Coventry Lake (4)

alone.jpgAlone in the dark with nothing but fear……

It’s getting good….  One of the officers at the beach had found a clump of blonde hair outside the disappearance site. John had seen the hair and became a blood hound on the search for Melissa. Phillip and Yolanda stood helplessly on the side lines, unable to help with the search. 

John was like a blood hound, with his nose to the ground and his eyes on the surroundings. If Melissa was there he was going to find her and nothing was going to stop him. His reputation as a tough, dedicated and determined officer, made him what he is today.  Anyone could count on John to find that missing person or a prankster, antagonizing the people and vacationers who lived in Coventry City. There was something going on and John knew it was time put his plan into action. John made his way down the beach followed by several officers with their guns drawn. As John shone his flashlight on the ground then into the night. The darkness was thick like a English fog, and it was hard to see far ahead of you. As John shone his light on the damp sand, he could see foot prints. Foot prints that could be the bare feet of a young girl. He quickened his pace, as his officers ran behind him. There in the distance was a faint form of what he could not figure out. In his mind he was praying it was Melissa. John shone his flash light form side to side, then up in the air ahead of him. As his beam of light moved to right he could see something moving away from them. John kept going till the figure he saw became clear. Sitting curled up in a ball was Melissa on the cold damp beach. The water was washing over her feet, and she was sobbing uncontrollably. She was so afraid, and was trying to protect herself, as John called out her name. He hurried his pace and was soon sitting beside her on the damp sand of the beach. John placed his jacket over her shoulders, and put his arm around her and told her she was safe. Melissa slumped up against John, and kept repeating. “It is out there….It is out there.” John asked her what she meant, but she just kept repeating. “It is out there.” John called for an ambulance to come to his location, and gave the word that he found Melissa. The lights of the ambulance filled the night sky. In the distance John could see the out line of a large figure. He strained his eyes to get a better look, but it was gone. John knew now that there was something out there in the forest, and it needed to be found and stopped.


John watched as the ambulance drove off with Melissa safe, warm and on her way to the hospital. Ranger Devin had arrived at the beach and made his way to John. As they walked along the beach, John told Devin what he had seen in the dark. He explained to Devin, that if they had not arrived when they did Melissa would not likely be found alive. Melissa fought with all the strength she had and somehow managed to get away. She must have been running for her life by the looks of her feet that were cut up by what looked like forest brush. Melissa was one lucky girl. John vowed he would never let another girl go through what Melissa did. John and Devin made their way to the office where he called Melissa’s parents and told them the good news. He told them Melissa was safe and he would meet them at the hospital. John wanted to see how Melissa and Tanner were doing after their ordeal. He needed to get some kind of information on what he was dealing with. Devin and John made their way to the hospital. Melissa’s parents stood by her bed, as Melissa slept. As soon as they seen John they thanked him for finding their daughter and bringing her to safety. John nodded his head, and asked if Melissa had said anything to them? “Could you let me know if she says anything to you while you are here?” John said to Melissa’s dad, as he handed him a card with his number on it. Melissa’s mother was sitting on a chair holding tightly onto her daughter’s hand. She would not leave Melissa for a minute, and was great-full that John had found their daughter. John had done his job that evening, but he was concerned with what he had seen. Tanner was in his bed, and sitting up starring straight ahead. John tapped on the door frame and entered the room. Tanner didn’t acknowledge the fact that John and Devin had entered the room. They made their way to Tanner’s bed side, John told Tanner that Melissa was safe, and here in the hospital. Tanner turned his head towards John and Devin. He had tears streaming down his face, as he said. “Melissa.” “Yes.” John said to him. Tanner placed his face in his hands and sobbed tears of joy. Melissa was safe from whatever had tried to harm her. “Tanner…. I have to ask you a couple questions about what happened on the beach?” John asked.  Tanner shook his head as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

cry.jpgCrying tears of joy……….

As Tanner spoke John and Devin listened to every word he said. Tanner was very upset and there was no way of not seeing the pain, and fear on his face. Tanner explained how Melissa and him were at the beach, and how they had gone into the bushes so Phillip and Yolanda could not see them. Privacy was what they wanted and they found that in the bushes. Tanner told John how Melissa and him had been together for nearly five years, and how her father never approved. Tanner told John how he had never seen who or what it was, but it could pack a punch. John was wondering if Mr. Weldon had anything to do with the disappearance. Tanner was so happy to know that Melissa was safe. He thanked John over and over again. John would know more, when Melissa had awoken from her sleep.  Till then everyone was a suspect.  John stopped into Melissa’s room to see how she was then made his way to the nurses station to see how Jack and Wayne were doing. Jack and Wayne were not in good condition and they had become violent and no one could figure out why. They would be in the hospital for quite sometime to come. The ordeal or the drugs had done more damage then he could imagine. John and Devin left the hospital and drove to the police station. While there, they talked about what John had seen in the distance. John tried to make a sketch of what he had saw, but the sketch was very confusing to Devin. The sketch looked like a stick man with stick up hair on it’s head. It was too strange as Devin chuckled every time he looked at the sketch. John said. “I have never professed to be an artist.” “Well that would seem to be the case.” Devin said, as he began to laugh. John laughed as well, and they went on with plans to look further into the forest in the hopes to find what ever it was.


Police officer and Forest Ranger joining together…………

Join me tomorrow as we follow John and Devin as they plan to comb the forest to find what ever is out there…..

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