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There are some people born with names, that make them stand out more than others. What really is in a name?

What does your name give you? A better start in life? A position ahead of everyone else? There are many questions that could be asked about the name we get when we are born. Before we are even born, parents grab baby books by the dozens. I would believe baby name books are the number one sellers in book stores are filled with cute names, different names, and many other names in between. Finding the right name can sometimes be a hassle. There are relative names passed down through generations and names that seem to live on forever. Old styled names like Victoria, Thomas, Diana, and Oliver, then there are new names like Harlan, Winter, or Summer. Movie star names, like Marilyn, Justin, Webster, or Lucy. There are many ways to find names, but once the name is found that name will stick with the child for the rest of their life. So be kind parents and don’t give names that make a child’s life hard, but a name to compliment them. Your name is important, as it lets people have something to call you or to put in a letter when writing. A name is really an important thing to have.

David’s parents had thoughts of grandeur for their son. His name almost sounds like royalty as the full name rolls off your tongue.  The Weitherington’s were rich and came from the upper crust in society. A family that came from old money, and fame.  The family name dated back to the eighteen hundreds, and the beginning of the railroad. As times changed the Weitherington family name established many great businesses that even exist to this day. John Nathaniel Weitherington III, never gave up on an idea, or new venture.  No matter how many people told him it would not work. He pull his workers together and involve them, in the company under a company shares program. He treated his workers like family and built an empire. Even today all of his thousands of employees are treated with respect and dignity. The Weitherington family’s motto was, “Together we will never fail.” And fail they have not.

Robert’s mom(Penelope) was a gentle kind-hearted woman who worked alongside his father in all that he did. His mom worked with the homeless, shelters, victims of abuse, and she would often help out in soup kitchens. Robert’s father would often be standing by her side as she helped. They were the ideal couple, and were loved by all that had the opportunity to know them. They were real people who never flaunted their wealth. They never used fancy cars, and drove around in older cars from the early days. John could be seen driving his Rambler into the driveway of their large home. They were real people before being rich people.

David’s daddy, Robert John Bernard Weitherington V, worked hard, and was involved in the family business once he graduated from university. Robert was of a tall statue, with wavy brown hair, green eyes, and had a physically fit body. He was very handsome, funny, a bit geeky, but a very well liked man. He was not like his brother, Winchester who was the country club pretty boy. He had an eye for the ladies and was hardly ever seen pulling his weight as far as the family business was concerned. Robert didn’t get a long with his flamboyant brother, and considered him a leach. Robert loved his father but never understood why he let Winchester away with his lazy attitudes. If it wasn’t for Robert standing at his father’s side in business there likely would not be one after his fathers passing. Robert was already given control of the business to ensure the legacy would continue on for many more years.

David’s mother was very beautiful, happy, and intelligent lady. Natalie had blonde hair and was tall and lanky. She met David’s daddy while in college, and they were engaged after they both graduated university. Ten months later they were married in an elaborate celebration of their union. The wedding was a very large event with an outrageous amount of guests. John, Robert’s dad made the wedding a memorable event, as he was so proud of his son, and beautiful daughter-in-law. To John the couple were a future power couple. Natalie would never forget the wedding. Their wedding was being talked about for months after the wedding had been over. It was one year and ten months of marriage, when Natalie found out she was expecting their first child. Grandpa Weitherington was over joyed with the great news. Penelope had a huge baby shower for the expectant couple. There were people from all over the country. Ladies and husbands joined the proud couple as grandpa Weitherington passed out cigars to all the fella’s. This little bundle of joy would be loved by many, and protected by all. Robert and Natalie received a lot of things for the baby, and being the couple they are they gave anything they did not need to expectant mothers with nothing.

The due date for their bundle of joy had come, and the expectant father was like most expectant fathers. Robert ran around in circles, and every time he passed his wife she would hand him something she needed to take to the hospital. While Robert started the car Natalie called grandpa to let him know it was time. When they arrived at the hospital, grandpa and grandma were waiting at the reception desk for them. Natalie was put a wheel chair, and wheeled away to a birthing room. Robert filled out the necessary papers, then Robert joined Natalie in the room along with his dad and mom. Mom was soothing Natalie’s belly while dad sat biting his nails watching intently. Each time the doctor came in to check Natalie, everyone left  the room to give her a break. The doctor came to the waiting room and gave Robert a pair of scrubs, and said. “Come on daddy it’s time.” Robert followed the doctor to the room, and Robert stood beside Natalie talking her all the way through the birth.

Robert and Natalie will soon be parents, of a new baby to take care of for the rest of their lives. This is the proudest moment in Robert’s life.

Join me tomorrow as we follow the happy couple as they bring happiness and joy into their lives.

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