Coventry Lake (10)

lake      Beautiful lake in the early evening……..

John and Devin had made their way to the van which contained the trail cameras. They had one dozen armed officers with them, just in case the creature appeared. Screams could be heard in the distance, then there was silence.   Everyone had gotten an up close look at the creature. Was this really the gate keeper of hell?

With all the trail cameras securely place through out the site where they had seen the creature. John and Devin were sure that they would have results. Tomorrow would be a recovery search, and these cameras may give them the upper hand in at least locating Amanda’s body, and any other bodies that were missing. John needed to get some shut eye, and Devin needed the same. At sun rise tomorrow the search teams would meet together at the outer fence of the forest. John and Devin had planned on going in with armed guards and retrieve all the cameras from the forest area. The van that they had arrived in was equipped with electronic devises that are used to develop the digital film in the cameras. This way they would have their proof right away. The day was quite hot, and there was barely any breeze to speak of as John, Devin and the armed officers made their way into the forest. The heat made the smell permeate the air that moved slowly through the trees. The stench was over whelming, and everyone had to place masks on their faces. Slowly they moved through the under brush of the forest. Trying very hard to not attract attention. In this place the one they would attract was the creature, and no body knew how hungry he would be at that moment. This creature was smart, and as sly as the devil himself. It could stalk it’s prey and when the time was right he made his move without anyone knowing it was there. It never seemed to leave any foot prints on the ground, and almost seemed to be invisible. Devin wondered if this creature had special powers that gave him the ability to vanish. With the estimated weight of the creature he should be making rather deep imprints in the soil. Every animal Devin had ever dealt with had some kind of foot print, why didn’t this one. The first few cameras were placed gently in the back packs the officers wore. John had documented the location of each camera.  He would know with the help of the cameras just where the lair of the creature was hidden.

lari.jpg       The way to the gates of hell………

As the group started to make their way back to the safety of the outer forest, Devin could hear the sound of branches breaking. Who ever was breaking those branches was not far away, and it looked like they were headed their way. John scanned the trees and could see dust flying in the air, like something was fighting or rolling in the dirt. That made no sense, why roll in the dirt? Was it to mask the smell or change the color of the creature? No one wanted to stick around to find out what was out there. The armed officers were on the move, and didn’t look back. Devin and John were right behind them, when John tripped over a tree root and landed face down in the forest brush. Devin turned to help him up, but they had no time to run and would have to climb a tree as high as they could and stay as still as possible. John and Devin would soon get a birds eye view of the creature. It was only seconds till the creature was right under the tree they had climbed to escape. The smell of the creature caught Devin off guard, as he placed his hand over his mouth. His mouth filled with the vomit that had just been expelled. Devin wanted to spit on the ground, but there was no way he could do that. They both would end up as the creatures mid-day treat. Devin braced himself as he swallowed back his breakfast. His face was distorted as the liquid and chunks made their way back into his stomach. John wanted to do the same thing but fought back the urge. Devin readjusted his footing on the branch he was on, and when he did a piece of bark broke loose from the tree. John and Devin watch helplessly as the piece of bark whirled it’s way down to earth.


The piece of bark landed right on the arm of the creature, and it swung it’s head looking side to side then down and up. Oh crap… It seen them. Devin and John could see the bright red fire in it’s eyes. It’s hair had matted from rolling in the sand, leaving the hair looking like dreadlocks fanning out away from it’s face. The mouth opened, to reveal razor sharp teeth, and fangs that hung over the bottom lip. It stared at Devin and John as they looked eye to eye with terror. The creature moved slightly up against the tree trunk, and John expected the worst. “Hold on for Devin.. It’s going to sway the tree.” John yelled, as a great thud was felt through the tree trunk, and all the way along the branches. Devin was wrapped around the upper tree trunk. He had his nails embedded into the groves in the trunk. John was perched higher than Devin and had taken his belt and secured his feet to the branch as he clasped his hands together and intertwined his fingers. The tree began to move from side to side, as the creature watched them while they clung to the tree. John let out a wail that normally could be heard for a city block, but not this time. The foliage was acting like an insulator and muffled the sound. John figured if he could get his gun out of the holster he could fire off some shots to make the creature run away. The tree started to calm down and John grabbed for his gun. He recklessly fired at the ground, in a hail of bullets and one of the bullets hit the creature on the foot. John watched in amazement as the bullet bounced off the creatures matted hair. It was like it was wearing armor. John waited as he watch the creature speed away, and disappear.  John got on his walkie talkie and asked for help… Soon there were twelve armed officers keeping vigil, as Devin and John found their way down the tree to the ground. “Thank God!” Devin said as he wiped the sweat from his eyes. John told the officers that he had winged the creature in the foot, but the bullet bounced away. The team moved quickly out of the forest and into safety. John told all the searchers to go home, and he would inform them on the search tomorrow. Devin and John spent most of the day watching the recordings from the cameras. Up to that point they had not seen the lair of the creatures. It would likely take a few more hours before they were finished. John and Devin took a break to get something to eat.

eat.png        Eating dinner….

After dinner, John and Devin headed back to the van and continued their search. On one of the recordings the creature had looked straight into the camera, and all you could see were the eyes of fire red. It was haunting to look straight back into those eyes, and John could feel the hair on his neck stand right up. Devin looked away in fear. This thing was smart and was playing with them, and needed to stop it before something else happened. The second tape for the end gave John and Devin a glance at the lair. There were bones scattered all around the outside of the lair. The head of a man could be seen just inside the opening. Devin ejected his meal into the garbage can.. He could not hold his stomach, and at this rate he will have lost weight when this was all over. John carefully examined the close points of where the lair was located. He mapped out a crude looking drawing of the area. Tomorrow they would be better prepared to deal with this demon from hell. Devin had suggested to dart the creature then put him to sleep for good. John said that was exactly what he had in mind. John connected with the veterinarian, and asked if they could talk with him right away. They went to the clinic and showed the vet what they were dealing with, and wondered if tranquilizer darts would knock this creature out. The vet explained that he would have to make up some darts of a very high dose of drugs. He explained that it would take at least ten darts to put this thing down and asleep. John told the vet that the skin of the creature was covered with hair, and it was like armor. The vet said that he would meet John and Devin at the police station in the morning and show them how to use a dart gun.

dart gun.jpg         Dart gun……

The next morning the vet met some officers, Devin, and John at the police station. He began by explaining the mechanics of the dart gun, then he showed everyone the darts, and instilled the importance of accurate shooting. He explained the serum, in these darts would kill a man in a matter of minutes if poked by the dart. He showed the proper gloves to wear, and had the men practice with dummy darts at the shooting range. John and Devin had mastered the dart gun and so had the twelve officers. The vet pointed out the points to hit in order to bring the creature down. Practice took place on a dummy of the thing, and the red points that needed to be hit. The vet told everyone that he would be with them through the hunt. Once things had been settled, everyone was off to the place John had crudely mapped out. Devin told the vet that the smell was a major thing and he would need to wear a mask over his nose and mouth. John mentioned the conditions they would be travelling through to get to the site. The vet acknowledged the conditions and they were off to hunt down the creature from hell. Once on location the team made their way to the area, and waited for something to happen. They talked and joked as if they were just walking through the forest. Only John and Devin stood in the opening while everyone else hide out of sight. They were the bate and needed to run towards the others at a moments notice, before the shooting began. John laughed loudly as if he was having fun, as Devin chimed in on the action. The officers with the heat sensor gun had seen the creature coming their way and let the men know. They gave second by second footage that was left till impact. The creature entered the opening, and everyone fired. One dart hit the creature in the eye, and it raised it’s huge hand and pulled the dart from it’s eye. Another dart hit the right cheek then the left. The other eye was hit twice, and the creature was failing around trying to remove the darts. The darts just kept coming one after the other, until the creature lay on the ground not moving. Devin moved a head to see if it was asleep or dead. The creatures arm moved and tossed Devin several feet away from the group. John ran after Devin to see if he was okay, but Devin was out cold from the impact with the tree. John stayed with him as the shooters laced the creature with another couple rounds of darts. The hits were on spot and the creature was not moving nor breathing any more. The creature looked like pin cushion. The darts guns had done what they were made for, and the threat to Coventry Lake was over.

monster 2.jpg    The creature was no longer a threat….

Devin had been sent to the hospital and spent a couple days in the place for observation. He had a broken arm in two places, a broken leg, and a few broken ribs. John and his officers found the lair, and recovered the remains of several people, and one of them was Amanda Pitt. Pictures had been taken of the creature before it was buried deep in the middle of the forest under tons of rock and soil. Many trees were planted on top of the grave. In memory for those who lost their lives because of the Coventry Lake Creature.

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