One in a Million (4)


       Down on the farm…..

Helmet had come to the college to visit with his little sister. Jillian had met one of Patsy’s brothers and now she was heading out to the farm to meet the rest of Patsy’s family. Jillian had never really been to a farm and this was going to be a new experience for her.

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Amatuer Sleuths (2)

Hello everyone from my little corner of Canada. This evening I have been having some problems with my brain not being up to speed. I have placed my blog into another area, and if you go to the site address above you will be able to read my next addition to my story.

I apologize for any difficulties I may have caused my readers. In the future I will have my brain screwed on right.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Thank you for being so patient.

Glam Camping (3)

glam6.jpg                                  Glam Camping

Donald had taken the ‘B’ out of bordom that a rainy day trapped in a tent ment. He gained the right to claim the title of ‘craziest father’. A name that would stick in the minds of  his children well into their adult hood. They would never forget that day and the fun they had with dad. 

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Within the clouds (4)

alien3.jpg                               Great artistic talent and imagination

Aliens are created for our entertainment. I have no idea what you think, but I love the creativity of the talented artists who can take what is in their imagination and transfer it to paper. 

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Within the clouds.(2)

IMG_4626.JPG                                                           The Clouds

I’ve heard so many stories about Aliens, and the sightings people. These people are excused away by saying they don’t know what they are talking about. But what if these people really know what they seen.

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Bruce Blackwell (11)

Wine, candles, flowers, and private dinner.

Bruce got very brave while dancing with Jessica . He held her close and passionately kissed her. The kiss caught Jessica off guard, but she was very happy he was finally opening up. Bob, Annie, and all their guests were enjoying every moment fo the formal night.  Continue reading “Bruce Blackwell (11)”