Coventry Lake (7)

lake2.jpg        A beautiful lake setting……..

John had found one of the students on a lonely back road. The young man James Burton was in real dire straits, and needed medical attention right away. John had gone and checked out a cabin for vacationers, who had heard strange noises outside after dark. 

John had a busy day and night in the past day and a half. The search party was ready for another day of searching for student, Amanda Pitt. Amanda had gone missing while at a bush party, and was not seen again. This day was going to be tough, but joyous in another way. John let the teams know that he had come across a young man he presumed was James Burton. The teams were elated and the good news made all the members of the search teams smile, and cheer. John sent out his officers with the heat sensor guns, and had them scan the area. The teams were told to walk in a spread out formation, and never be alone. Stick together, was the message John made very clear, and told the searchers that this thing could make them a casualty at anytime or anywhere during the search. Everyone was equipped with a gun, a knife, and rations for the day. They all carried back packs with first aid items, a full water bladder to drink, and flares to light up the night if they found the student. Everyone had walkie talkies to keep in touch. With full orders understood, the teams were on their way. Slowly they searched the bush covered forest floor for any signs that was left behind by the student. An hour into their search and one of the officers, rang John and told him he found a shoe, and it was a girls shoe that was torn and bloody. John made his way to the site and bagged the shoe as evidence. John called his men to gather at his location, and they would concentrate their search in the direction where the shoe was found. The officers with the heat sensor guns scanned the area to make sure it was safe. The search had shifted from straight north, to the north-west section of the forest. The teams spread out and began to move forward.

compass.jpg         Compass for direction………

Tirelessly the teams moved forward, as lunch time aproached. John told the teams their break to eat would be an hour. John added that they be watchful of their surroundings, and to stick together. The forest was full of noises that were unknown to most of the searches. The snapping of branches made the team agitated as they sat in the shadows of the forest. A few of the members of the team had seen a wolf. It  paused only to look at them, and ran quickly away. The forest was not only a creepy place, but a place of beauty as well.  John put out a message  that had everyone on their feet, and ready to continue their search. As everyone trudged ahead John was called again. This time the find was bigger. A find that made the men wonder what they were up against. John made his way down the line, and there on the ground was a part of a leg from the knee down. Devin was there and when he saw the body part, he dumped his stomach contents on the ground. The leg had been there for a few days, and looked like it could have come from an older adult male. The foot looked like it had been chewed on by something, and just tossed away. The day would be running out of light soon, and John had that bad feeling in his stomach again. What was it this time? Devin and John moved forward with the teams. The air became thick with the smell of stale water. The kind a person would find in a pool that had not been cleaned in along time. A voice came loud and clear on John’s walkie talkie. “Sir the thing is heading our way as we speak.” John replied. “Circle the teams, weapons ready to fire.” The officers made their moves, and everyone was ready to fire on command. John raised his gun and fired his pistol into the air. The shots rang out through the forest, and then there was dead silence.

gun.jpg         Pistol being fired to ward off danger….

There was danger coming right in same direction as the teams where. John fired his pistol into the air, and all went silent. “Can you see it?” John yelled over the walkie talkies. “No sir… But I can smell it… It’s really close.” His officer said. John could hear the sound of a gun going off. Was everyone okay, and did they hit whatever the thing was? “John.” A voice said. “Yes.” John replied. ” We short at the ground in front of the beast, and it took off going as fast as it could go.” The officer said. “Did you see it up close… And what did it look like?” John asked as he moved in the direction of the other team. “I seen it in the shadows.. John… and it’s huge.” The officer yelled. “Can you see it at all?” John barked back. “I’m coming up on you… Don’t shoot.” John yelled into the walkie talkie. John came into sight, and made his way over to his officer. “Where was it… Show me.” John asked. Together John and Devin went over to the area where the officer had seen it, and they searched for any tracks. There was one foot print, but it could not have come from the creature. It was way too small, and was not a fresh print. There was a bit of hair that was left on a branch of the tree, and it was course, brownish colored, and thick. John bagged the hair, and would take it to the office later, to have it tested. Devin wondered if the creature could be a Kodiak bear. But bears that size had never been recorded anywhere in the world. The officer gave a description of the creature, and Devin was very puzzled.



Kodiak Bears…..


John thought that maybe Devin was on the right track, but a bear that size would have been noisy and not quiet like this creature was. Sure they smelled bad too, but… John needed to look into this bear and see if there was any sightings in their area. Devin said he would look as well, later that evening. The evening was setting in pretty fast and the teams started to head for their vehicles. This day was done, and it was time for sleep. The next day would start real early. Devin hoped that tomorrow would bring them the student, Amanda Pitt. He hoped she would be alive as well. John didn’t have the same feeling after finding the torn bloody shoe. Then the half of a male leg with the foot chewed up. John knew in his heart that this search would not being ending well.

Join me tomorrow as we follow John and Devin deeper into the forest, with their teams…… 🙂

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