Coventry Lake (9)

sand.jpg     Foot prints in the sand……

The media had found out about the missing students, and the creature in the forest. Every time, anyone from the search teams came out into the public, the news crews where on them asking questions. The search teams were knee deep in slime, water logged moss, and slippery conditions. 

The trudge through the forest was a hazard for all members of the search teams. The smell was so disgusting, that masks had to be handed out to everyone so they could breath. Devin thought the smell was coming from a decayed animal some where close by. Lunch time was approaching and this was no place to stop and eat. It was crazy to take the team back, so they could relax and eat a peaceful lunch. John wasn’t quite sure how to handle the lunch hour, and asked Devin if he had any idea about what they could do. Devin suggested that maybe they could head east and come back into the forest on the other side. John figured that was a pretty good suggestion and order everyone to head east away from this area. Devin said that they were only ten minutes from the outer fences of the forest. John said. “We will head to the outer fence of the forest to have our lunch break.. Then we will attack from the outside of the forest,and end up where we are now.” Everyone was in agreement, and to leave this place was a great idea. The team headed for the outer fencing of the forest, as they searched the forest brush. Nothing had been found for two days and hopes were fading fast, that they would find Amanda Pitt a live. Tomorrow, the search would be classified as a recovery mission. Then it would be a search for her body.  As the team combed it’s way through the under brush, the light became brighter with each step. They had finally reach the outer fence of the forest. Now, an hour break would give the teams some well earned rest.

fence.jpg        The outer fence of the forest……

The sun was shining brightly through the trees of the forest. The sight of the bright light gave renewed life to the searchers as they stepped out of the forest. The fear and wonder of what was waiting in the forest, had vanished. At least for the next hour. The sounds of the searchers talking about their families and things they had done the night before, was a refreshing sound to John and Devin’s ears. There had been too much sorrow over the past few days. John, Devin and the search teams needed a break. The stress was getting to everyone involved, and adding the media into the mix made the search a living hell. The dedicated people who search for those missing, lost, or even past away, are a special kind of people. The teams at work in the forest were a special breed of people. John and Devin were pleased to have all of them working beside The fellas.  They were very special human beings. The end of lunch had come too soon, as John called every body back to work. They would be heading back into the gates of hell, and no one knew what they would find. The teams made their way into the forest behind the area they had been searching earlier. The line was formed and the search resumed once again. The ground was much nicer now and there was no mud or slime. At least for the time being. Everyone knew they would end up in the same area where they had left off. The smell, the slime, and the mud was waiting for their return. But for now everyone was in high spirits. The ground had tiny little purple flowers growing amongst the tall trees. Tiny butterflies fluttered in the rays of sun light that strained through the heavy foliage. The searchers had found nothing on this day. Their feet became heavy from the coating of mud and slime that accumulated on their boots. The putrid smell filled the nostrils every person in the search party. They were enter the middle of hell and no one wanted to go there. Masks were placed on faces as they pushed forward..

mask.jpg    Masks to stop bad smells….

The searchers came over a steep hill, and at the bottom was a sight none of them had ever seen before. Everyone gasped, and couched down hoping not to be seen. Devin and John could see the weird reactions the teams were demonstrating. John and Devin had not yet reached the top of the hill, but once they got there they could understand the way everyone was acting. There at the bottom of the hill was the creature and it seemed to be resting.  No one had been detected as of yet, and no one wanted to be found. The creature was covered in crusty, mangled, filthy hair. It’s feet were almost a big as a two year old’s body. It’s hands were like deformed trunks of trees. These were the hands that had been the weapons used against the camera man. It looked like it could be about eight feet tall. It’s face was covered in the same hair as it’s body. There was no way to see any eyes or mouth amongst the hair. It’s body weight was quite heavy as well. It was hideous and looked like the scariest thing anyone had ever seen. John and Devin knew it was a killer, and ate people as it’s main source of food. More horrifying than any savage creature some one could create.  This was the opening to hell and this was its gate keeper. One of the searches lost their footing as they crouched out of sight, and beast opened it’s eyes, and looked from side to side. Devin and John hit the ground with a thud. They could hear a low growl coming from the bottom of the hill. As they opened their eyes the creature was standing tall, and scanning the area. No one made a sound, not even a peep. Devin’s heart was beating loudly in his chest, and he prayed that the creature could not hear his heart beating. John slow, and gentle, tired to un-hook his pistol from the holster, without making a noise. The creature swung around, as if it had heard  something in the distance ahead of them. John and Devin could feel the vibrations from the earth, each time the beast’s feet hit the ground as it ran off. John was shaking as were all the other searchers. They had just seen what was causing the disappearance of the students and God knows who else. John signaled everyone to move back to the outer rim of the forest.


     Running for their lives…..

Where did it go? The officers with heat sensor guns scanned the forest for any sign of it. There was none, how could it get away that fast? Devin was beside himself with amazement. John was scratching, his head, as he looked really puzzled. Was there a hiding place close by that it would run to, when it felt threatened? There must have been, but where? Devin and John had decided to put hunters camera’s around the area to see if they could get any clues.  John used his walkie-talkie to reach the team leaders of the groups, and said ‘keep them out of the forest for the time being.’ John and Devin wanted to get the cameras from the van that carried all the equipment. But there was a creature in between them and the van. They were running out of day light and quickly. John and Devin assembled the teams together and directed them to stay against the fence line and follow it to the place they left their vehicles. Everyone was told not to say a word, and he would see them in the morning. All the way back the officers scanned the area for the creature, but it was no where in sight. John, Devin and twelve armed officers drove to the area of the sighting and secured the trail cameras to different locations. Once done they were in darkness, and a target for the creature that loved to hunt in the dark. John could hear a scream in the distance, then total silence. Did the creature just kill his next victim? And who was the unlucky soul who had gone walking in the wrong place at the wrong time? Would they be found a live or eaten? Hopefully that person would be taken to the creatures hiding place, and the cameras would catch them….

Join me tomorrow as we look for any recorded proof of the creatures activity….. :0

Hello everyone on this glorious day: Today was a good day. The weather was nice and sunny, with a slight cool breeze to take away the heat. I made my way to Costco with my list tucked securely in my jacket pocket. My goal was to enter the store and only come out with the things on my list. I had a budget, and a couple dollars lee way, just incase I seen anything I did not have on the list. At ten A. M. I entered the store. I had a game plan, and a will to stick to that plan. I knew which way I was going, and weaved through the carts like an Indy five hundred racer. I wish had an air horn, but no such luck. I made my way to my first purchase, grabbed it and moved on. ‘Oh no.’ It caught my eye, and it was  the chocolate that we love…. Darn I felt my hand reaching for the bag, and in the cart it went. Okay next thing on the list.. check and check.. done. ‘On my way to the next item. Got it, and as I go to turn the corner, there in front of me was a body wash that we liked. In the cart it went. The next three items were in the cart, and I was off and heading for the finish line, and touch down I was there. Checked through in minutes, and on my way home. I did a record time; one hour and I was home. Boo Ya! done and finished.. 🙂 Take care of those you love, and be kind to yourself and others….. Catch you on the other side of fence…..  🙂 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors who take the time to read my stories…. 🙂 I would like to also thank all the great photographers for their pictures I use in my blog… 🙂

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MAGS.  Thanks for gracing my day with your presence. 🙂



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