What if…3


Multiple babies born….


This is my post for Thursday December 5th…

Things happen all the time, and usually are a pretty big surprise… “What if” Your wife was expecting, triplets… At the last visit to the doctors you were told that all babies where healthy and growing bigger… Okay, you are all prepared for three babies and all your families have been helping with the preparations for the births… As the days go by your wife keeps getting so big that walking is a chore for her…. The doctor says it’s all going well, and puts your wife on bed rest… It’s a week before the date of the births… The doctor books your wife into the hospital, and she is going to be induced the next morning… The nurses are all ready to take each child and take care of them… Kay your wife is brought into the operating room.. Kay will have caesarean births.. You have your armor on and you are sitting talking to your wife… The incision was made, and baby number 1 was a healthy girl… Baby 2 was a boy and baby 3 was a boy… Then the doctor keeps doing birth after birth.. The final baby was another girl.. You are blown away as the operating room becomes a flurry of nurses and doctors milling around.. You now have 7 babies… You give the family the news.. What are you going to do now?? You and Kay live with her parents, and room is what is going to be needed… What if mom and dad what to buy you a house for your new family… Would you want the house close to the relatives?? After all you will need all the help you can get… The births become a big event in your home town and all kinds of things are being given for the babies… The news paper has the big event on the front page.. Many people are ready to help when the babies come home.. Once the babies are at home, the house is filled with many people, and you and Kay can barely have time together… What would you do to have time together alone??? What if:  the family sends you away for a weekend, and Kay doesn’t want to go?? What would you do??? 

meteor.jpg                   A meteor hitting Earth…

What if: A scientist came on the television to tell the worlds population, that a meteor was heading straight for Earth… Also, the meteor impact is due in seven hours.. Would you try to get as far as you could away from the impact point?? Would you gather everyone you knew and take them with you?? The impact would set off a massive explosion that would be felt all around the world… The possibility of life being wiped off the surface of the planet was a definite… Would there be a safe place to go?? All Questions of what if:  There would be nothing that could be eaten, because of the explosion… Would you know where to look for water to drink?? What if: you came across a bomb shelter?? Would you move in there and hope for the best?? That would be a definite conundrum…. ‘What if’s’, can bring on just about anything, or any surprise… 🙂 🙂  Get ready for that which is out of your control…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Everyone have a great weekend and the days leading up to that weekend…See you all on Tuesday next week.. Be safe  🙂 🙂


Down for the count..

sick - Copy.jpgUnder the weather….


I hope everyone had a good Friday and a safe weekend. I will not be writing the start of a story today, due to a head hurts, and my tummy feels yucky.. 🙁  I feeling like I’ve run a marathon. That’s something I would not do at this point in my life. I have spent the majority of the day on the couch feeling not well. Me and my little dogs will be cozying up under the blankets together. I know all I need is to rest. With the heat and a chance of rain called for Monday, I hope everyone can find a cool place to hang out. Drink plenty of water, and keep your pets inside.. Be safe, and I will see you all tomorrow….. Till later… Keep your loved ones and others safe…..

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Keep well…. 🙂


One in a Million (4)


       Down on the farm…..


Helmet had come to the college to visit with his little sister. Jillian had met one of Patsy’s brothers and now she was heading out to the farm to meet the rest of Patsy’s family. Jillian had never really been to a farm and this was going to be a new experience for her.

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Amatuer Sleuths (2)


Hello everyone from my little corner of Canada. This evening I have been having some problems with my brain not being up to speed. I have placed my blog into another area, and if you go to the site address above you will be able to read my next addition to my story.

I apologize for any difficulties I may have caused my readers. In the future I will have my brain screwed on right.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Thank you for being so patient.

Glam Camping (3)

glam6.jpg                                  Glam Camping 


Donald had taken the ‘B’ out of bordom that a rainy day trapped in a tent ment. He gained the right to claim the title of ‘craziest father’. A name that would stick in the minds of  his children well into their adult hood. They would never forget that day and the fun they had with dad. 

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Within the clouds (4)

alien3.jpg                               Great artistic talent and imagination


Aliens are created for our entertainment. I have no idea what you think, but I love the creativity of the talented artists who can take what is in their imagination and transfer it to paper. 

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Within the clouds.(2)

IMG_4626.JPG                                                           The Clouds


I’ve heard so many stories about Aliens, and the sightings people. These people are excused away by saying they don’t know what they are talking about. But what if these people really know what they seen.

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