no noise.png                     In the silence I sit in peace….

This is my post for Wednesday November 20th…

I sit here in the silence that fills this room.. The sound of the furnace chasing away the chill in the room, leaves me with a cozy feeling.. The old furnace has been a faith full companion for the time we have lived here.. Without the furnace I would be cuddled up in layer after layer of clothing and blankets.. The silence here gives me time to think over my actions of the days that have past.. I can hear the settling of the house that surrounds me.. The forever creaking and moaning of it’s timbers.. My mind wonders to many different places during this time of silence.. The surrounding world moves on in it’s rituals of life.. I enjoy the silence as it gives me the time to reflect.. I crave this silence at times, as it is an escape from reality.. The pending thoughts of the day are put at rest in this silent place.. I need not worry, nor think of what’s for dinner… I have time to rest from my rituals of the day.. I am calm and relaxed in these moments, minutes, or even hours.. For, they are my time away..

silence.png                    The voice of silence is one of relaxation…

I tap loudly on the keys of this laptop.. Keys that help me capture the words that fill the spaces in this place.. The noise of barking dogs as voices become louder… Talking over the noise that continues.. The television blaring so loudly that the people outside can share the content they can only envision.. The sounds from outside… A car spinning it’s wheels in the hopes of escaping the grip of the wet snow that surrounds them… The sounds of voices, voices I don not know nor do I wish to know in my silence… The furnace hums on, as the door is left open to the cold.. The voices that surround me as family meet to share my silent place.. The chatter and laughter are like music to my ears… For, only I wish to have those voices fill the spaces in my silent place… The company has left… The dogs no longer bark, and the television is silent.. The dogs lay sleeping in their cozy beds with covers over their heads… Father is asleep, on the sofa surrounded in warm inviting blankets.. I too wish to feel those blankets surround me in comfort, so I may drift away as others have before me.. I look around at all that has been left behind… The mess will be there after I indulge in the warmth of these cozy blankets… The silence is soothing to my rattled nerves… I drift away into a world of sleep and silence.. 

quiet.png                  Night silence is like no other silence….

This day has drifted into night… The mess has all but disappeared… I am free from the rituals of my day.. I have watched as much television as my brain can handle… I am in search of a place to sleep… A place where my feather filled comforter awaits me.. I climb the stairs to my room, and once there I cuddle under the warmth of this comforter.. The chill will not find me, only the silence of sleep is welcomed here.. I take a deep breath in and feel my body sink into the bed around me.. For, now I am one with this silent place.. As I drift away, my mind has other plans for me… Thoughts crash into my space and fill my head with nagging questions and solutions to problems unsolved.. I roll  to my side in the hopes that the thoughts will not follow.. I turn again as a  flood of unsolved problems roll over me… I resist the calling of those questions and turn once more… I can not escape… Where has my silence gone?? I lay in the darkness letting the thoughts take over my sleep.. This night is long as I do my best to not answer the questions in my mind, and the sights I see when I close my eyes.. Finally, after hours of no sleep the silence comes to rescue me…  I dwell in silence till the morning light finds me tired and unable to face the day… Come again my friend, for you are welcomed… My silence… 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Till Thursday.. Well wishes to all.. 🙂 🙂


DSCN2376.JPG     An Orbit trailer.. I was not too familiar with this make..

This is my banter for Wednesday October 2nd…

Before I go into my writing, I wish to apologize for having no post on Tuesday October 1st.. The internet was down and I was unable to do anything at all.. 🙁 

Hello everyone:: I hope all of you great people are well on this day.. I seem a photo of Montana and Alberta, and they had a real dumping of snow.. Wow.. I’m happy I don’t live there… Last night in my part of the world there was a pretty nasty thunder storm.. The lights flickered a couple times as I started to write… The next thing I seen was darkness and the internet was pooched.. When the lights turned back on a few minutes later, the internet was no longer operating.. But, thanks to the repair man, the problem has been fixed.. I’m up and running again.. Today has brought a day of heat.. Thirty plus, and after the rain we received last night it’s like walking into a sauna.. Sticky, muggy and gross… The plants will love this day for sure.. It’s funny Wednesday is calling for a high of thirteen.. What a difference.. Cook one day and freeze on the next day.. Wow!! Crazy!!!

DSCN2381.JPGTastefully decorated and clean lines.. I  love the light fixture..


The couple that did this trailer did the best they could to keep this trailer as original as possible.. I think they did a wonderful job.. 🙂   I hope those that seen the football sports noticed that Vontaze Burfict was up to his usual dirty strikes.. His head bunt actions have left him in hot water, and I mean hot… Vontaze has beeen warned many times over, and over… But, this was the last straw… Vontaze has been suspended… There is no room is sports for those kinds dirty shots… Right now I am watching the 2019 World Championship of darts.. It looks like most of the crowd is not paying a lot of attention to the players.. Lots of milling around is going on in the stadium… The event looks intense as the players concentrate on each toss of the darts.. There is lots of activity in the crowd as a winner is taking his bow… Job well done… Can you tell I am bored?? Well, I am.. I ended up yesterday with a nasty migraine head ache and today is the left over pain of the second day… I think it was from the storm that rolled in last night.. By the looks of the skies outside the window, it’s going to rain again… 

DSCN2320.JPG        This trailer is a Glendette….

It would seem that this trailer is very old.. I have never seen a fifth wheel trailer like this.. Mostly because I had no idea they were made back then.. The husband and wife who have owned this trailer for what seems like a hundred years, frequently use this trailer to this very day… Unlike the new ones of now.. The bedroom has a full look out over the dining area.. The kitchen is well thought out with plenty of room for a growing family.. The bathroom is quite roomy and has a tub in it.. It would be a trailer with the possibility of living in.. I wish I could have seen this trailer in it’s day, as it rolled off the assembly line.. She would have been beautiful… After all, old things are just as dependable as the new, maybe even more dependable.. And much easier to fix… I will be adding a couple photos of the inside, and you will be able to see what I mean as far as the interior.. It’s better if you actually are inside the trailer in person.. The truck that hauls this fine living quarters on wheels is a mere two years younger than the trailer..

DSCN2323.JPG DSCN2322.JPG      Total comfort away from home…

It was a blast being able to write my word tonight and share them with you all.. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great day on Wednesday.. Till later.. Live life to the fullest… 🙂 🙂

I want to thank my readers who come to read my words… Thanks so much… 🙂 🙂   Enjoy my photos.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thanks for gracing my world… 🙂 🙂






Visiting the garden (4)

DSCN1044 (2).JPG        You can’t see me….

Sally and Jody had bought a surprise for the children after they had eaten their supper. Everyone walked down the lane to wait for the bus to drop Tory off. Sally politely asked the bus driver to allow Amber to get off at Tory’s house, just this one time.

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Out of the fog (3)

fog 3.jpg          The fog……

Felisha had done fantastic on her courses to get her driver’s licence. She came home and took her mother for a drive in order to prove to her that she was a safe driver. After they returned home Felisha’s mom gave her permission to drive on the oval race track.

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Glam Camping (5)

dinner glamping.jpgfood glamping.jpg

glamping .jpgglam camping.png

Glam camping will give you a lot of options.  You can eat out doors and your meal come with your own waiter.   Then later you can enjoy a glass of wine while you sit in a hot tub and watch the sun go down.   🙂 🙂

Foster and Mabel were so happy when the children asked them to be their nanna and papa. The closeness they have is very rare, and Roxanne seen that connection. She wanted the children to have what they had never had till this point in their lives.

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Glam Camping (4)

glam bath.jpgGlam Camping has everything you could possibly want.

Donald and Roxanne had planned their last day at camp. The day had started out with the walk around the park to look at other styles of camping. As it would be, the family met a wonderful couple who right away became their new friends. Foster and Mabel became an instant part of their family. 

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Sonya Roche’s world (7)

lady                       Valentines Day Dinner’s-world-7

Sonya and Georges visit to the hospital to visit Liz was very revealing as far as Liz’s health was concerned. The doctors where hoping that with medication Liz would have a better chance of keeping her remaining kidney. George and Sonya were going to the church every other day asking God to heal Liz.

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David JP Weitherington VI (1)

Aiden .jpgTyping

There are some people born with names, that make them stand out more than others. What really is in a name?

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Ella Louise Parker (4)

083_83.JPGRoads well-travelled.                                                       Photo by: Mags


Ella was feeling much better as gramee explained to her about cancer. Gramee was going on the caravan trip with Ella and her parents. Life had a brand new look.

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