Day dreaming…

DSCN2555 (2).JPGThere is nothing like a walk in the woods…

This is my blurb for Wednesday October 23rd…

There is nothing better than taking a quiet walk through the forest on a beautiful day.. It’s almost a calming experience.. You can hear the birds in the trees singing sweetly.. They watch as you pass by.. The sounds of the drying leaves under your feet crunching as your feet touch them.. The crack of a branch being broken.. The fear of what maybe watching you or even stalking you has your eyes scanning the trees and the forest floor.. Are they there? You will never know as they are experts at the skill of hiding.. The sound of a chipmunk as he signals your arrival to his friends.. If you keep your eyes on the forest floor you may even encounter one as he speeds by.. A fluffy bunny must have been startled by your load foot stepping sound.. Run, away Bunny… They don’t even look back till they are in their safe place..


DSCN2552 (2).JPGYour stalker maybe closer than you think…

Little nooks and crannies to hide in.. Look closely to if there is anything there.. The breeze blows lightly down the path you have chosen to walk.. A spark of sun light warms the chill of the shadows… The echo of voices on the wind.. You turn to see, and there is a large brown dog is heading right your way.. There are  people with smiles wide, that say their ‘hellos’ then walk ahead of you.. I can almost smell the musty odor of the forest floor, and the thriving moss on the fallen trees.. 

DSCN2554 (2).JPGFallen, decaying trees…

The fallen trees left to rot away on the forest floor, tell tales of the sacrifice they have made to the earth, small insects, and new trees that hide within the forest floor.. The bark which once was their coat, no longer protects from the rathe of mother nature.. This tree is now home to the smallest creatures that need it’s shelter… A life cycle that has taken the trees from birth to death.. 

DSCN2553 (2).JPGFungus on a fallen tree…

A fungus now uses this tree as it’s growing ground.. A place to display their colors and shapes.. Their beauty is one of splendor to those that stop to take a look.. Everything has a place and a time to grow.. In my mind I walk on towards the smell of water.. The smell of the fish that live in the water and wait for the next fishing trip to be taken.. I can see an opening ahead.. The blue sky and the sun light squint my eyes half way closed.. I feel a gust of warm breeze, as I move away from the darkness of the forest… The breeze flaps my undone jacket, and tousles the hair on your head away from your face.. 

DSCN2568 (2).JPGThe water at the shore of the lake..

The water along the shore reveals the content that lies beneath.. The sun lights the rippling water as it slowly moves with the waves.. Red and white stones, fallen branches submerged in their watery grave.. Silt and sand lightly cover them.. The water is cold to the touch.. Your mind stops you from merging further into the dangerous water.. As your eyes look further across the lake you see blue water and trees of different colors.. I’m in paradise, as I stand gazing at the beauty of this place.. 

DSCN2569 (2).JPGA fallen tree…

A tree has fallen into the cold chill of the lake.. The sun will bleach it white, and the wind will whistle through it’s branches.. This tree will decay in time, and become one with the water it lies in now.. Nature has away of returning that which came from the ground, and in the end will return to the ground.. 🙂  Be safe and take care of yourselves.. Till later.. I wish you all good fortune, and happiness… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS..  Thanks for being a friend… 🙂 🙂



Beautiful Day…

DSCN1477.JPG           This Dragon fly sat still while I took several photos..

This is my banter for Thursday August 15th..

Hello everyone:: Today was one of those days when you can not help but be outside. The wind was cool, while you were in the shade.. I really hope where every you may be, that you were blessed with a day like the one I had.. Thursday is to be a carbon copy of today.. If that is how it’s going to be, I will be outside most of the day again. Our dogs are used to being in the house all cozied up in their blankets, and sleeping soundly.. Today definitely messed them up good. They sat around outside waiting for me to go in the house. Their sad little faces perched on their tiny paws, was pretty hard to take.. The sight almost broke my heart.. ‘Almost.’ They look so cute when they are trying to get you to do what they want.. It makes me chuckle.. Our dogs are very attacked to me, and every where I go, you can be sure they are not far behind.. Heck.. Sometimes they are so close that I trip over them, or god forbid step on their tiny feet.. I certainly don’t want to do that to them.. Three furry, four legged best friends.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

DSCN1492.JPG        Last night the moon shone so brightly, and this is the photo I captured..

There were a few more plants in need of some tender love and care.. I removed all the yellow, and dead branches. The one plant looked like it was near the end of it’s time.. I did my best to clean it up, then gave it a blast of plant jungle juice.. Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed and hope it recovers.. I have a six by six plant box that I planted in the spring. Once everything was planted I covered it with a netting to keep the squirrels, and chipmunk’s out of the garden.. Today I took that net off, and cleaned the very few weeds out, and cut the dead flowers off the stems. The ground cover plants have made the base of the garden very pretty. It’s all white and purple ground cover, and various flowering plants.. It looks better than any other year, and we’ve been here for the past four years.. We are heading into our fifth year.. I’d like to keep the garden uncovered but, the rotten squirrels won’t leave it alone. They just love burring their nuts in the soil.. “Go figure.’ ‘Crazy little vermin.’ Every year I harvest seeds from the flowers and plant them in the spring.. I always forget what they are, but it’s a nice surprise when they start to flower.. 

DSCN1483.JPG     This is a young cat who has found the place where the birds hang out…

Tomorrow will be, clean out the barbeque.. ‘Yahoo!’ ‘I’m really excited..’ ‘Can you tell?’  It’s a filthy job, and the grease is hard to get off your body once it gets on ya.. I just have to remember not to wipe my hand nor arm across my forehead. I’ll look like I tried to grease up my face to go hunting.. We use the barbeque a lot, even for grilled cheese and garlic bread.. The garlic bread is make from a cut up baguette. The grill seems to bring out the garlic taste. Plus the bread holds up well, and has a crunch to it.. Anything you eat with a crunch is a hit.. Friday I start to prepare the deviled eggs, and the potato salad.. This way on Saturday I won’t be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.. That would not be a pretty sight.. Have you ever seen what a chicken does once it’s head is cut off?  They dance around, and sometimes they even chase ya around.. I know some of you may not like this, but it is the truth.. As a child and through till my late teens, I lived on a farm.. Eight children and we ate chicken a fair bit..

DSCN1489.JPG          This is another capture of the moon on Tuesday night…

I loved this capture of the moon as you can see the leaves of the trees. I did not think I had caught the image but there it was, on the camera.. I’m really hoping that Saturday is going to be beautiful with no rain.. The weather man mentioned sixty percent chance of rain.. But on the weather channel I seen no rain.. Well, we will see who is right on Saturday.. Well, like usual I must run.. Take care of those you love and be kind.. Till later.. Don’t try to run with your pants down… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all the people that read my banter each day.. You are wonderful.. 🙂 🙂  As usual the photos in my banter are taken by your truly:: ME.. Maggie.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS..  Thank you for being you… 🙂 🙂




Visiting the garden (2)

DSCN0949.JPGLook who was taking a bath in the bird bath…

Tory was a lucky young man. Papa had made him a secret place under the big stairs where he could read. Papa called Tory his ‘Mini Me.’ Tory was not happy when he found out what was going to happen today.

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Visiting the garden (1)



    In the garden grows….     All pictures taken by myself.. Mags… 🙂 -garden-1

We all have gardens of some sort around our homes. Gardens are thought out by those that design beauty around business and buildings. Gardens adorn the parks we stroll threw. 

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Rain (6)

rainin.jpg            Cool rain….

Driving into the danger zone was not planned. But, it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mercy and Percy. The pimp wanted his property back. Percy had no intensions on giving Mercy over to that animal..

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Coventry Lake (10)

lake      Beautiful lake in the early evening……..

John and Devin had made their way to the van which contained the trail cameras. They had one dozen armed officers with them, just in case the creature appeared. Screams could be heard in the distance, then there was silence.   Everyone had gotten an up close look at the creature. Was this really the gate keeper of hell?

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Coventry Lake (9)

sand.jpg     Foot prints in the sand……

The media had found out about the missing students, and the creature in the forest. Every time, anyone from the search teams came out into the public, the news crews where on them asking questions. The search teams were knee deep in slime, water logged moss, and slippery conditions. 

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Our Future

earth.jpg                Our Planet….. Our Life……

‘This our earth’. ‘Our future.’  It’s our responsiblity to change our earth for the better. We are taught at an early age to pick up the garbage we put on the ground. “Do you pick up after yourself when it comes to waste?’

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Fall ( part 5 )

The Roberts family had very busy day, building a shelter to protect them from the weather, and animals. Adam, Burt, and Donnie were fast asleep, laying on the mats they wove from vines that cover and destroy trees. 

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Fall ( part 3 )

Molly spent most of her day getting ready for their family outing. Molly had met her once homeless friend Foster, and had to display her ability to cope with Donna’s endless gift for gab. Their boys got the scoop on the trip, and the contest.

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