Choices ( 5 of 5 )

For Heather and Frank, a baby was on the way, and the relationship they had lost seemed to be coming back. Heather’s dad was sick, and needed to be put in a home , and there was the mystery behind the box.

The box contained something that made both Heather and Frank freeze in their tracks. They both stood there, like they had seen a ghost, frozen and shaking. “What was in that damn box?” Heather turned her gaze towards Frank, “Frank what is that in the box?” “Do you have any idea what this is all about?” Frank asked Heather. “Did you see the person who left box on the stoop?”  Heather was flabbergasted, and did not know what to say. “I assumed the mailman did, I did not see the person.” Heather was getting a little bit on the angry side, and she let Frank have it right between the eyes. Frank fell back in the chair he was sitting in and the box went flying off his lap, now his nose was bleeding. He was stunned, and in disbelief that Heather would do such a thing. “Why did you do that?” he asked. Heather looked at him as if she was going to hit him again. “I did it because you are not listening to me, I’m telling you the truth.” she replied. “Boy,” “you pregnant ladies sure can give a good wallop, and I’m sorry Heather.”  “I’m just worried about what is inside this package, I’m really freaking out.” Frank said.nose.jpgFrank hugged Heather, and said, “I love you slugger.” Heather started to laugh, and said, “don’t forget it hubby.” Frank went over and picked up the box, there was a  red stain now on the carpet. Frank said, “we have to figure out why these severed fingers came here?” The fingers had been cut off with what looked like a hand saw, they were almost shredded that’s why there was so much blood. “Did anyone call here today?” Frank asked . “Actually, there was a call and no one was on the line, and when I answered they hung up.” “I didn’t even think anything of it.” Heather explained. It was very late, and Frank had to get sleep before tomorrow rolled along.  He closed the box, and put it in the fridge to keep it cold. phone Frank woke early in the morning, and made his way to the refrigerator, the box was still there and okay. Heather came into the kitchen in time to catch him checking on the box. “The box is okay Frank, it will still be there when you come home from work.” Heather said with a slight chuckle. Frank came over to her, and kissed her on the cheek. “If anyone calls or comes here about this box, call me and let me know right away, and you keep the doors locked.” “I want you to be safe honey.” Frank said.  Heather winked at him saying, “I could slug who ever comes to get it.” Frank chucked, saying, “see you later honey, love you.” Heather locked the doors behind him, and headed to the sofa with her coffee, toast, and a soft-boiled The day seemed to drag on for Heather, she had watched all her TV shows, done the dishes, and got dressed. Frank would be home in an hour, and dinner needed to get started. Heather lent up against the counter, and wonder what she could make for dinner. She stood in front of the freezer, staring inside at all the food she had bought a few days ago. “Oh I know bacon, and eggs for dinner. She had a craving for bacon, was this a little boy in her belly? At that moment she felt the baby move for the first time. Heather rubbed her belly in the hopes the baby would move again. Frank would be so happy if he could feel the baby kicking. There would be lots of time for him to feel the baby moving around. Heather set the table for dinner then started to cook. Frank opened the door, and scared Heather a little bit, she turned towards him with a spatula Held high in the air. “Hi honey, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Frank said as he kissed her cheek. breakfast.jpgBreakfast was done, and Frank was helping Heather with the dishes, a loud heavy knock came on the door. “I wonder who that could be?” Frank asked as he headed for the door. He looked through the peep-hole, and seen a burly man standing on the stoop. He cautiously opened the door, and said, “may I help you?” The man, said, “I’m sorry for bothering you, but did you get a box delivered here, yesterday.” His voice was gruff, and deep, he looked like a hitman. Frank told him that they had received the box at their place, The man explained that it was supposed to be delivered to his house around the corner.”  “I can get it for you, we looked at the address, and realized it was not ours.” “We were going to give it back to the delivery man , but my wife did not see him today.” Frank said. The man waited for Frank to bring the box to him, he said “thanks.”  and turned to leave. Heather and Frank just stood staring at each other, and did not say a word. They spoke of the box, the man and could not believe what was in the box. Heather told Frank the baby had moved that day. Which made Frank hold her belly and watched him talk to the baby. Heather had a set of twins, which was a shock for both of them, but the twins made them very happy. A boy and a girl, a millionaire’s family. twins3.jpgFrank and Heather never heard from the burly man again, but every time they took the babies for a walk they would see the house where he lived.

The end.

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