Cool down

Heat has ravished the earth causing a strain on the power supply. Transformers have blown because of the heat and demand for power.

People are sitting in fountains to keep cool. Pools are filled with children and adults even pets are struggling to find cool places. Seniors are at risk if they don’t have a cool place to hang out in. Emilie is one of the many seniors who have no air conditioning nor a pool to lounge around in. Emilie has a bathtub which is hard for her to get in and out of. There are not too many things she can do to make herself cool.
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Emilie’s neighbour Janice would come over to make sure she was okay and take her out to the mall every day so she has some escape from the heat in her home. Her son Robert keeps a close eye on his mom too, he takes her to the beach to cool off in the water. Emilie loves her time spent at the beach with her son. The water is cool and Robert cracks jokes, tells her funny stories and, makes her forget the heat for a few hours. After the beach, Robert takes his mom for dinner and a movie at the old theatre in town.  He loves his mom but the sad part of the heat is he can’t take her to live with him. Because there is no air conditioning in his apartment and the heat lives there too.
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Janice had been sitting home when she came across an article that gave different ways to keep cool in the heat. The list in the article was quite amazing, and Janice was excited to check them out with Emilie. Janice called Robert to invite him to his mom’s house later that day. Janice explained to him what stuff they would need to try the list out. Robert was as excited as Janice. Robert called his mom and said we are having a kinda spa event at your house this afternoon, and to be ready for some fun.
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The time came around for Robert to come over to his mom’s place. Emilie kept wondering what Robert had meant by, “kinda spa day?” Richard arrived ahead of Janice. He came in with several items which made Emilie even more curious. “What are all those things for Richard?” Emilie asked. Richard would not tell her, he said, “you will just have to wait.” Emilie sat in her favourite chair and waited.
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Ding dong. The doorbell echoed through the house. Richard came tearing through the house to get the door. “Come on in my friends,” Richard said. Emilie could hear Janice’s voice say, “Hi Emilie are you ready for a spa day?”  Then Emilie heard a voice she did not know. “Hi Emilie,” the voice said. “Who are you?” Emilie yelled. “It’s me, Marley the little girl you used to babysit when I was a baby.”
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Both ladies came around the corner to see Emilie standing up with arms out to greet them with a hug. “Oh my god, you sure have grown, how’s your mom doing?” Emilie hugged Marley so tight her face became bright red. Marley said, “Mom is well and dealing with this heat as everyone else in the world is.” Emilie hugged Janice and she went to the kitchen to help Richard get things ready for the spa experience.
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Another person came to the door and Janice ran to answer the door. “Come on in,” she said. “Emilie this is Daisy, and she will help with the spa experience.” The two ladies disappeared into the kitchen before Emilie could say hello. Marley stayed with Emilie, talking about what Marley had done all those years. Janice and Daisy came in with three electric fans and placed them around the room. Richard came in with a folding table and set it up near his mom. Janice and Daisy walked in with two chairs and placed one chair on each side of the table. Richard came in with towels, baby oil, rubber gloves, and several shades of nail polish.  Daisy brought two-foot-baths with her, placing a foot bath on towels that were spread at Emilie’s feet.
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Richard brought in a bucket of warm water adding some to the foot bath. Daisy placed Emilie’s feet in the water. Daisy pressed a button and the foot-bath started to vibrate, as bubbles hurried to the surface of the water. “Wow,” Emilie said, “this feels so good.” Daisy sat on a small stool cleaning and clipping Emilie’s toenails. Daisy went over to the foot-bath in front of Janice and clipped and cleaned her toenails.
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Marley and Richard brought in face clothes that had been set in ice cold water. Richard said, “we are going to demonstrate different ways to keep cool in this heat if you have no air conditioning.” “Mom this cloth is cold and is to be placed around your neck to cool you down,” Emilie said, “awe that’s nice.” Richard placed one around everyone’s neck than one on himself. “Wow, this works!” He turned on the fans which cooled the neck clothes.
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Richard next got three bowls of ice and set them behind the fans, he asked, “can you feel the cool coming from the fans?” “Yes,” everyone said. “Check, this one works,” Richard said. Daisy had cleaned the feet of both ladies and was applying his mom’s light pink polish to her toenails. His mom looked so happy and cool.
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Richard went to the kitchen bringing plates of cheese, meats fruit, fresh buns, dips and, condiments. He placed all the goodies on the table and returned to the kitchen. This time he brought a tray of drinks with ice, topped with a punch and a skewer of different fruits on the top of each glass. The drinks looked so pretty that the girls sat staring at them. Janice took a picture of the table as well as the ladies with drinks in hand. She added those photos to the ones she had been taking since she arrived. Janice had plans to create a photo book for Emilie to keep as a memory of spa day.
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The whole day was a big success and all the cooling items had worked better than Richard thought they would. The room had dropped to a comfortable temperature.
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So if you are battling the heat and need to feel cool try one or all of the ways to cool down. Also not demonstrated was a cold basin of water with ice to put your feet in. feet in water - Copy.jpg
The end.
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