Coventry Lake (3)

beach.jpg         Paradise………

Jack and Wayne have been put in restraints after becoming violent. There are now two people missing in the Coventry Lake area. Phillip and Yolanda went to see what, and where the scream had come from. Coventry City vacationers had no idea what was going on…

Tanner was sick with worry over Melissa being snatched from him, in a moment of passion. He had not seen what had hit him and knocked him out. All he knew for sure, was it packed a lot of power in that one punch. Phillip and Yolanda, tagged along with Tanner as witnesses, as they made their way to the police station. Tanner was not really one hundred percent sure that Melissa didn’t run away, but he knew something had a hold of her. Once they had arrived at the station, Tanner gave a report to the officer on duty. The officer could remember the chief John Milton, talking about the two men in the hospital, and how they had encountered something. Officer, Dan Wilson called the chief to fill him in on the unusual story he had been told. Chief Milton told Dan to keep the people there and he would return to the office in fifteen minutes. Officer Wilson asked Tanner and his friends to wait for the police chief, who would be at the station right away. Phillip figured that there might be something going on in Coventry City that was just starting to cause trouble. The body of the first person to be taken was Donavon Mitchel. No one had come forward to report him missing as of yet. Maybe he was just a drifter, in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And there was no way of finding out what happened to him. Yolanda sat beside Tanner trying to console him, and keep him calm. Phillip asked Tanner if Melissa’s parents were aware of Melissa’s disappearance. Tanner was in shock and couldn’t answer Phillip. Yolanda looked Tanner straight into his eyes, and asked him to write down the number for Melissa’s parents so they could call them. Tanner scratched the number on a piece of paper Yolanda had given him. Phillip took the number from Yolanda and dialed. The phone rang several times then someone answered. “Hello.” Phillip said. “Is this the Weldon residence?” He asked. “Yes.” A voice on the other end of the line said. Phillip continued to tell them who he was and why he was calling. He let them know that Tanner was with them at the police station, and that something had happened to Melissa at the beach. Phillip told them they were at the police station waiting for the chief of police to arrive, and if they wanted they could come to the station and he would fill them in on more.

can.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Police to the rescue…..

Tanner, Yolanda, and Phillip sat patiently waiting for the police chief and Melissa’s parent to show up. The clock seemed to be moving so slowly, and Phillip swore the clock had stopped.  The door to the police station flew open and Melissa’s parents hurried inside. Tanner was sitting next to Yolanda, and he was looking straight at the wall. He had no idea they were there. Melissa’s mom asked Tanner where Melissa could have gone? Tanner was unable to communicate with them, and he just starred at the wall.  “What is wrong with him?” Melissa’s mom asked. Yolanda told her that he was in shock, and was not making any sense. Melissa’s father grabbed Tanner by the shirt and shook him violently. “Where is my daughter.. what did you do to her.” He yelled into Tanner’s face. He started to call Tanner names that no one should have heard. Phillip stepped in between Tanner and Melissa’s dad. Tanner slumped into his chair and began to cry, and call out Melissa’s name. Yolanda put her arm around him and held him tightly and comforted him. Mr. Weldon went and sat in a seat by the vending machine, and waited for the police chief to arrive. Mrs. Weldon was sobbing in a Kleenex she had in her hand. Her husband sat with his arm draped over her shoulder. You could see he was angry and who he was aiming his anger at, and that was Tanner.  Yolanda thought that Melissa’s dad was trying to burn a hole through Tanner, just by the way he starred at him with such hatred. Where was the police chief and why wasn’t he there yet? The tension was so thick in the room that you could almost cut it with a knife. The door to the police station opened and there stood the chief of police, John Milton. His face looked flushed, like he had been running a race against time. John talked to the officer to get an idea of what was going on, and approached Tanner, and asked him to come in his office to talk. Tanner just sat starring, and repeating Melissa’s name. Yolanda took Tanner by the hand and led him into John’s office, followed by her husband Phillip. Yolanda sat on one side of Tanner and Phillip on the other. Yolanda started to explain what had happened. She told John that Tanner was in shock and she wondered if he should be taken to the hospital. Phillip explained that whatever hit Tanner knocked him unconscious, and that was how they found him after they heard a scream. Yolanda and Phillip had helped John understand what had happened, and how they were on the beach watching the sun go down. John let Tanner Yolanda and Phillip leave his office and called Melissa’s parents into his office.

fear.png         Fear on the face of a man…..

As Tanner passed by Melissa’s dad, her dad began to shout out profanity, at Tanner. Tanner did not respond as Phillip stood between the two of them. Mr. Weldon had an axe to grind and there was no mistaking who was his target. John asked Mr. Weldon to calm down and come in his office. John explained, until I can look over the site of the disappearance there would be no way to find out what happened. He told them at this point he could not say if it was an abduction or a case of a run away. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon left the office and went home to wait for a phone call from the John. Tanner was taken to the hospital and kept for observation, and was sedated so he could relax and get some sleep. John called, Ranger Devin Roberts and asked him to meet him on the beach as soon as possible. John, Yolanda, Phillip and a team of officers, went to the site of the disappearance. Once at the beach Phillip led John and his team officers to the spot where the young lovers had been hiding out. Large lights had been placed all around the area, making the beach look like it was day time. Officers with flash lights started to inspect the grounds outside of the site. Yolanda and Phillip could do nothing but look on from a far, as the team combed the area for Melissa.  So far there was no sign of her. As they kept searching, an officer called out. “John… come see this.” John hurried his way around the site to where the officer was standing. John pulled his large flashlight from his belt and shone it directly at the area in question. There, on the ground was a clump of blonde hair that had been torn from Melissa’s head. There was no blood, and John told the officer to bag the item. And John joined the foot search following  the line of direction John had figured Melissa had taken. He soon came across a set of girls foot prints on the shore of the beach by the water. John followed the foot prints for quite awhile, and could see a figure in the distance.

seeing.jpg Straining to see far ahead……

Join me tomorrow as we see if the figure in fact could be Melissa, or something else.

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