Coventry Lake (6)

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        A Beautiful Lake……

Life at Coventry Lake had become an unsafe place to be. With the disappearance of James Burton and Amanda Pitt, also Donavon Mitchel. The rangers along with the police were on a search for the missing students. The search had started, and soon everyone was moving deeper into the forest.

With the search well under way, there had been on sight of the missing students. The police and the rangers pressed on, going deeper and deeper into the woods. The days light was beginning to drift away, and darkness would soon be upon them. John didn’t want to jeopardize any of his men, nor the forest rangers that were involved in the search. John gave everyone a rest, and spoke with Devin about calling off the search as soon as full darkness had come. Devin felt like he was letting the missing students down if he did not stay and search all night. He had to look at the safety of the men that worked along side him each day. Devin agreed with John to call off the search till day break. John didn’t want to endanger any of his men either, and as he called the search off for the evening he had an unsettling feeling in his gut. The feeling was like a tug of war, rope, being pulled from both sides, and then let go. The snap of the rope was the pain John felt, and he excused the feeling away with the wisp of a hand. John had better things to think about than the feeling in his stomach. John still needed to stop by the cabin that Darlene and Norton had built so many years ago. As the teams made their way back to their vehicles to leave for the night, John could smell something that was making a few of his men deposit their dinner onto the ground. The smell reminded Devin of a sewer bed that was bad decay and the sewage was sitting on the top of the soil. John remembered the people in the hospital had mentioned the smell before the students went missing. John ordered his officers with the heat sensor guns to scan the area. The rest of the officers were ordered to place the forest rangers out of harms way and circle them. The offices moved with the precision of a ticking clock. The officers had picked up something and it was not far away from them, and it was moving in their direction. John took out his weapon and fire several shots into the night.

rustle.gif         Moving bushes……..

John asked if the thing had turned the other way? The officer said that it was moving at a high rate of speed away from them, and had disappeared into the forest. John ordered everyone to get to the vehicles they had come in, and he would meet them all at the police station. He told Devin he needed to check on a couple and their cabin before he went back to the station. Devin said that he would fill everyone in on the meeting time in the morning. As John made his way down the lonely road that led to Darlene and Norton’s cabin, the night seemed a lot darker than usual. There was that bad feeling in John stomach again. Why was it there? John thought that his stomach was trying to warn him that there was something bad to come. John was struggling with the feeling he was having in his stomach, when he noticed something sitting on the side of the road just ahead of him. John tried to make out what it was but, he couldn’t. As he drew closer to the object he could make out the figure of a young man slumped over, with his knees drawn to his chest. His face was beaten, bruised and cut, he also had a very badly broken arm. His face was covered in dirt and blood. John stopped his car, got out and drew his gun. The young man was barely breathing, and looked like he had been through the worst fight of his life. John spoke to him in a calm voice, and helped him to his car. Once in the car John spoke to the young man asking his name. The man mumble so much that John could not understand a word that came from his bleeding mouth. John made his way to the cabin, where he took a quick look around to make sure that everything was okay. John told Horton to leave on all the outside lights he could each night till further notice. Horton asked John why, but John was not going to tell him the real reason. He gave Norton a story that made it look like there was a big bear in the woods, and the light might keep him away. Norton turned on all his outside lights, and even had the ones in the windows on to make it brighter outside. Darlene thought Norton was crazy, until he explained what John had said to him. It all make sense in it’s own quirky way. John had said ‘good-by’ to Horton and he was on his way to the hospital, with a young man he thought was James Burton.

young man.jpg      Young man hurt in fight…….

John was going as fast as could, as it was obvious that his passenger was in a lot of pain, and shock.  The dark lonely road was not the best place to be doing high speeds. But John was a trained experienced driver, and he knew these roads like the back of his hand.  Around the bend ahead was when all John’s driver experience and training came into play. A deer was walking slowly across the road as John came up on the deer at full speed. John hammered on the brakes to slow the car, then took his feet off both petals as he pulled the emergency brake with one hand while steering with the other. Gravel flew in every direction around the car. John spun around in a circle and landed facing in the other direction, on the road. A cloud of dust formed around the car as John took a well deserved breath. John peered into the back seat and his passenger was on the floor, and not making a sound nor was he moving. John negotiated a three point turn and was off again, as the deer watched him from the other side of the road. Time was the only thing that may save this young man’s life, and John didn’t need to meet up with another creature on the road. John was flying down the gravel roads, and was in town at the hospital in practically no time at all. John ran into the emergency and said he had a badly beaten young man in the car. An emergency doctor with a team of nurses had the young man into the hospital and under care. The young man was barely hanging on, as the team worked to make him stable. John paced back and forth as he waited for any news on the young man. After nearly one hour a doctor came out and told John the fella was stable and would need surgery on his arm, and the broken ribs in his chest. The doctor said, once the ex-rays were done they would know more about his injuries. John gave the doctor his card and told him to call and let him know how the young man was after surgery. John had a big day, and it was time to head to the office where he hoped to get a few hours of sleep.

docs.jpg      Surgery right away……

John fell asleep on the sofa in his office, and was awakened by the sound of the phone ringing. He rubbed his eyes, as he answered the ringing phone. On the other end of the line was the doctor he had spoken to at the hospital. The doctor told John the injuries the young man had sustained in the battle he had been in. The injuries were, a broken arm in three places, shatter bones in his right hand, a cut to his chest that resembled a large bite mark, that took twenty five stitches to close up. He had a punctured lung, various bruises, and several gashes that would leave scars. The doctor told John if it wasn’t for him, the young man would have been dead. The doctor said who ever had be beaten him was big and very strong. He said he could not believe how the young man had fought so hard and his will to live was incredible. The doctor said it looked like he had not eaten for a few days. John hung up the phone after the doctor said he would tell him more tomorrow. John sat trying to figure out where the bite marks would have come from.

John was puzzled, this was really incredible. Join me as we follow John and those who are searching for the missing student, Amanda Pitt.

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