smiles on their faces. 

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