What if…2

robbers.jpg                            Lets do this…


This is my post for Wednesday December 4th…

Hey, would you go and rob a bank with someone?? What would your answer be, and would you gladly go and help… Would you consider running the other way, or act like you don’t speak their language…. Would you point and yell, “the police are coming this way”… Would you calmly ask him to have beer with you, then talk over his plans and ask what bank… Would you go to the police station and give a description of the man and where you seen him… Would you sit outside the bank and watch the whole robbery go down.. Would you beat him up and take the money he just stole from the bank… Would you keep the money, and return it to the police.. Would you move far away, and never work again… Really, that is a lot of ‘what if’s’ for one topic…. Personally, I would love to have the money, but the fact of being a wanted criminal would keep me away from that proposition… I would also become someone who speaks a different language… :O

fires.jpg                             Fire and someone trapped…

What if: you came across a house on fire, and there was a child crying from an open window… What would be the first thing you would do?? Would you break down the door and race through the burning house to the room where the child is waiting.. Would you scoop the child up in your arms and carry the child to safety…. Would you return into the burning house to see if anyone else was in the house…. Or, would you just call 911, and wait for the firer fighters to show up… Would you let someone else save the child while you watched… Would you be the hero of the day?? This would likely be a tough one for some people, and not so hard for others… I personally would be the crazy one who goes charging into the building to save the child…. I would give the call to 911 to the closest person I seen… There are many stories of those who save or help other people everyday.. Firer fighters are a classic example of hero’s…. Their job takes them to life threatening events each and every day… There are brave bystanders that put their own on the line too… So, to all those that go above and beyond… “You are definitely, super hero’s… 🙂 🙂

money.jpg                        A big pile of money…

What if: Someone walked up to you and handed you one million dollars… Would you stand there stunned and unable to speak.. Would you be wearing the biggest smile on your face.. Would you just look at them as they were crazy… Looking at them with all your face twisted and distorted… Would you grab the money and run… Would you kiss them and try to shake their hand right off… Would you pinch yourself to make sure you were a wake… That would be a very strange event to have happen to anyone… I would hesitant to believe if it was true, and not a gag played on you by one of your friends… And once I was convinced it was real, I would be humbled by someone else’s kindness and their generosity.. 😮

jump.jpg                                Jumping off a cliff…

What if: Someone wanted you to jump off a cliff wearing a flying suit… Would you politely say “No Thanks”… Would you let them know that you had never done that before, and have no idea how the jump is done… Would you explain that you are afraid of places any higher than ten inches off the ground… Would you be brave and say “Yes” just to make your friends think you were not afraid.. Would you do it to mark the jump off your bucket list… Personally, I would be the person standing 600 yards back from the edge… I would politely decline… 🙂 🙂 I’d be scared out of my wits… :0 :0

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Have a great day Wednesday when ya get to it… 🙂 🙂





DSCN1837 (2).JPG       These clouds look like the strokes of an artist’s brush…


This is my banter for Thursday September 5th…

Hello all you smiling people::  This Wednesday was hump day.. Just think we are half way through this week.. It will be Thursday soon, and we will be on the down slide to the weekend.. 🙂 It’s nice having a short week.. Before you know, it’s over.. I trust everyone faired the second day of school very well.. The teachers will be working hard to make classes as captivating as they can.. To grasp the attention of a child is a work of magic.. Magic that is spun by the teacher at the front of the class.. They are important, and we need them.. There is a possibility of a looming walk out… Let’s hope someone redirects this action by giving the teachers a decent pay and tools to work with.. Mr. Ford, should loosen up his purse strings, and get this fixed.. Education is extremely important to the future of our children.. Mr. Ford don’t use our children as pawns in your money making scheme.. Money that needs to be replace for frivolous spending.. I speak about this topic because of it’s captivating nature.. I don’t mean to go on.. Someone has too… I saw the parking lot of the college fill to capacity with cars today.. It’s nice to realize how many student are furthering their education..

DSCN1584.JPG            The water that flows here is refreshing and cool..

Have you ever been so captivated by a series on television that you can’t get enough at one sitting.. Well, I am hooked.. What can I say.. I don’t watch television much, but when something keeps me on the edge of my seat.. I’m there.. There have been a few series before this and they definitely had me captivated.. I hate to admit it, but this is one of those occasions.. Have you ever been that captivated by something? So captivated that your whole attention is directed towards that one thing.. People talk to you but your ears hear nothing, or you block them out.. I’m also captivated by the beauty of nature.. And all it has to offer us.. To be drawn in, and kept as a prisoner, with no escape.. It’s a very curious feeling.. One that I try not to let it trap me into thirsting for more, and even more.. The story line holds me wrapped in chains of silver and gold.. The yearning, that this bondage would soon be removed.. The breaking of chains to reveal the inevitable.. I will follow this path that holds me in promise of what is to come.. The dark secrets will come to surface.. The burden I carry with me will be lifted by one click of the remote.. Lead me on.. For I will follow this to the end.. To the conclusion.. I will wait on bated pins and needles till that time.. I am hooked…

DSCN1725 (2).JPG          The color of yellow and sun shine..

This Wednesday was pretty laid back and lazy.. I did manage to vacuum the floors and the rugs… There was a shower in the early morning.. The wind was cool and chilled me to the bone.. There was no thunder nor no streaks of white lights that light up the skies.. I sit her looking into the darkness of the night.. I do not see the images that are within this shroud of blackest night.. I sit as words whirl around in a tornado in my mind.. I raise my hand to grab that which is spinning by.. The words have managed to escape my feeble grip.. I raise my hand to grab again.. But, I have failed once more.. As the words dance away on the spinning circle of the tornado.. I will not fail this time.. The words will not escape me.. I reach and find in my hand words written on parchment paper.. What are these words I have before me? These words are not familiar.. I do not know these words.. I can not speak them, nor pronounce them.. Are these words from a place I have yet to go? Am I destine to wonder the universe? I do not know.. Is this planet really my home.. I lay the parchment before me.. I reach again.. My grip has caught something.. I look at my hands.. No words are there.. What could this be?? My fingers are stained red.. Have I found death in my mind?? I am captivated by the red.. I stare endlessly.. Do I know what this is?? NO.. I wish not to see that which is right in front of me.. I will not see… 

DSCN1965.JPG          Deep inside this bee will find the nectar of life….

Writing will always be a whirling busy place.. I will find that which awaits me.. I would like everyone to love the ones you cherish, and be safe… This girl has got to be hitting the road.. Till later.. Never pass up an adventure.. 🙂 🙂

I say thank you to all my readers that stop by each day to read my banter.. 🙂 🙂    The photos with in my banter are mine.. Enjoy.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.. Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂



Visiting the garden (10)


P5020264.JPG  Mother nature has so many beautiful things for us to see..


Ellie the bus driver had taken up on Jody’s offer to come for coffee. Jody’s parents found Ellie’s company to be a refreshing breath of air. Mom had invited Ellie for dinner on Sunday night, and she excepted. Good friends had been made that evening…

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Visiting the garden (5)

DSCN1154.JPG          Pretty yellow flowers….


With cake all over her face, Sally ate the icing and bits of cake from her hands. The children looked on with big wide eyes, and mouths wide open. The rest of the adults were laughing so hard that they did not notice the children…

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Visiting the garden (4)

DSCN1044 (2).JPG        You can’t see me….


Sally and Jody had bought a surprise for the children after they had eaten their supper. Everyone walked down the lane to wait for the bus to drop Tory off. Sally politely asked the bus driver to allow Amber to get off at Tory’s house, just this one time.

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Visiting the garden (2)

DSCN0949.JPGLook who was taking a bath in the bird bath…


Tory was a lucky young man. Papa had made him a secret place under the big stairs where he could read. Papa called Tory his ‘Mini Me.’ Tory was not happy when he found out what was going to happen today.

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Lazy Daisy (1)


    Daisies.. Beautiful…     Photo by.. Mags Bell


Have you ever had one, or several days when all you wanted to do was lounge around the house? I’m sure quite a few of us have days just like that. This is the case with the main character in this story…. 

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Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….


Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

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One in a Million (9)

exam.png           Exam results…….


The day trip to the Zoo was a good time for our three musketeers. The day was beautiful till the rain came pouring down. The rain brought out the crazy in Helmet and Jillian. Patsy looked at them as they danced in the rain. She thought they both had gone crazy. 

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One in a Million (5)

school.jpg     Life at the institution of learning……


The visit to the farm was a new experience for Jillian. Milking a cow by hand was a wonderful feeling of fulfillment, and achievement. Patsy had noticed the twinkle in her brother’s eye for Jillian. Helmet was smitten by Jillian’s beauty and her childish nature.

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