margo 5.jpg              As Margo aged her interests changed…

This is my post for Thursday December 19th….

As Margo grew her interests changed.. She had wanted to play the guitar as she sang her songs.. By the age of eight Margo asked for her first guitar.. Dad took her to a well known music store… The owner of the store helped dad pick out the best guitar for Margo to start learning with… Dad also signed Margo up for lessons she would take at home… The owner, one of dad’s old class mates pulled down a guitar that was just right for Margo…. Margo was so super excited to have her first lesson… The lesson would be in a couple days, and Margo could hardly wait… Dad had shown Margo how to hold her guitar and how to strum it lightly… Dad used to play a guitar when he was in school, and he never forgot the basics.. Margo was so happy that her daddy was helping her…. To Margo her daddy knew everything, and he was her hero… As Margo was near her tenth birthday the guitar lessons she took had become almost like a second action for her… She was doing well in her school music class… She was singing with the choir and her voice was sweeter than ever… Margo received a solo part at a competition between area schools… Margo’s voice led the choir to the number one school choir in their area.. Now that they had won this competition they would be up against the winners of the whole province.. This competition was a big one, the prize for winning was a trip to Greece… Margo was determined to make sure their school won this competition for sure…

Margo had written a couple of songs so far… One of her songs was accepted by the choir for the competition… The song was about all the little children in the world… It told a story of sorrow, happiness and the love of others… While the song was being sang by Margo and the choir there was not a noise in the crowd… There were tears of joy mixed with sadness… Even the judges were taken to tears… Margret and William were beaming with pride as the first prize was given to the school choir… Margo had tears of joy, while the whole choir was hugging and laughing with pride… After Margo had written a song with such emotion she had a conviction to write songs from experience, and love… Some of her songs were very popular and could be heard by the local station… Margo would be an up coming star, but not till she was much older.. Mom and dad protected their little lady and encouraged her to write and sing as much as she wanted… They both had dreams of Margo getting her education for her future… 

Margo breezed through school, and was soon to graduate from public school… The next school year she would be on her way to high school… Margaret and William had a big pool party planned for all the graduation students and dinner with their parents and family… It was a gift to all the students that they knew so well… On the day of the graduation Margo looked so beautiful as she sang one of her songs to her graduation class and all the parents… Everyone was so proud of her and all the students…. 🙂 🙂 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Have a wonderful weekend, and I will join you all for a few words on Monday December 23rd… :0:)

Skunk’s here…

DSCN2003.JPGThis is a night photo that makes the light on the fence look like it has a shade on it…

This is my banter for Thursday October 3rd…

Hello everyone:: I trust all is well with everyone.. I hope your weather has been treating each one of you without body harm.. I know some of the weather conditions around the world have become volatile… You never know what conditions will be at any given time.. I really hope everyone is safe… Today was cold compared to the high temperatures of Tuesday.. The change is somewhat extreme.. I’m just hoping the weather is fair for my get away next week… And yes, I will be off from Saturday October 5th to Wednesday October 16th.. I will be putting in a post on Thursday October 17th… There is no internet where I am going… So posts will be out till I get back…

DSCN2368.JPG        This trailer’s paint job is very well suited to the interior.. 

This trailer did not have any make placed on it, so I am unable to give you the brand.. It did catch my eye with the white wall tires that accented the color… The interior will be shown in the next photo I post near the end of this post… You will see what I mean by the power of color…:)  As I sat writing Tuesday night, a familiar smell started to fill the Livingroom…. The smell started to make my stomach turn and feel pretty yucky.. I turned on the outside light, and pulled back the curtains… The inside door was left open and the outside door was closed… The smell had trapped it’s self behind the curtain and the space between the open door and the closed door.. As soon as I opened the curtains the smell was intense… I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt tails.. I coughed, and pinched my nose tightly.. I had a vulgar taste in my mouth from inhaling that putrid smell… I had to go outside to place a bright flash light on the railing to cover the back yard.. Skunks do not like the bright light.. I sprayed the sweet smell of baby powder between the doors and stepped out doors.. The smell was right there at the door.. It was like the skunk sat right outside the door.. I wonder if he was there for dinner?? I banged the floor with my walking stick… I looked to the left then the right.. I cautiously made my way to the railing, and scanned the yard.. There he was making his way to the hole he had come in through.. I yelled, “Get lost.” He turned to look at me as I shone the light in it’s face.. You could tell he wasn’t impressed at all.. He turned and went on his way.. I placed the flash light on the ledge, and put the gate closed..

DSCN2371.JPG          This is the inside of that beautiful trailer above..

I made my way inside, and left the curtain open a bit… One of the puppies had heard something outside and made a small woof… I looked towards the window only to notice it was pouring buckets of rain.. I jumped to my feet in a panic.. The flash light was out there in this down pour, and I did not want it to get wet inside.. I slipped on my clogs and opened the door.. Sliding on the wet outdoor carpet I was at the railing in a matter of seconds.. The rain was running down my neck, which made me shiver.. The light was still on but it was soaked.. I shook the rain off and turned to head back inside.. I could feel the wet soaking my shirt.. It was a cold rain and not a warm one.. My hair was becoming wet and drippy.. There is nothing so sexy as wet messy hair.. I looked like a model running for her life.. I slipped again, and slowed my pace.. I entered the house and shook my head to get rid of some of the  rain.. There on the couch were three puppies staring at me like I was crazy.. I removed my clogs and wiped the flash light with paper towel.. The flash light was not hurt by the pouring rain.. I must have saved it just in time… I wiped my hair with a towel and found spot on the couch with the puppies.. They didn’t seem to care that I was wet and my hair was a mess.. That’s why I love my dogs.. It don’t matter to them what I look like.. They take me just the way I am.. They love me..

The rain was still pouring down, and I was safe inside… I wonder how wet the skunk was now… Teach him for visiting our yard.. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.. This lady is on her way.. Till later.. Stand for what you believe… 🙂 🙂 

I would like to take this time to thank all my readers for visiting my site.. Thanks!! 🙂 🙂   Enjoy the photos that I have posted for you.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Thank for being here… 🙂 🙂



Detective Files (8)

detectivess.png      Finding clues that no one else can see….

Being a detective is important to a murder scene. Along with the coroner, forensics, officers, witnesses, and signs left by the killer. The detective can begin to solve the crime committed against another human being. That’s what Winslow and maybe Sidney were going to do as their new careers. 

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Detective Files (7)


      Detective on the case….

True love was in Sidney’s heart, but would he ever win Anette’s heart. Winslow had spoken to Sidney about a killer he had to profile. This was a tricky one, and one of those you can’t forget. Another young ladies body was left for the police.

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Amateur Sleuths (1)

detective 4.jpg                                                Amateur Sleuths…

As a younger child our main character in this story had read many kinds of books. The books that were read where ones of the detective who solved the mystery of who did it. The detective who solved the mystery of the missing person, or object. 

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Renovations (5)

trailor.jpg     We renovate to add our flair to the inside and the outside.

Renovation is a way to express yourself, a way for your property to stand out from others. Tyler Adams as a young child had always wanted to have his own trailer, and travel as much of the world as he could. His dream at such a young age would have made people just brush it off as an over active imagination. Continue reading “Renovations (5)”