Coventry Lake (2)

lake.jpgThe beauty of a sandy beach………

Coventry Lake is a popular vacation destination. Vacationers return each year to enjoy the ambiance of this older style city. The shops draw all kinds of busy shoppers. Aquiring a place to stay during vacation time is a feat in it’s self. 

Jack and Wayne had made there way to the Coventry Campground to warn the forest rangers about the figure they had encountered. They slowly made there way through the campgrounds to the ranger’s station, located just on the fringe of the forest. Jack and Wayne were shaking as they entered the Ranger’s Station. The ranger at the front desk smiled and asked what he could help them with. The ranger turned his eyes towards the faces of the two men that had just entered the office. Their faces were white pale, their eyes were wide, and you could see the concern and fear on their faces. They were shaking and stuttering with every word they forced from their lips. Jack and Wayne were in shock and they were making no sense at all. Ranger Devin Roberts gathered something was terribly wrong, so he called the chief of police John Milton to let him come talk to Jack and Wayne. Devin did his best to keep Jack and Wayne calm, but that seemed to be an impossible task. Wayne kept telling Devin that they had to leave, all of them. It was a puzzle that the police chief might have a better chance at figuring out. Devin had some coffee made for the fella’s in the hopes they would settle down. Every time there was a bang, a knock on the door, or even the back fire of a car. Jack and Wayne would hide under the desk or in a secluded corner of the room. This was strange behavior for two grown men to exhibit. There was definitely something wrong, and it was bad enough to affect the men. The police chief finally arrived and began to question Jack and Wayne. In between the mumbles and the hysteria John got the gist of the problem. “Devin.. It would seem that by the stories I have just been told… It would seem we either have a costumed forest person, or some kind of creature in the forest.” John explained.

monster.jpg     Man in costume…..

Back at the beach the sun was beginning to set, as Yolanda and Phillip snuggled together to watch the sun go down. The young couple who had been making out on the beach had now moved into the bushes, for more privacy. The evening was fairly quiet, except for the odd moan from the young couple. Phillip was getting a little frisky as he listened to the moaning in the bushes. Yolanda knew how all those sounds would effect her Phillip and suggested that they return home before long. Phillip wanted to see the sun go down first and snuggled Yolanda a little closer. The quiet was broken by a curious sound. It was like someone was tossing the garbage cans from their stands along the beach. Phillip stood to take a look in the direction the noise came from but, he saw nothing. He figured it maybe a bear rummaging through the garbage for food. Yolanda pinched her nose with her fingers, and said. “How could you do that Phillip without warning me?” Phillip looked at her. “It wasn’t me.. I didn’t make that stink.” He said. There was a heavy stench in the air, and it was making Yolanda’s stomach turn. Phillip grabbed Yolanda’s hand and began to walk away from the smell that lingered through the beach area. “It maybe someones sewer backing up.” He said to Yolanda, as they kept walking. A blood curdling scream was coming from the bushes where the young couple had gone to hide. The scream lasted for only a moment or two, then it stopped. Phillip started to make his way over to see if anyone had been hurt. Yolanda was hot on his heels, as they ran.

run.jpgRunning to help…..

John and Devin were trying to get the fellas, to show them where this person was and they out-rightly refused. Could you at least take us to where the road was that you came out of the forest on. Jack and Wayne agreed to show the ranger and police chief where the road was. John had everyone climb into the cruiser, and they started off in the direction of the sighting. Once they had reached the road into the forest, John asked if this was the place as he turned into the forest. As Devin turned to talk to Jack and Wayne his heart quickened. Both of the fellas where white as ghosts, and looked very sickly. “John…..Look” Devin said, as John looked through the rear view mirror. Jack and Wayne looked very ill, and John had to get them to the hospital and quick. The fear of seeing whatever it was had sent both of the men into total shock. The doctors at the hospital said. “Wayne kept mumbling… get them out.” He continued to say that Wayne and Jack had been sedated and were being watched closely. John and Devin had come to the belief, that this sighting was a prank being pulled on Jack and Wayne, as they worked in the forest. They had nothing else to go on, and there were no reports of anyone missing, or being killed in the area. Pranks like that have happened in the past, by co-workers, or high school kids. Not even Donavon Mitchel, had been reported missing. That was the first person who disappeared in the forest of Coventry City. The next day John stopped by the hospital to check on Wayne and Jack. They had a really bad night with bad dreams of something they had seen. They had woke up screaming, shaking and being violent to the point that they needed to be restrained. John had figured that they may have bought drugs off the streets, that may have been laced with another narcotic. Whatever it was it really did them wrong.

padded room.jpg        Person in restraints……..

Phillip was the first to go into the bushes, and Yolanda right behind him. They made their way into the bushes, to find a young man laying on the ground unconscious. There was no sign of the girl, and not a trace of blood anywhere. Phillip bent down to check and see if the young man was a live. His pulse was shallow but still there. Phillip touched his hand and the young man bolted up from the ground and called out for his girl friend. “Melissa” He repeatedly said. He looked franticly for her, but she was no where to be found. Phillip asked him what had happened, and Tanner (the young man) said something came out from behind the bushes and grabbed Melissa, and dragged her away. I tried to fight, but it hit me with the power of a horses kick and I passed out. “What did you see?” Yolanda asked. “I’m not sure…It was very large and smelled very bad. Phillip tried to find any drag marks on the ground, but there was nothing. No trace of the young lady Melissa. She had vanished.

girl being dragged.jpg

   Being dragged away……

Join me tomorrow as we follow, the search for Melissa. Did she run away? Or was she taken against her will?

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