Coventry Lake (8)

lake.png       Nothing like a sandy beach and warm sun…….

The teams of searchers had first found a torn and bloody shoe that was a girls. “That wasn’t a good sign”, Police chief John Milton had said to himself. Finding anything in that condition was not a good thing. As they forged on, they came across a leg from the knee down. That had a foot that had been chewed.

John and Devin were both concerned that finding the shoe worn by a girl was not a good sign. The chances of her being a live, dwindled with each passing day. Amanda’s parents had been contacted, and John would have to speak with them to see if the shoe was Amanda’s. John hated telling the parents each day that they had not found Amanda. His heart would be in wrenching pain, when he found himself drawn into the grief of the parents, after a child had died. There were good parts to this job and bad parts too, and that part was the worst. John hoped he would not have to do it this, but each day it became clearer that he would have to do his duty and tell them the bad news. John kept asking himself over and over. “Why can’t this world be safe for all people?? And why do children have to die??” To John, there was no fairness to be found.  Before John went back to the office to get a couple hours of sleep, he and Devin stopped by the hospital to see how James was doing. James was in and out of consciousness, and he was still sedated. The nurses said James would fight with whatever demon he had encountered, and would wake up screaming for help. James parents had been in several times since he was admitted. Seeing him for the first time since he went missing, nearly broke his mom’s heart. She was on constant visual for anything that she thought would harm her son. Melissa was still in rough shape, but every once in a while she would seem okay, only to laps back into terror. The lives of these young people had been destroyed by a creature in the forest. They would never be the same.


   Trying to mend in the hospital…..

Devin and John had stopped at a coffee shop to relax before they both went to get sleep for the third day of the search for Amanda Pitt. John looked at Devin and asked him. “If we have only been told about two missing persons… The leg we found would indicate that there is actually three people missing.” Devin looked at John and shook his head, and said. “You have a point, John… There has got to someone else missing… That has not been reported.” “You know Devin.. I should make a point of contacting other agencies to see if they have had a man reported missing in the last week or two.” John said, as tipped his cup up to his chapped lips and drank down the last drop. It was time for Devin and John to get some shut eye, before morning came along. John tossed and turned as his mind fought with the visions of James, Melissa, Jack and Wayne. They had all met the creature in the forest, and had gotten away, but their minds were still trapped in the violence they went through. Tomorrow, would be another hard day, and John kept telling himself to sleep, but sleep would not come easy until the creature was found and eliminated. As the sun woke John from his broken sleep, John hurried to dress and get something to eat before the search started. At the dinner John was not the only one with the idea. The dinner was filled with searchers, as the news crews circled anyone who left the dinner. The cat was out of the bag, and the press was running with the missing students, and a creature in the forest. The front page of the paper was covered with pictures of the students, and a funny looking drawing of a creature. John had no idea where the paper got their information from, but it wasn’t from them. Once breakfast was over the searchers headed further into the forest with the vehicles came in. As they turned into the forest there were news crews all over the place. John grabbed the bull horn and told them all to get out of the forest, or they would all be arrested for trespassing. The officers formed a line in front of the news crews and drove them out of the forest.

no.jpgNo entry, don’t go there….

Devin would have to see about posting more signs on the outer points of the forest. The ones that had been there were either shot up by hunters, or torn down by vandals. Devin couldn’t understand why people would pick on signs anyways. The only thing that these people were doing was putting other people in danger. John agreed with Devin while they watched the news crews being kicked out. The searchers drove on into the forest to the place where they had ended  the day before. Everyone gathered what they needed for the day and the ground search began to move even deeper into the forest. The team could smell the stale water ahead of them, and some felt not so well. But they pushed on. Making their way through puddles of mud, soaked moss beds, and slippery slime on the ground. John had left a guard at the road they came in on so, the news crews would not enter the forest. Devin nor John didn’t need anyone else to search for. John had that bad feeling in his stomach again and feared the worst was going to happen. The officers with the heat sensor guns kept visual of the area around the teams, to keep them safe. John asked the officer what it was like at the gate way into the forest. The officer said that all was peaceful, and very quiet. “Fine.” John said, as he told the officer to let him know if things turned for the worst. The officer told him he would let him know if things changed. Searchers were having difficulty walking in the slime that was on the forest floor. As they trudged on, the slime go worse, and the smell changed to a putrid stench. So bad that even Devin and John could barely stand to breath in the air. This place was not people friendly. It was like the gates of hell had opened and they were about to be in the middle of it.

bog.jpg    Slime filled boggy gates to hell…….

At the front gate the officer was pacing back and forth, as he watched the news crews. All seemed well, but little did he know a brave or stupid soul had made his way into the forest. He was wondering lost in the thick brush, and didn’t know where he was. He had travelled a fair way into the forest when he heard branches snapping behind him. He froze in his tracks as his nose caught a stench so bad that he through up whatever was in his stomach. He had no Idea that he would never be seen a live again, and if he was found he would never be the same. He fumble to get his cell phone from his coat pocket. The phone flew into the air from his hand and landed a few steps from where he was standing. The camera man was so full of fear that he wet his pants. He could feel the hot smelly breath of whatever was behind him. He could run for his life, but his legs would not move. He could hear a low growl close to his left ear, and the hot steamy breath on the side of his face. He turned to look and tried to scream for help, but nothing escaped from his lips. The towering creature beside him hit him the force of a semi-truck. The lights went out and his mind stopped working. He was dragged away into the shadows of the forest…… :0

Join me tomorrow as we follow our creature as he drags away a body that should have never been in the forest…… 🙂

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