Spooky day…

IMG_0570.JPG   Spider webs… A staple of this scary time of the year..


This is my story for Thursday October 31st.. Halloween..

This is an exciting day, filled with anxious energy… The night of spooky things, goblens, and creatures that go bump in the night.. This school day is none like no other.. Children parade down the halls and around the school showing off their costumes.. Everyone is anticipating the announcement from the office on the best costume of the day.. Their smiles, and giggles echo in the hall ways, as they make their way back to their classes.. The verdict will be in soon, and someone will be crowned the winner.. Meanwhile in their classrooms a party is going on.. Masks have been removed and the students have returned.. Their smiling faces and their endless energy is only a sample of what awaits the parents in the evening hours.. There is endless chatter coming from each classroom in schools all over the world.. Teachers dressed in costume of old and new… Teachers do their best attemept to gain silence.. 

IMG_4535 (3).JPG       Waiting and wondering what comes next…

The snacks have been put out on a large table, and the punch is waiting to be served.. A large bowl of candy has the attention of several students.. The scence has been set for the party to begin.. Instructions on the party rules have been said, and now the party begins.. Snacks are devoured by what seems to be hungry children.. The games begin, will the apple bobbing fun be topped by a winner.. Clean towels await the dripping faces of the contestance.. I wonder who will be the one to bite that apple and claim the prize?? 

DSC_0488.JPG   Houses get ready for the children who soon will be there..

DSC_0508.JPGHomes are dressed with spiders, webs, scary creatures, and not so scary ones..

DSC_0511.JPGThe reaper waits for the souls that he will steal this night.. The souls of frightened children..

There is no time to wait.. Soon the streets will be crawling with creatures of all kinds.. The classrooms are filled with echoed  voices.. There comes a bell, and everyone holds their breath.. The words come from a vanpire that has taken over the office, to the children’s delight.. The winner is announced, while long sighs are all that can be heard.. The staff is well trained, and awaiting their cues on what comes next.. The classrooms are cleaned up by all, and the last bell is soon to ring.. The day will be done and the parents will take over.. The excitement is high as the children head home.. The teachers have done their job well, and pitty the parents as their time is about to begin.. Ghost’s hang from trees, as darkness creaps in..

puzzled.jpgThe children sit in nervous tension, as they wait for the right time..

Scary faces are all ready to answer their doors, to the echo of ‘Trick or Treaters’ .. The time will come, and the fun will begin..

DSC_0221.JPG        Waiting and watching..

DSC_0179.JPG    Scary faces everywhere…

DSC_0019.JPG         The old crooked trees waits in silence…

DSC_0001.JPG     The mummy in his coffin waits for the fun to begin…


      A monster is seen trying to get in a house…

DSC_0401.JPG         This scary person just sits and watches…

DSC_0463.JPGA covenent of witches wait in the fog of the night, as ghosts dance over their heads…

The time is near and the witching hour is moments away.. The children are ready, and the gate is officianlly open.. Halloween Night has begun.. The streets are busy with parents and children hurrying from house to house.. The bounty of candy is waiting for  all of them this night.. The ability to keep candy away from their mouths is sometimes uncontrolable.. The sacks get heavy and the legs get tired.. The time to go home must be near..

20180313_232601873_iOS.jpg     I wait by my gate for ‘Trick or Treaters’ to arrive….

Yes, that is me as a witch.. Halloween is my time of the year.. I hear whispers as children walk away.. A witch lives in that house.. Did you not see??  She looked straight at me…

To all those parents out in the cold, I wish you a ‘Happy Halloween Night’…  🙂 🙂 

20180313_232601873_iOS.jpg  MAGS.. Thanks for stopping by.. See you all on Tuesday next week… 🙂 🙂  Be safe



DSCN2376.JPG     An Orbit trailer.. I was not too familiar with this make..


This is my banter for Wednesday October 2nd…

Before I go into my writing, I wish to apologize for having no post on Tuesday October 1st.. The internet was down and I was unable to do anything at all.. 🙁 

Hello everyone:: I hope all of you great people are well on this day.. I seem a photo of Montana and Alberta, and they had a real dumping of snow.. Wow.. I’m happy I don’t live there… Last night in my part of the world there was a pretty nasty thunder storm.. The lights flickered a couple times as I started to write… The next thing I seen was darkness and the internet was pooched.. When the lights turned back on a few minutes later, the internet was no longer operating.. But, thanks to the repair man, the problem has been fixed.. I’m up and running again.. Today has brought a day of heat.. Thirty plus, and after the rain we received last night it’s like walking into a sauna.. Sticky, muggy and gross… The plants will love this day for sure.. It’s funny Wednesday is calling for a high of thirteen.. What a difference.. Cook one day and freeze on the next day.. Wow!! Crazy!!!

DSCN2381.JPGTastefully decorated and clean lines.. I  love the light fixture..


The couple that did this trailer did the best they could to keep this trailer as original as possible.. I think they did a wonderful job.. 🙂   I hope those that seen the football sports noticed that Vontaze Burfict was up to his usual dirty strikes.. His head bunt actions have left him in hot water, and I mean hot… Vontaze has beeen warned many times over, and over… But, this was the last straw… Vontaze has been suspended… There is no room is sports for those kinds dirty shots… Right now I am watching the 2019 World Championship of darts.. It looks like most of the crowd is not paying a lot of attention to the players.. Lots of milling around is going on in the stadium… The event looks intense as the players concentrate on each toss of the darts.. There is lots of activity in the crowd as a winner is taking his bow… Job well done… Can you tell I am bored?? Well, I am.. I ended up yesterday with a nasty migraine head ache and today is the left over pain of the second day… I think it was from the storm that rolled in last night.. By the looks of the skies outside the window, it’s going to rain again… 

DSCN2320.JPG        This trailer is a Glendette….

It would seem that this trailer is very old.. I have never seen a fifth wheel trailer like this.. Mostly because I had no idea they were made back then.. The husband and wife who have owned this trailer for what seems like a hundred years, frequently use this trailer to this very day… Unlike the new ones of now.. The bedroom has a full look out over the dining area.. The kitchen is well thought out with plenty of room for a growing family.. The bathroom is quite roomy and has a tub in it.. It would be a trailer with the possibility of living in.. I wish I could have seen this trailer in it’s day, as it rolled off the assembly line.. She would have been beautiful… After all, old things are just as dependable as the new, maybe even more dependable.. And much easier to fix… I will be adding a couple photos of the inside, and you will be able to see what I mean as far as the interior.. It’s better if you actually are inside the trailer in person.. The truck that hauls this fine living quarters on wheels is a mere two years younger than the trailer..

DSCN2323.JPG DSCN2322.JPG      Total comfort away from home…

It was a blast being able to write my word tonight and share them with you all.. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great day on Wednesday.. Till later.. Live life to the fullest… 🙂 🙂

I want to thank my readers who come to read my words… Thanks so much… 🙂 🙂   Enjoy my photos.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thanks for gracing my world… 🙂 🙂






Papa and Nanna’s Place (3)

parker.jpg         Papa and Nanna with Parker…..


Life is a wonderful place to be when you have so much love and support. Grand-parents are a blessing sent from heaven to shower their grand-children in unconditional love. There is nothing a nanna would not do for the ones she loves. Nanna was a mom once or twice and the tiger in her will always be there to protect her loved ones.

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Out of the fog (5)

fog 5          The fog can mean something else…..


Felisha had made a truly great impression on the sponsors and she was looking forward to her first oval race in a matter of days. She had wowed everyone at the track. Being in her car for the first time made her feel at one with the car. The car suited her and her personality and together they fit like a tight leather glove.

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