Coventry Lake (1)

sandy.jpgSun, sand and refreshing water…..

The best part of vacation is the beach and being away from home. Camping in the trees, or by the water. Nothing beats an inviting location to vacation.

The moon cast a shimmering glow across Coventry lake. The night was dark and quiet, except for the faint sounds of seagulls squabbling, over some ones dis-guarded French fries. A rat could be seen scurrying in the shadows, cast by the dimly lit lamp post. There was a crash, that sounded like some one or something knocking over garbage cans. The screeching of a cat could be heard, that sounded like the animal was in a fight for it’s life. The trees seemed to be whispering the eerie sounds of pain and devastation. A phone rang loudly in the near distance. No one answered it, as it rang again and again. Dead silence. Not even the moaning, and creaking of the trees could be heard. It sent a chill up Donavon Mitchel’s spin as he could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand straight up. Donavon turned a squinted as he caught a glimpse of a figure that looked like a man in the distance. The figure never moved, and stood starring right at Donavon. The fear he felt was nothing, he had ever felt before.  His heart was pounding, as he began to sweat profusely. Donavon’s legs where shaking, as he in-hailed the stench filled the air. A smell so putrid that it made his stomach turn. He dispelled the reminiscence of his supper all over the ground in front of him. Where was that odder coming from? He couldn’t figure it out.. ‘CRASH.’ There was a loud crash just behind him. His mind kept telling him to run, but his shaking legs would not respond. In his mind he was challenged with turning to see what made the noise, or running to seek shelter or help. There was no time to run, as he stood there waiting for what ever it was standing behind him.

scard.jpg       Holly crap…….

Morning had come to Coventry City, and the day looked to be the best one of the year. A breeze blew lightly into town, off the lake , as city goers were making their way back and forth from shop to shop.  Coventry City was a destination city, with everything a vacationer could want. Sandy beaches, food, great hotels, night life, and friendly people. The beach was covered with warm white sand, inviting beach chairs, palm trees, and miles of beach front. Hotel rooms filled up fast, as soon as the season opened. Beach rentals were usually rebook by visitors from previous years. Some of the residence had opened their homes as ‘Bed and Breakfast’ businesses, so they could cash in on the seasonal volume. Where ever you went people talked about the beauty of Coventry City. From the beaches to the old world charm of the shops that dotted the main street and beach front streets. Anyone could find a deal, if you haggled long enough. Then there was the food. It didn’t matter what your taste was, Coventry had several places that catered to the pallet, and desires of the customers. Phillip Ripley and his wife Yolanda would often camp out on their apartment balcony and watch as vacationers, wandered the main street exploring for that one gift for someone at home. Yolanda loved some of the fashions worn by ladies. She would imagine herself dressed in their outfits, while shopping on main street. Phillip just poked fun at the cultural differences of the visitors. They were all different in their own way. Different shapes and sizes, languages, and preferences. Some visitors never said a word and seem to designate one person as the communicator for their group of friends. No matter how you put it, the sight was amazing.

city.jpg      Busy place…..

Donavon was close to passing out, when something dug it’s hand/paw into his shoulder. The pain made Donavon scream. He could not see what was behind. He tried to turn his head to see what it was, but each time he tried the claws dug deeper into his flesh. Donavon passed out from the pain. His body was dragged away, leaving not even a speck of blood behind. What was this thing and where did it take Donavon. No one had heard his screams for help, and he just vanished…… Jack and Wayne were up with the dawn. They often worked in the forest cutting and removing the dead wood and down trees. That was how they made their money, by selling the fruits of their labors, to those who needed wood for heating homes, and bond fires. They did okay and fair living off the forest. The forest was unusually quiet on this beautiful day. There were not even the sound of birds, squirrels, bugs, nothing. There was just a smell that made their eyes water and their stomachs feel sick. Jack heard the cracking of branches just off in the distance. Wayne got his riffle from the pick up truck and aimed in the direction of the noise. Wayne yelled. “Don’t you come any closer…. Or I will shoot.” Jack had his eyes peeled for who ever it was in the bush. The crackling of the branches on the ground stopped. Jack grabbed his binoculars from under the seat of his truck. He scanned the horizon and all of a sudden he froze. There was a pair of eyes starring right at him and Wayne. Jack handed the binoculars to Wayne, and told him to look right where he was pointing. Wayne could not believe what he had seen. Wayne yelled to Jack. “We need to get out of here right now…. It’s coming!”  Jack put the truck into drive and hit the gas. Making the truck dig up the sand from the forest floor.  Jack looked out his rear view mirror, at all the dust being created by the truck. As he sped along, all he could see  as the dust settled, was a large tall outline of something. If it was a man it did not look like one he had ever seen. They sped down the road towards the Coventry camp grounds, they could not find the words to explain what they saw.

thC2VD4KO5          Shadows of ??????

Phillip and Yolanda had figured it was time for them to mingle with the crowds of visitors. Phillip dawned his best pair of shorts, and a crisp white shirt with a bear embroidered on the pocket. Yolanda dressed in a pale yellow dress, with flat black shoes, and a wide brimmed hat with spring flowers on it. They both looked spiffy in their summer attire. As they walked down the stairs they could hear voices coming from the street. There were people everywhere. Laughing, and talking loudly. Phillip was almost ready to turn back into the building, when Yolanda grabbed his arm and pulled him along. The sounds of children were everywhere, and in every shop. Children were begging their parents for that cool toy, or a treat from the ice-cream shop. Yolanda thought it was cute to see the inventive ways the children used to get what they wanted. Phillip just figured a good pat on the bottom would stop all that nonsense. But, no matter what you thought of their antics, these children were good and had their moves down to a science. It was like watching a well choreographed, musical. Stomping, shaking, crying, and throwing ones self on the floor, and kicking. The parents, most all the time caved into their off spring. This always made Phillip and Yolanda laugh and giggle. It felt like they were at a comedy review. It definitely was the highlight of their day. After a quick dinner, and they made their way down by the lake, which was filled with sun bathers, and swimmers. As the sun started to set on the horizon. All the crowds had left except for a young couple who were making out on the beach. Phillip and Yolanda were still there, talking about when they were young and how free they were with their emotions. The moon cast it’s light across the lake in Coventry City…..

beach.jpg  The beach and watching the sun go down…..

Drop by tomorrow as we follow the mysterious creature, and the City of Coventry. See you then…..  🙂

Here it is the start of yet, another week. This is the last Monday of April 2019. Where has the time gone? May is two days away. It amazes me how quickly time rolls by like the ticking of the clock. My weekend wasn’t too busy. Did a late Birthday dinner with the family at a pub on main street. The food was not too bad, but I didn’t see anything that would bring me back there. It was a grand old building, that had a two bars that pretty much filled the rooms. Today was fairly warm as the sun shone directly on you, but the breeze was quite cool. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend with your families. Take care of those you love, and yourself… Stay safe…. Catch up to you later..  🙂

I would like to thank you all my awesome followers, readers, and visitors who take the time out of their busy day to read my stories.. Thanks!    🙂  🙂

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