Coventry Lake (5)

beach.jpg   No place better than the beach…….

Melissa was found by John and his officers. John had caught a slight glimpse of a large figure in the distance. And when he turned to look again it was gone. John and Devin had combined teams and were planning a trip into the forest.

Tanner had perked up quite a bit when he had heard Melissa was safe and in the same hospital as he was. Melissa had not yet awaken for the medication she had been given. The shock of the whole ordeal had left her in a state of shock. Her mother was at her bed side, and spent all her time there. Now that she had her daughter back she was not going to leave her side. Melissa’s father on the other hand blamed Tanner for everything that had happened to his daughter. Mr. Weldon had always had a hate for Tanner. It was not that Tanner had done anything to him, but everyone believed, Tanner dating his daughter set a fire in Mr. Weldon’s craw. Mr. Weldon was a hard man with a quick temper that a lot of people knew about. His wife had even been heard saying that her husband was a very difficult man to deal with. It’s no wonder that John had put Mr. Weldon on his list of suspects. Tanner seemed like a nice kid who loved Melissa and would fight to keep her safe. It was obvious that he did try to help her and was knocked out cold by a powerful punch to the face. He did his best and as far as Mr. Weldon is concerned he really has no right to blame Tanner. Tanner still and always will carry the scares caused by physical and mental trauma. Melissa will carry even more trauma, with the mental image of the creature she fought with to get away. She had  bruises and scratches all over her body, and that memory will go away in time, but never be forgotten. Each person touched by the activity of this being/creature will suffer for many years to come.

memories.jpg    Memories come in the good, and the bad….

It was early in the morning, when John received an urgent call from Devin the forest ranger who was helping with the present case. He told John, that he was summoned to the woods because a bush party had become too loud. He went to check it out. He talked to a bunch of young high students who were intoxicated, and obviously concerned about a couple friends that disappeared. They had said, James left the party to get some beer from his vehicle and never returned. Then, Amanda went to call her mother to tell her she was okay, and she just vanished into thin air. All the students complained about a putrid smell in the air while they partied. They never thought much of the smell and blamed on each other for farting. “I need you to come with me to take a look around where the party was… Maybe we can find some clues in the day light.” Devin said to John. “Okay… I need to get one thing done then I will meet you at your ranger station.” John replied. Devin hung up, and gathered some supplies together for the search, and patiently waited for John to arrive. Devin heard a knock on his door, and went to answer it. He swung the door open and there stood a couple from the campground. Devin asked them to come in and take a seat. Once they had sat down, Devin asked what he could help them with. It was not unusual for campers to come and talk to the rangers. Some of them would bake muffins and visit and talk about the park and where the best fishing places were. Devin was expecting those kinds of concerns, but this concern was too close to what was going on in the forest. Darlene, and Norton Whislet  were vacationers that frequented Coventry Lake since the early nineteen fifties. They even have their own cabin just on the out skirts of the campgrounds. They built the cabin the first year they came to Coventry Lake, when the place was not as popular. Darlene was concerned with some of the noises she could hear coming from the direction of the forest area. Norton said that he had heard someone outside their cabin in the wee hours of the morning. He said he looked out the windows but could not see anything. Norton figured it was just a couple kids from the many bush parties. They were likely looking for water or firewood. Norton knew the kids would ask for a few pieces of wood for their party and he would let them take some. The sounds Norton had heard were like garbage cans being knocked over. “It could be a bear looking through the garbage for food.” Devin suggested. “I will be out your way later today and I will stop by and check the place out for both of you.” He said. With that Darlene and Norton wished him well, and left to head into town.

garbage.jpg    Bears eating garbage…..

Shortly after the Whislet’s had John showed up with a few officers incase there was any kind of altercation. John didn’t expect any problems, but because they were dealing with an unknow being or thing, he just wanted enough man power with him. John had also brought a couple heat sensor guns that would pick up body heat if there was any. Devin, John and the rest of the officers headed to the place where the bush party had taken place. The road they took to the place of the bush party was the same road Jack and Wayne, had taken John back to the day they came to tell him they seen something, and it was after them. John felt a negative feeling in his gut as they turned into the forest. They drove a little way and could see the litter left by the party goers, the night before. They parked and everyone got out and waited for directions. John had two men use the heat guns to scan the trees to see if they could see any figures out there. John then directed his other officers to stay together, don’t split up. We are looking for two people, one James Burton, who went to get beer from his car and vanished. The other person, one Amanda Pitt, who went away from the noise to call her mother to let her know she was okay and vanished as well. This is a large area to cover and it will take us a few hours. John told them to get all the equipment they needed from Devin’s truck and we will begin a sweeping search. One of the officers said he picked up a heat spot in the woods just ahead of them. John grabbed the gun and took a look and seen the same figure as he had a couple days before. “What do you think it could be,” he asked his officer. The officer thought it might be a bear, but it was way too big to be a bear, and we don’t have grizzlies in this area. The figure stood still like it was looking to see what was going on, and then it quickly ran off, in the direction away from them. This was the best time for John’s officers to start the search. As they stepped forward, watching the ground and trees for any sign that James, or Amanda had been there.

ground searcjh.jpg    Ground search for missing persons…….

The ground search had begun for James Burton, and Amanda Pitt, and Devin, John and his officers moved forward slowly going deeper and deeper into the forest. John was hopeful that they would find the two missing students. Their search would go on until the morning if needed.

Join me Monday as we follow Chief John Milton, Forest Ranger Devin Roberts, and John’s officers as they search for two missing students.

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