What if…3


Multiple babies born….


This is my post for Thursday December 5th…

Things happen all the time, and usually are a pretty big surprise… “What if” Your wife was expecting, triplets… At the last visit to the doctors you were told that all babies where healthy and growing bigger… Okay, you are all prepared for three babies and all your families have been helping with the preparations for the births… As the days go by your wife keeps getting so big that walking is a chore for her…. The doctor says it’s all going well, and puts your wife on bed rest… It’s a week before the date of the births… The doctor books your wife into the hospital, and she is going to be induced the next morning… The nurses are all ready to take each child and take care of them… Kay your wife is brought into the operating room.. Kay will have caesarean births.. You have your armor on and you are sitting talking to your wife… The incision was made, and baby number 1 was a healthy girl… Baby 2 was a boy and baby 3 was a boy… Then the doctor keeps doing birth after birth.. The final baby was another girl.. You are blown away as the operating room becomes a flurry of nurses and doctors milling around.. You now have 7 babies… You give the family the news.. What are you going to do now?? You and Kay live with her parents, and room is what is going to be needed… What if mom and dad what to buy you a house for your new family… Would you want the house close to the relatives?? After all you will need all the help you can get… The births become a big event in your home town and all kinds of things are being given for the babies… The news paper has the big event on the front page.. Many people are ready to help when the babies come home.. Once the babies are at home, the house is filled with many people, and you and Kay can barely have time together… What would you do to have time together alone??? What if:  the family sends you away for a weekend, and Kay doesn’t want to go?? What would you do??? 

meteor.jpg                   A meteor hitting Earth…

What if: A scientist came on the television to tell the worlds population, that a meteor was heading straight for Earth… Also, the meteor impact is due in seven hours.. Would you try to get as far as you could away from the impact point?? Would you gather everyone you knew and take them with you?? The impact would set off a massive explosion that would be felt all around the world… The possibility of life being wiped off the surface of the planet was a definite… Would there be a safe place to go?? All Questions of what if:  There would be nothing that could be eaten, because of the explosion… Would you know where to look for water to drink?? What if: you came across a bomb shelter?? Would you move in there and hope for the best?? That would be a definite conundrum…. ‘What if’s’, can bring on just about anything, or any surprise… 🙂 🙂  Get ready for that which is out of your control…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Everyone have a great weekend and the days leading up to that weekend…See you all on Tuesday next week.. Be safe  🙂 🙂


Darkness 2…

darkness.jpg                           Living in the darkness…


This is my post for Wednesday November 27th…

I started to talk about the darkness of depression.. The fear that lives within the dark.. Depression can be mild or severe, but no matter what, the condition know as depression is dangerous… The mild challenges a depressed person with every thought.. “Am I good enough?” “Why is my mates so mean to me?” “I must have done something wrong to them.” “Why do my parents not love me?” “I am a very bad child.” “Why and what did I do so badly?” These are just a few of the questions that are asked, by a person with depression.. The darkness they feel, brings them deeper and deeper into a place un-inhabitable by anyone… The only option they think they have is suicide… “If I was to die, then all the pain will be gone, and I won’t hurt anymore.” So sad…. 🙁  To the people that love them, suicide is not an option… Most times, all the love in the world is not enough… 

be there.jpg                Someone to talk to…

Statistics show us that in 2019 there were approximately 11 people die by suicide each day… :O  Approximately 4,000 deaths are by suicide per year… Those totals alone are unbelievable, and that is just in the age group of 45-59 years of age… Then there is age groups 15-34  who are young people and adults.. Men have a 3x higher rate then women..  This total does not count indigenous, veterans, homeless, and countless others.. It’s staggering when you look at the stats, and actually see the numbers in front of you.. This is a world of the internet highway.. Bullying can be done by those who just have nothing better to do than to beat another person down… The internet is a great place to gain knowledge, and that’s all fine and dandy… But, there is always the bad apples in the bunch that make a great thing a predator’s haven… “Why must these mean people hurt and drive any person down?” You know the wrong part of all of that is, the people who drive someone to death… They never feel remorse for what they have done… I’m happy I am not one of those rotten humans… “Why hurt others?”

death.jpg           The talents shown by all these great artist is amazing…

This epidemic has grown by leaps and bounds over the years… The depressed person is not a coward, and it takes all the courage they have to kill themselves.. It’s their only way out of the darkness, at least that is how the depressed person sees it… ::  I will continue with the last part of my post on Thursday.. Till then have a wonderful Wednesday, and let’s work towards helping those with depression… 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Be safe, and hug your love ones often… 🙂 🙂


reaper.jpg                              The unknown…


This is my post for Tuesday November 26th…

Darkness can be measured in may ways.. A darkness that no one else  can see, or can imagine on any given day.. Depression is one of the many problems that live in this darkness.. There is a sadness that follows them each day of their miserable existence… There are so many people who struggle with depression each day… Their struggle is real and can become deadly if help is not given right away… I know of many people who suffer with depression, and the faces they wear are ones of happiness, humor, and love.. These faces make it hard for us to see their pain… These faces make them invisible in a crowd.. Most times they are not in a crowd, but hidden behind locked doors… A safe place where no one can see their tears, their anger, their pain.. The feelings of giving up haunt them in their hiding place.. They feel so alone, and useless to everyone around them.. In their minds they are failures, trapped in an uncertain future.. They have a sadness deep inside.. 🙁


                       The many signs of depression…

There are many places to turn for help… There are places to call and hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line… Counsellors that are for free to those who finally decide help is what they need… There are groups to sit in on, and talk about the sadness they feel… There are medications that can be given to take the fear away.. There are hospitals that can give care and assistance to anyone that desires their help… There is a common thread that holds their darkness together.. That is the desire and belief that their feelings are private, they are not shareable with anyone… It’s a lonely place to live.. Bullies can taunt their targets only out of cruelty alone… Their purpose is to inflict as much pain in order to feel they are superior and above their targets… Children torment innocent children in ways learnt in their home environments or from other children.. They watch and they learn by others actions… Co-workers, the boss, management, can bully as well… The over bearing miss/mister who live each day to belittle their friends or co-workers… Even parents, and grand-parents can inflict a pain that stings so deeply that depression is the ultimate conclusion..

darkness.jpg                          Darkness…

I will continue with this topic over this week.. Till Wednesday I wish you all a wonderful day.. 


gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thanks for listening to my words… 🙂 🙂

Visiting the garden (8)

DSCN1215.JPG         Beautiful flower.. Yet danger lurks for the beetle….


Jody and Sally had a very busy late night, finishing off the front garden. The bright sun in the morning woke Sally. Sally nudged Jody, and Jody tried to hide under the cozy blankets. Sally was not having anything to with that kind behavior…

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Visiting the garden (6)

20100523_31.JPG             White on white…….


Mom had come across Jody and Sally kissing in the kitchen. Upon mom asking Jody if she was gay, the secret was now out in the open. After a talk with mom and some good advice to Jody and Sally from mom. It was time for the gals to talk with dad.

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Rain (7)

ran      Walking in the rain….


Percy was not going to put up with anymore crap from pimp boy. He was done. It was time to respond to the situation that was about to happen. Pimp boy and his thugs were about to be taught a big lesson. And Percy was ready for a fight.. 

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Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….


Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

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Detective Files (12)

dec.jpg         Sherlock Holmes…..


Moly Dorset had been found huddled behind a freezer. A freezer that contained the frozen bodies of three young girls and one young boy. There had also been found one young girl tethered down to a steel table. She was barely clinging to life. She had been drugged and tortured..

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Detective Files (11)

detect.png      It all depends on the clues…..


Things were getting hot for Sidney and Winslow as they waited for the swat team to arrive. Everyone was on edge, and waiting to see if the missing officer was still alive. Yavin Igmet’s location had been found, and all that had to be done it take the serial killer down.

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Detective Files (7)


      Detective on the case….


True love was in Sidney’s heart, but would he ever win Anette’s heart. Winslow had spoken to Sidney about a killer he had to profile. This was a tricky one, and one of those you can’t forget. Another young ladies body was left for the police.

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